Electrolux washing machine model number decode 2015-2020 explained


What does the Electrolux washing and drying machine model number mean

Electrolux concern’s washing machines are manufactured in factories in many countries, which is why the labeling of washing machines in many countries is different.

What can be learned from the model number of the Electrolux washing machine – from the model number you can find out the main parameters of the washing machine, for example, maximum load, maximum spin speed, type of front-loading washing machine, body color, motor type, inverter or universal, control modification washing machine, but simply saying what type of control is used, although it doesn’t say anything special to the buyer.

Model numbers of Electrolux washing machines and dryers 2015-2019

The designation of the model number of the Electrolux washing machines is periodically changed until 2017, type marking EWS1066CAU was applied. Since 2017, Electrolux washing machines have a slightly different type of labeling EW8F2R29S. Perhaps this is due to the unification of the types of washing machines for different countries or it’s time to change the labeling.

Model numbers of washing machines, drying machines Electrolux Europe until 2017

decoding models Electrolux washing machines

An example of decoding a model of an Electrolux washing machine, EWS1066CAU

  • E – Electrolux
  • W – Washer washing machine
  • S – indicates the type of washing machine
    • F – front
    • T – top load
    • W-washer with dryer,
    • S – frontal narrow,
    • G – built-in.
    • P – condensation type dryer.
  • 10 – maximum number of revolutions
    • 10 – 1000
    • 12 – 1200
    • 14 – 1400
  • 6 – maximum load of linen
  • 6 – type of control
  • CAU – indicates the type of components used in the washing machine, for example, such as the type of engine, etc.
  • I – at the end also indicates the type of washing machine built-in.

Model numbers of Electrolux washing machines, Europe 2017-2019

Since 2017, a new marking of Electrolux washing machines has been applied. Example of decoding the model number of the Electrolux washing machine using the example of EW6F4R08WU

  • E – letter denoting membership in Electrolux
  • W – washer from english washer
  • 6 – a washing machine series, for example this washing machine from the PerfectCare 600 series
  • F – Depth or type of washing machine
    • F – frontal washing machine with a depth of 46cm,
    • T – load laundry from above,
    • S – narrow washing machine with a depth of less than 45cm.
    • W – washing machine with dryer.
    • H – heat pump dryer
    • C – condensation type dryer
    • G – built-in washing machine
  • 4R – type of control
  • 0 – maximum spin speed
    • 0 – 1000
    • 2 – 1200
    • 4 – 1400
    • 6 – 1600
  • 8 – loading in kilograms of dry laundry
  • W is the color of the washing machine, W is white.
  • U – engine type U – universal.

Electrolux washing machine model numbers in USA, Canada

USA and Canada – model numbers of washing machines are slightly different. Historically, such a parameter as the amount of laundry that can be washed is determined not by the weight of the laundry, but by the volume of the tank in cubic feet. And such a parameter as maximum revolutions during the spin cycle is not indicated at all. But really, this parameter is not needed.

Model numbers in North America have also changed in recent years. The new designation of models of washing and drying machines was introduced in 2017.

Model numbers for washing machine, dryer Electrolux USA, Canada since 2017 EFLS627UTT

Consider what the Electrolux washing machine number means and what information can be found in the model number.

  • E – indicates that this is an Electrolux product
  • F – front load laundry
  • L – type of household appliance
    • L – washing machine with LuxCare function
    • M – dryer
  • S – features of a washing machine or dryer.
    • S – compact washing machine
    • W – standard washing machine
    • E – dryer electric heating element
    • G – dryer with gas drying.
  • 627U – model of a washing machine, type of control and so on.
  • TT is the color of the washing machine.

Electrolux washing machine model number USA, Canada until 2017 EWFLS70JSS

  • E – Electrolux
  • W, I– Washer
  •  F – front
  • LS70J – model
  • SS – color

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