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Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular. Just 10-20 years ago no one could even imagine that soon everyone would be able to afford a VR headset. Today, different models start at several hundred dollars. So everyone today can plunge into virtual reality. However, since the technology is still new, it has its minuses and disadvantages.

As an example, many talks about the headsets, produced by the company Oculus, which is part of Meta. Many complain that their VR headsets fail due to sun exposure. However, many users are still unsure, can the sun’s rays damage your headset? Unfortunately, it can and in a very short time. The company says that their headset shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight.

What is Oculus Quest 2

Oculus is one of the first companies to mass produce its VR headsets. No wonder it’s one of the most popular VR headset manufacturers today. Their products are of high quality at an average price for VR headsets. In particular, now they have one line of headsets called Oculus (Meta) Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 is one of the Meta Platforms’ products. The peculiarity of this console can be called that it can work without any external devices. The fact that Oculus Quest 2 has its own operating system where you can download and install third-party programs, such as different virtual universes and games.

One of the problems that threaten your Oculus headset is exposure to sunlight. The company claims that even a minute of exposure to the sun can damage your headset. However, many users don’t quite understand why they have problems after the headset has been lying on a window sill in the sun for a couple of hours. The problem lies in the cameras on the headset body.

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Is it dangerous to use the Oculus headset in the sun

As I said above, many users still don’t understand how sunlight can damage their Oculus headsets despite warnings from the developers. And it’s all about the cameras that are on the edge of the headset.

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Oculus Quest 2 is a very interesting device that, unlike its competitors, works with additional sensors placed around the room. There are several cameras on the faceplate, which track the movements of the player and allow you to move and interact with objects in virtual reality.

It’s with these cameras that problems arise. The thing is that when the sun’s rays pass through the lenses in these cameras, they can heat up and damage the display. As a result, black spots appear on the cameras and the sensors stop working correctly. This can be a very big problem as this breakage cannot be blued and you will just have to replace your headset. It is also worth remembering that this isn’t a warranty case and no one will replace your headset because of such a breakdown. So you should be as careful as possible when your headset gets under the open sky.

How you can protect your Oculus headset from the sunlight

If you are thinking about buying a VR headset, you should also take care of protecting it. In order to protect your Oculus headset, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it. You just need to keep an eye on where you leave your headset and avoid exposing it to open sunlight. There are a few tips to help you do just that.

The very first thing you should do isn’t to use your Oculus headset outdoors for good. Playing outside may seem like a good idea, especially if you’re running different fitness programs, but it’s a very bad idea because you can damage your headset very badly that way.

Another tip is to always carry your device in a case or cover it with a cloth if you need to take it outdoors or take it with you on a trip. This is possible because you don’t have to connect the headset to your PC to play, you can safely take it on trips or just take it to a party with friends.

You should also keep an eye on where you leave your headset. If you use it with the whole family you should just agree to leave it on a shelf such as a cupboard. You should never leave it in a room with big windows or on the sunny side.

Is the Oculus headset sweatproof

Another problem that can occur with VR headsets is the problem that you may be producing too much sweat. This is especially true if you use VR headsets for various fitness programs. Users are wondering if their Oculus Quest 2 headsets have sweat and moisture protection.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Oculus headsets aren’t sweating or moisture protected. You should be very careful if you use the headsets for sports or if you get water on them. You should clean it periodically and be careful not to get any extra moisture on it.

Since the headset itself isn’t very protected from sweat or moisture, you can use some tricks for that. The main thing you need to remember is that you should be comfortable using your headset in the first place.

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How to protect the Oculus from sweat

There are a few simple solutions you can use to keep your Headset from getting sweaty. The first thing you should do is wipe the sweat off your face periodically if you have problems with excessive sweating.

Another good idea is to buy a replacement faceplate for your Oculus. The thing is, the panel that comes in contact with your face is replaceable. You can buy for example a silicone or leather pad and replace it easily. They will protect you much better from the sweat in your headset.

You should also take care of the protectors for your lenses. This will not only help prevent sweat from getting on them but also protect them from scratches and other damage. A special nasal stand can also be helpful.

Another thing that will be very useful to you is to buy a special microfiber cloth. It will clean your headset from sweat and grease very well. It will help you to avoid serious problems with your device.

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