LG washer serial number decoder and where to find it


What does the LG washing machine serial number mean?

How to find out the date of production of the washing machine, or in what country it is collected. If you need to know this information, then you can find it out, first of all from the information sheet about the washing machine, which, as a rule, all manufacturers stick on near the hatch for loading laundry. This is the most accessible place for inspection, and can additionally be placed in other places, but each manufacturer can have its own location for the information label. One manufacturer places it on the back wall of the washing machine, the other on the side wall of the washing machine.

LG washing machine serial number lookup

Search for model number, and serial number, LG washing machine – open the hatch to load laundry, as a rule you will see a small label, it will indicate the model number and serial number of your washing machine. Also, if you can look at the back of the washing machine or from the side, you will also find a sticker (more detailed) with information about the washing machine.

What is the information sticker on the washing machine LG.

LG washer model number location and LG washer serial number location. Serial number on LG washer a small sticker on which the manufacturer indicated information about the washing machine that the user may need during the operation. LG indicates on the label the following information:

  • Model number of washing machine
  • Serial number of the washing machine
  • Date of production of the washing machine, can be specified separately, in some countries is not specified.
  • Country of production, not specified in some countries

What does the sticker with the serial number and model number of the washing machine look like? It is printed at the time of exit from the washing machine assembly line. The LG washing machine has two stickers. The first one has the LG logo on it, the second with the bar code on which the model of the washing machine and the serial number also indicate. It looks like it can be seen in the photo below.

LG washer serial number decoder explained

Decode serial number washing machine LG for example S/N 604PNJC1S548

Now consider what information is in the model number of the washing machine. LG washing machine serial number check, You can check the serial number of the washing machine yourself using the information below.

LG manufacture date from serial number

  • 6 – LG manufacture date from serial number
    • 0 – 2010
    • 1 – 2011
    • 2 – 2012
    • 3 – 2013
    • 4 – 2014
    • 5 – 2015
    • 6 – 2016
    • 7 – 2017
    • 8 – 2018
    • 9 – 2019
  • 04 – is the month of release, everything is just a figure corresponding to the month of the year, in this serial number 4 month, April.

Knowing this information, you can answer the question of how old my washing machine is.

How to find out in which country the washing machine is made by serial number

  • PN – is the code of the plant where the washing machine is made. PN is a factory in China. The following codes are assigned by country.
    • KW – Korea
    • PW – Poland
    • RA – Russia
    • RW – Russia
    • PN – China

JC1S548 – part of the serial number, which contains information for service centers, in this part information about suppliers of components and the serial number itself.

So this article describes the serial number of the washing machine LG, It can be found on what year the washing machine. This information may be necessary, for example, when buying a used washing machine, you can find out how much the washing machine has already lived, and if you focus on a service life of 7-10 years, you can navigate with the purchase price.

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  1. Can I find out the washer capacity from the barcode? If the washing machine has no capacity label, how can I know its capacity?

    • Install barcode scanner software on your phone, scan the code. Try to find information on the Internet. If you don’t find anything, this barcode is for LG service centers only.

  2. Blah blah.
    Interesting article but English is just OMG, very uncomfortable to read. Even taking in account that I’m not English speaker I’m still feeling bad reading it. Seems author is from India….

  3. I just purchased a Korean made Brondell Swash 1400 bidet. Can anyone help? Is there a way to tell the date it was made/released from the serial number? It reads: Serial No: 00427 and then under that number is a smaller print number 1226481. There is also a separate barcode with the following; 204 02ERV 20506 00427.

    • Brondell brand
      Serial number
      00 – 2020
      04 – April
      27 – product batch number

      1226481 – code manufacture

      204 02ERV 20506 00427
      20 – 2020
      4 – April (1-9 and A, B, С, D)
      02E – revision number (RV)
      20506 – serial number in batch
      00427 – production date and batch number

  4. How can I tell if machine is 6 or 16 years old? Inherited with house purchase. No idea how old it is.

      • Yes but that only gives last digit so cant tell if 1 or 11 years. Trying to determine if still under warranty

        • You see the serial number, and there is also the model number. It looks like this WM3370HVA

  5. according to this my month of manufacture is 32 and the country code is “F”

    This simply does not work for the serial number on my machine.

  6. Way down the road how would I know if 9 is 2019, rather than 2009, or 1999, etc. Once upon a time washing machines lasted 20-30 years.

    • The service life of the washing machine according to the manufacturer’s technical documentation is not more than 10 years. Therefore, the cycle from the point of view of the manufacturer may be repeated.


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