What is black technology Samsung TV

Samsung announced a new Ultra Black technology, and also stated that it is a new technology that allows you to absorb the glare of light on the screen, making more comfortable to watch TV in a bright room.


In fact, if you do not pay attention to advertising, it just means that some Samsung TVs will set matte screens that have successfully done before.

What is different from the glossy matte finish in matte screen is not smooth. During external light reflection on the screen comes in a glossy, with the reflected rays are directed to one side of the mirror effect. The matte screen is due to the refraction of light occurs uneven flow in different directions and as a result there is no reflection.


This technology is just advertising. Matte screens began to be made about 20 years ago, with the advent of flat-panel monitors and televisions. Therefore, this technology has been used for a very long time.

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