Indesit brand of one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances Merloni Group. It produces a lot of household appliances, production of washing machines is one of the largest areas of production.

The marking of the washing machine contains the main technical data, since the model of the washing machine is available for several years, there is no division in the year model of development.

Washing machines are divided into several series, although technically the division is very conditional.

  • series Prime
  • series Eco Time
  • series INNEX

Decode model number washing machines Indesit

Identification of washing machines Indesit

NWSK 8108 L

Let us explain by example what the model number of the Indesit washing machine is. For example, take the model number NWSK 8108 L

  • N – technology Innex
  • W – washing machine
  • S – narrow, T – top loading
  • K – type of control and display
  • 8 – maximum load kg
  • 10 – the number of revolutions during the spin cycle 1000, 12-1200, 14 – 1400
  • 8 – modification
  • L – for which the country is made (Russia)
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