Here are the recommended settings for LG TVs, UH850v 8 series LG TVs have this model number in Europe, UH850T this marking have TVs in Australia, New Zealand, India, For USA and Canada LG TVs have model numbers without letters at the end of the model number, for example UH8500.

The difference in the model number designation is due to the type of tuner installed, for more information about TV identification, see our article Model Numbers of LG TVs.

Tips for tuning: The picture brightness can be adjusted according to the lighting in the room, if you prefer to watch TV in the dark you can reduce the brightness.

Settings TV LG UH8500, UH850V, UH850T



Picture ModestandartIRERedGreenBlue
Aspect Ratio16:95-16 -17 -18
Energy SavingOff 10 -16-18 -18
Picture Mode Settings  15-12 -13 -12
Backlight7020 -9-9-9
Brightness50 30-12-12-10
H Sharpness035 -12-11 1
V Sharpness0 40-13 -9-5
Tint050-10-5 2
Picture Options 55-8-43
Noise ReductionOff 60-7-36
MPEG Noise ReductionOff65-6-3 8
Black LevelLow70-6 -310
LED Local DimmingOff75-6 -4 -6
TruMotionOff 80-7 -4 -3
Expert Control 85 -4-5-3
Dynamic ContrastOff90 0 -6 -3
Super ResolutionOff 9507 -2
Color Gamutnormal 100157-2
Edge EnhancerOff    
Color FilterOff    
White Balance  -10-22
Color TemperatureWarm2    
Method2 point    
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