How to awaken fruit in Blox Fruits
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Roblox appeared in 2006 as a virtual platform. It allows you to create your games, visit different locations, communicate with other users, and organize joint events. Roblox is a sandbox where everyone can create their location, invite guests, and possibly earn money from it. About 75% of Americans between the ages of 9 and 12 have already created an account in Roblox.

The Blox Fruits you get in Roblox serve a great purpose. If you’re afraid that the gameplay mechanics will become boring, you shouldn’t be. After all, fortunately, there are awakenings. When you “awaken” Blox Fruits, you can take your fighting skills to the next level. Well, here’s how to awaken fruits in Blox Fruits.

What do you need to awaken fruit in Blox Fruits?

How to unlock advanced raids blox fruits: In Blox Fruits, one of the latest updates introduced a game mode called “Raids”. This update allowed players to earn new currency in raids – “fragments”. Fragments are needed to awaken your fruits.

In each raid, you receive between 250 and 1,000 fragments, as well as a 4.5 x bonus (the remaining seconds on the timer). However, the time bonus does not apply if you have already received 1,000 frags. This is the maximum that can be earned per raid.

If you run out of time in a raid, you will earn 60 x [number of the island you are on]. For example, if you’re on island 2, you’ll earn 120 Fragments, and so on.

Fragments can be spent by winning a raid with the corresponding fruit. After completing the raid, the game teleports you to a strange creature. After talking to him, you can give your Fragments in exchange for a skill awakening.

However, not all skills can be obtained at once. You must awaken all of Blox Fetus’ skills in a certain order. When you earn enough Fragments during a raid, you can start awakening your Fetuses.

What fruits can you awaken in Blox Fruits?

There are only ten Fruits that you can awaken:

  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Quake
  • Dark
  • Light
  • String
  • Rumble
  • Magma
  • Buddha
  • Sand

Each of these fruits has its raid. As soon as you complete a Fruit raid, you will meet a mysterious man who will awaken his ability in exchange for Fragments.

Each ability requires a different number of Fragments to fully upgrade. In general, however, most Fruits require at least 14,500 Fragments to fully upgrade.

What fragments are required to upgrade each fruit in Blox Fruits?

Here are the Fragments you’ll need to upgrade each Fruit:

  • Flame: 14,500 Fragments in total
    • Burning Blast: 500 Fragments
    • Prominence Burst: 3,000 Fragments
    • Flaming Vortex: 4,000 Fragments
    • Flaming Destroyer: 5,000 Fragments
    • Rocket Flight: 2,000 Fragments
  • Ice: 14,500 Fragments in total
    • Ice Spears: 500 Fragments
    • Glacial Surge: 3,000 Fragments
    • Ice Dragon: 4,000 Fragments
    • Absolute Zero: 5,000 Fragments
    • Ice Skating: 2,000 Fragments
  • Quake: 17,000 Fragments in total
    • Fatal Demolisher: 1,000 Fragments
    • Air Crusher: 3,000 Fragments
    • Spatial Shockwave: 5,000 Fragments
    • Seaquake: 8,000 Fragments
  • Dark: 14,500 Fragments in total
    • Dimensional Slash: 500 Fragments
    • Abyssal Darkness: 3,000 Fragments
    • Endless Hole: 4,000 Fragments
    • World of Darkness: 5,000 Fragments
    • Ghastly Step: 2,000 Fragments
  • Light: 14,500 Fragments in total
    • Divine Arrow: 500 Fragments
    • Swords of Judgement: 3,000 Fragments
    • Light Speed Destroyer: 4,000 Fragments
    • Wrath of God: 5,000 Fragments
    • Shining Flight: 2,000 Fragments
  • String: 17,300 Fragments in total
    • Thermal Laceration: 800 Fragments
    • Silk Prison: 3,500 Fragments
    • Eternal White: 4,500 Fragments
    • Heavenly Punishment: 6,000 Fragments
    • God’s Highway: 2,500 Fragments
  • Rumble: 14,500 in total
    • Lightning Beast: 500 Fragments
    • Thunderstorm: 3,000 Fragments
    • Sky Judgement: 4,000 Fragments
    • Thunderball Destruction: 5,000 Fragments
    • Electric Flash: 2,000 Fragments
  • Magma: 14,500 in total
    • Magma Shower: 500 Fragments
    • Volcanic Assault: 3,000 Fragments
    • Great Magma Hound: 4,000 Fragments
    • Volcanic Storm: 5,000 Fragments
    • Beast Ride: 2,000 Fragments
  • Buddha: 14,500 in total
    • Shift: 500 Fragments
    • Heavenly Impact: 3,000 Fragments
    • Light of Annihilation: 4,000 Fragments
    • Twilight of the Gods: 5,000 Fragments
    • Retribution Dash: 2,000 Fragments
  • Sand: 14,500 in total
    • Desert Blade: 500 Fragments
    • Sand Coffin: 3,000 Fragments
    • Sandstorm: 4,000 Fragments
    • Deep Sand: 5,000 Fragments
    • Tornado Flight: 2,000 Fragments

For example, the fully awakened Light Fruit allows you to fly at great speed while still being in control. It’s the fastest fruit in the game with powerful attacks, so it’s easy to see why people love it. Ideally, you should only awaken the light fruit when your level exceeds 1,200.

How to join raids in Blox Fruits

If you want to start a raid, you must first buy a “chip” from a “mystery scientist” for $100,000 or trade a physical fruit, which can cost anything. Next, you must be at least level 1,100 to start the raid.

If you’re looking for more challenging quests, you can try the Advanced Raid, which became available in update 17.2. For this, you need to buy a “chip” from a “mystery scientist” for 1,500 frags or trade a physical fruit worth more than $1,000,000.

If you can’t unlock the advanced raid, check if you have 400 skills on Bird: Phoenix, and then go to Cake Island and talk to the Enigma Scientist. He will allow you to buy a special chip that will allow you to buy advanced chips from the Enigma Scientist.

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What you should know about the gameplay in Roblox

Over 250 thousand players enter Roblox every day. Roblox ranks 6th in the MMORPG rating on the MMO Populations. In total, Roblox already has more than 27 million users worldwide. Roblox games are created by more than 2 million developers worldwide, including teenagers.

Roblox has already appeared on almost all popular platforms. On Windows PC and Mac, you can go to the official Roblox website, and after registering, the system will automatically offer to install the game player. App for iOS, Android, and Xbox is available in the official stores.

An important fact is that Roblox has an in-game currency called Robux. You can buy it with real money or subscribe to it to get more coins. You can also gift Robux to your friends.

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