What AEU and AEK in LG TVs means


Sometimes you may see additional three characters in the LG TV model name, such as 65NANO90UPA.AEU.

Many people ask what AEU or AEK means and why some stores have TV models with these letters, while other stores only list the model number. I will try to answer this question and explain the differences.

Note that TV model numbers in the US are different, for example 65NANO90UPA.DUS

AEU, AEK, AUS. BUS, CUS, DUS, ARU, BRU meaning in LG TV model number

The first letter indicates the generation or version of the TV. The remaining numbers indicate changes that are made during production. For example, the main boards or screens may come from different suppliers, or changes may have been made to the technical part of the TV during production.

In order to understand the differences, these letters are used. It is also important for service centers that perform repairs, because using these letters, they can understand the specific details of the TV.

  • A – the first generation of the TV model
  • B – the second generation of the TV model
  • C – the third generation
  • D – the fourth generation

Now about EU or US, this is a region or country code. For example EU or EK, this is short for region:

  • E – Europe
  • U – United States
  • K – United Kingdom
  • R – Russia

Let’s look at an example:

  • AEU – The first generation TV model is made for the European Union.
  • AEK – the first generation TV model is made for Europe but in this case the specific country – United Kingdom
  • DUS – the fourth-generation TV model, made for the US, the United States, and Canada.
  • BRU – the second-generation TV model RU Russia

Are there any differences between AEU and AEK

There may be slight differences between TV models. But this is due to the peculiarities of a particular country, as a rule, it’s support for some services popular in a particular country. LG also separates the TVs to track and control the warranty. For example, since the United Kingdom initiated the exit from the European Union, the warranty may be different. But basically, these are identical TVs and they will work in any country in the region.

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