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HID ( human interface device) Compatible Devices

What is a human interface device HID (human interface device) class devices (for human interaction), was developed and generalized in order to get the user...

When to buy a TV, the benefits and advantages, sellers tricks

Question about buying a TV, but it is better to buy when does not give rest to many potential buyers. Let's try to answer...

TV screen broke, cracks, stripes, spots.

Of course, we hope that you will never face such a situation. But sometimes you can find a lot of comments about faulty TV...

TV Samsung Q80T vs Q80R, Q80N 2020-2018

Short review, Samsung Q80T TV Q80T series of quantum dot TVs, 2020 model. The line of TVs in 2020 has been expanded, there will be...

Remote control TV LG MR650, MR15, MR16, SP15, SP16 (2016)

Remonte control For TV LG 2016 year In 2016, part of LG TVs have new MR650 control panels, it is suitable for TVs with the...

Sceptre TV model number 2014-2020, decode, explained

Sceptre TV models number Identification of Scepter TV models is far from perfect, the fact is that Scepter is not involved in the...

Disadvantages of 8K TVs

8K TVs disadvantages Premium TVs with an 8K resolution screen went on sale en masse in 2018. If we consider the need to create a...

Samsung nano crystal, SUHD what kind of technology explained

In the Samsung 2015, a new line of TVs SUHD (Super Ultra High Definition) with improved screens, with elements of quantum dots. In SUHD...

TV LG OLED B9 (2019) vs B8 (2018)

TV LG OLED B9 (2019) vs B8 (2018) technical specifications

TV LG SIGNATURE OLED65WXPUA overview technical specifications

LG OLEDWX65 inch Class Wallpaper 4K Smart OLED TV w / AI ThinQ WX Series OLED TV, Model 2020. This year has the model number...