Miele washing machine model number decode

How to understand what the model number indicates the washing machine Miele. What information about the washing machine laid in the model number, during the development. Consider how you can decipher the designation of the model number in the washing machines Miele.

As of the beginning of 2019, Miele offers washing machines that are divided into three model lines, this division is more concerned with the design of appearance.

  • W1 ChromeEdition
  • W1 WhiteEdition
  • W1 Classic

Decode model number washing machines Miele

Miele, to his washing machines, assigns a model number and indicates some features of the washing machine.
WKH132 WPS PWash 2.0 & TDos XL

Miele model numbers explained

The model number of the Miele washing machine can be explained as follows.

  • W – washing mashine, a product of household appliances for washing, includes both washing machines and dryers.
  • K – type of product, in alphabetical order, the further the letter in alphabetical order the more possibilities in the washing machine or it has some special features.
    • T – drying machine
    • D – entry level washing machines
    • C, W – middle-class washing machines, added programs silk, sportswear, pillows, down jackets, silent washing in various versions depending on the type of control.
    • K, M – top models of washing machines
  • H – control type and display type.
    • D, B – DirectSensor yellow, 7-segments
    • E, I – DirectSensor white, 1-line
    • H – white 1-line
    • R – 4-line TFT display
    • V – Touchtronic control system, touch interactive control
  • 1 – a series, the larger the letter, the more options.
  • 32 – design
  • WPS – washer power system, a short list of the main technologies that are in the washing machine
  • PWash 2.0 – PowerWash 2.0 Washing Machine
  • TDos – TwinDos system
  • XL is a big drum.

Miele date of manufacture

How to find out the year of production of the washing machine Miele? Unfortunately Miele does not indicate the assembly year on the washing machine. Date of production knows only the manufacturer by serial number. The company’s database contains information on the list of serial numbers of washing machines with reference to the build date.

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  1. VERY useful, thanks!
    Just a note that WPS actually stands for “waterproof system”.

  2. Novotronic w8280 – when the production started ( year ) and when the production ended?


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