Error code С-31 Range Samsung


Many owners of electric range Samsung, there was a problem, the kitchen stove does not work, the display shows the error code C-31.

Which means error code C -31

Error code C-31 means the following – the circuit board of the electric range, was overheated. The printed circuit board was exposed to temperatures in excess of normal.

Because the PCB has been overheated, this can lead to a critical fault, which in turn is unsafe and can lead to a fire. The printed circuit board has an element that breaks the electrical connection when it overheats. It acts as a fuse and, if the PCB temperature rises above normal, switches off the kitchen stove.

error code C 31
error code C 31

How to fix the C-31 error

As the printed circuit board has been exposed to high temperatures, it is not safe to use it. And the manufacturer recommends that you contact a service center. During the repair, the defective printed circuit board will be replaced with a new one. Repair of the printed circuit board is not carried out for safety reasons, because the electronic components may lose their properties due to high temperatures, and this can lead to ignition during further use.

The cost of the new control PCB is about $120-150.

Of course, the service technician’s work must also be taken into account, the cost of repair will be approximately $300.

But if you are qualified, you can spend the money more economically and replace the circuit board yourself. To do this, you need to remove the back wall of the range, you will see the printed circuit board, on the board you can see the printed catalog number, searching the Internet you can buy a similar circuit board.

Why does an error code C-31 occur?

Many users noted that the error code occurs when the oven is operated at high temperatures or when the self-cleaning function is used (when self-cleaning is used, the oven heats up very strongly. You should also pay attention to how your range with oven is installed. Do not install the cooker hob close to the wall; it should be about 0.5 inches (13mm) between the wall and the range. This gap allows air to pass behind the stove and additionally cool the back of the stove, which is where the circuit board is installed.

Summary of the C-31 error

Since this is a fairly common kitchen stove malfunction, to some extent it is a Samsung shortcoming. The control PCB could be further insulated to reduce the effects of high temperatures when the stove is very hot.

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  1. So true. Just had this issue happen to me. Ran the Over Clean functionality and now my oven is locked and I am unable to do anything with it.

  2. Our first c-31 came at 14 months while cooking ribs.
    The second time when I was self cleaning

    Today, a 3rd time…. While cooking potatoes.

    OUR STOVE IS COSTING US A FORTUNE! This is extremely disappointing to say the least. Our stove is 3.5 years old and we are afraid to cook ANYTHING.

    • Your stove should have enough space for air circulation and natural cooling, especially between the wall and the back of the stove

  3. On Feb. 20, 2021 we used the self clean on our Samsung stove. The C-31 code came on, oven door locked out and I read your post about the issue. I purchased the stove 11 months ago so the stove was still under warranty. I called and made a WARRANTY claim. I checked the local parts store in Winnipeg and found out the part was in stock in Winnipeg. I could have bought it for $175.00 plus tax and replaced it myself the same date. Warranty worker came April 4th, 2021, 12 days later. He confirmed what we already knew, the board needed to be replaced and would need to order it from his company. April 19, 2021 the warranty guy came back and replaced the board. 28 days for Warranty. I called Samsung and the store I bought it from with no help. I will never buy SAMSUNG appliances ever again. Product is terrible and warranty service is worse.

  4. I have to agree a real shortcoming of Samsung. A warning of this issue and I could have pulled it away from wall during self clean so there is a gap between the overlapping glass top and the counter top.

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