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You could say that subtitles have become an indispensable part of watching movies and TV series, not only for people with bad or absent hearing but also for those who might even just be used to having text accompaniment. This means that most people need to have access to subtitles and their customization. Also, most of today’s TVs support this option.

Hisense TV is one of them. Many other brands are now competing for first place in the TV market, however, Hisense, although not as high-profile, has already made a name for itself in this niche. The original remote control has an option where you can turn the subtitles on or off, but it can be called by different names.

What are subtitles for and are they important

Subtitles are text that displays the dialogues between characters in movies, TV shows, video games, etc., which is usually placed at the bottom of the picture. First of all, they are divided into intralinguistic and interlinguistic, depending on whether the source and subtitle languages are the same (for example Italian>Italian) or different (for example Italian>English). You also shouldn’t confuse closed captioning with subtitling.

The creation of subtitles isn’t an exact translation of an oral text, it’s the product of formatting speech into a written form, taking into account numerous parameters such as the limited space, the rhythm of speech, the author’s style, etc. Syntactical, lexical changes and abbreviations, where they are necessary, distinguish high-quality subtitles from low-quality ones.

In the case of captioning for the deaf, this process is even more careful, as with films for an underage audience. Scripta manent (Latin for written remains) is the motto of the creator of good subtitles. Indeed, the written text has more impact than the spoken word. The subtitle-maker must be a kind of mediator and consider the unity of all these elements without changing the author’s original thought.

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Is there an option to turn subtitles off a Hisense TV

So, if you need to remove the subtitles from the video sequence, it’s pretty easy to do. In general, it’s impossible to imagine a modern TV remote control without the Subtitles button, but for some reason, not everyone always remembers it. Try to use this button.

  • Get your Hisense TV remote.
  • Press the “Subtitle” key on the remote located under the key “9”.
Hisense EN2BI27H /
  • On the new window, select “Off” by using the arrow key on your remote.

If you need to turn the subtitles back on, you can use the same method. And if you don’t have this button working, you can also perform this procedure without the remote control, for example on the TV panel itself. This method isn’t very convenient when you have to switch frequently, but may save you for a while while you look for a replacement remote control.

Where you can’t disable subtitles on your Hisense TV

Subtitles often help us get information on the screen when our surroundings are noisy or the TV has stopped playing. Subtitles are also a great help for people with impaired or lost hearing to understand the meaning of shows and movies. By the way, there has long been a project by NAD, which provides that all TV companies and streaming platforms must produce their content with subtitles. Such a solution would clearly benefit both companies and viewers who have hearing issues.

If you don’t have hearing problems and you have a comfortable enough environment to watch movies, you don’t need this option. However, once you start looking for a way that can help you adjust the subtitles, including turning them off at all, a number of questions arise. Even if you have found the way to turn on the subtitles and figured out the settings, it happens that there’s a bug or malfunction in the TV because of which the subtitles can not be turned on.

It’s nothing, everything can be corrected. At least you should try to reset your TV. Start by simply disconnecting the device from the network. Turn on the TV, as usual, unplug the cable, wait 15-20 seconds and then plug it back in. Then turn it on as usual. If the previous option didn’t help, reset the TV to factory settings.

  • Press the Menu button on your Hisense TV remote.
  • Then select Support and press the Enter or Select or OK button on your remote.
  • Now, choose Self Diagnosis and press the Enter button.
  • Scroll down and choose the Reset option.
Hisense Smart TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Factory Default Settings / WorldofTech
  • Enter the Security PIN if asked.

After that, your Hisense Smart TV will go to its factory settings. And this way you not only get rid of unnecessary subtitles but also reset your TV and start from scratch with no more bugs and other small inaccuracies in the TV. However, remember that you will be logged out of all your accounts on the streaming platforms and that you will have to re-enter your data on all possible sites.

How to turn subtitles off on Netflix via Hisense TV

It’s impossible not to think of the most popular streaming service like Netflix (though it has its own bugs). This platform has millions of viewers worldwide and many of them need subtitles, as it helps them understand the meaning of the movie in a foreign language. However, not everyone needs this option, especially if the language is understandable or even if it’s your native language. It’s pretty easy to do on Netflix, see for yourself:

  • Start the Netflix app on your Hisense TV.
  • Play any movie or TV show episode.
  • Navigate over the options panel.
  • Press “Audio & Subtitles.”
  • Make your subtitle selection and return to the options panel.
  • Select “Play” to continue watching your content with subtitles.

Now you can enjoy the picture without the deprived, flickering text. Also, if you want to watch a movie or TV series with subtitles in another language, you can use this method to select different subtitles as well. This, of course, depends on whether or not the subtitles were previously uploaded by the authors. After all, not all movies and TV series have subtitles.

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What is the best Hisense Smart TV remote replacement

So, you’re going to watch your favorite show after a hard day’s work and you’ve already flopped down on the couch when you notice that your remote doesn’t work or you have no idea where it could have gone. If you can’t find your remote from your Hisense TV for a long time, then, of course, the thought of buying a new one will come to you, but should you consider buying only the same brand and model? After all, as you know, there are many universal remotes and even special apps for smartphones, which emulate the remote control from the TV.

In general, for the Hisense TV, several low-cost remote controls are suitable, which we will now show you. You can choose any of them for under 20 dollars and it will serve you just as well as the branded ones. Here are a few of them:

Coolux. This remote control doesn’t have enough reviews on Amazon, however, it has proven itself in practice and the most attractive thing about it’s the price – you can find it for under 10 dollars. Moreover, it fits almost most of the Hisense TV models. So if your priority is low price and good quality, then feel free to take it.

Coolux Brand Universal Remote 1120  /

HiSense EN-33922A TV Remote Control. A favorite of many people (which is a rare phenomenon for remotes that don’t come in the box with the TV) is quite simple and affordable HiSense EN-33922A TV Remote Control, which is also available for almost all models of Hisense TVs. In addition to its good quality, it has a dedicated button for Netflix, which can please those who have a subscription to this streaming service.

HiSense EN-33922A TV Remote Control /

As you can see, these are just a few of the hundreds of remote controls you can find on various sites. What’s more, don’t forget about the remote control emulators. These smartphone apps connect to your Smart TV and can be used to control it remotely. Well, if you don’t want to buy a new remote, you can simply replace the batteries in the old one or use the panel on the TV itself, although it’s quite inconvenient.

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