LED Clear Motion on Samsung TVs allows you to adjust the LED backlighting to sharpen fast-moving images. This option does not have any adjustment functions, it can only be on or off.

But most likely you are interested in how LED Clear Motion affects image quality if enabled.

How LED Clear Motion works

As the name implies, this setting has to do with the backlight and its mode of operation. In fact in any TV there are not many settings that are responsible for the quality of the picture. However, manufacturers try to add more settings to the menu to prove that the TV has a lot of technology inside. Often this is not true and many settings simply duplicate one another. However, let’s go back to our setting and briefly explain why motion blur occurs.

Blurring of a moving object occurs because of the LCD technology itself, because a pixel cannot turn off instantly, it takes time. When watching a video that shows a fast moving object (e.g. racing or sword fighting) the image remains in a place where the object is no longer there. In modern televisions, this time is not very long, but this time interval is enough for some people to notice a blurred image.

How have manufacturers decided to combat this? It’s very simple, they just use a black frame, but since it’s impossible to insert a real black frame (since the backlight won’t have time to change color that quickly), they do it by briefly turning the backlight off. The pixels continue to rotate removing the image, and at that moment the backlight turns off for 2-3 milliseconds. A person does not see the residual image and the picture seems clearer.

LED Clear Motion explained simply

If the last paragraph seemed too long for you, here is a brief explanation. The TV simply turns the backlight off for a few milliseconds, and the remaining picture disappears during this time. This makes the picture visually clearer.

Should LED Clear Motion be on or off?

It depends on the class of your TV, namely the display. In good displays with low pixel response time, this setting is almost unnecessary. However, if you want to see how LED Clear Motion works, you can test this setting.
To do this, simply turn on watching soccer, fast moving people or racing and see the image quality with LED Clear Motion turned on and off. And then choose the mode that suits you.

Note that when you turn on LED Clear Motion, the brightness decreases by about 10%, because of the momentary switching off of the backlight. Remember to adjust the brightness of your TV if you select LED Clear Motion on.

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