Remonte control For TV LG 2016 year

In 2016, LG TVs got a new remote control MR650, it is suitable for TVs with the 2016 Smart lineup. You should know that in some countries this remote control is called MR16. In fact, it is the same remote. The full name of the remote control is AN-MR650 or AN-MR16. There may also be letters at the end, for example, AN-MR16RA, it is a modification, the only difference is in the buttons for quick access to any streaming service. In terms of functionality they are the same Smart remotes.

If the TV remote MR15 is used, it is a previous model of TV in 2015. For example, the AN-MR15 or MR15RA remote control are remotes for 2015 TVs. This remote control may also be called MR600.

 Remote MR650 (MR16) TV LG compatibility

For the US and Canada this control suitable for series models G6, Е6, С6, В6, UH9500, UH8500, UH7700  UH6550, UH6500, UH6350, UH6330, UH6300

MR600 remote control (MR15) Compatible with LG TV

This remote control model is compatible with LG UF77x, UF85x, UF95x, UG87x, EF98C…, EG96C…, EF95C…, EG92C…, UF94C…, UF86C…, UF83C…, UF69C…, UF68C…, LF65C…, LF64C…, LF63C…


The MR650 is externally identical to the 2015 MR600. But the MR650 has a different coding for pairing with the TV. The remote controls are not interchangeable, which is not a good thing, but you should know to look for the one that fits your TV.


Also OLED TVs, from the line of LG SIGNATURE are equipped with a premium remote control in a metal case, they have a model number Signature MR15 and MR16, They are designed to control the TV Smart TV.

SP15, SP16 TV LG compatibility

Also included is a very simple remote control with minimal functions, it is smaller and has a model number SP16 (2016), SP15 (2015). These remotes are compatible with the corresponding

Remote control LG MR16/MR15 LG SP16/SP15
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