Samsung TV models number 2002-2022 lookup, decode explained LED, QLED, LifeStyle

Samsung 2021 TVs: The model number structure of Samsung TVs has not changed. What has changed, in the model number the 2021 TVs will have a new designation of the year of development, it is the letter A. Note that the letter A, was also used for 2008 TVs, but the format of the model number was slightly different, so it’s impossible to confuse the 2008 and 2021 TV models.

TV Samsung Model Number Explained

Model Number QLED Samsung 2019-2022
Model Number QLED Samsung 2019-2022

What do Samsung TV model numbers really mean? Let’s take a look at how Samsung assigns model numbers to its TVs, it’s quite simple and will allow you to easily navigate through the variety of TV models produced by Samsung. There are differences in the form of model numbers for QLED, Crystal and regular TVs, as well as another principle of model number formation have a special series of The Frame, The Serif, The Terrace, The Sero TVs from the LifeStyle line. A separate segment, commercial TVs.

The designation of TV model numbers has changed over time, until 2008, a very different construction of the TV model number was used, these are the old models of Samsung TVs. In 2008, a new principle of TV model numbering was introduced. The labeling is also periodically updated with the appearance of conceptually new TVs on the market. But the basic information in the model number has not fundamentally changed since 2008.

Samsung model number 2008-2022 what does the model number mean

What does Samsung TV model number mean? – It is the manufacturer’s code assigned to the TV, which is used to identify the TV. The model number contains information about which region the TV was produced for, in which year the TV model was developed and sales began, the screen type, the model number and the type of digital tuners. And also which series the TV set belongs to.

History of changes in Samsung TV model numbers

  • 2002-2007 – designation of Samsung TV model number by the principle of division into type, flat TFT, plasma, kinescope.
  • 2008 – introduction of a new type of designation of TV model number. The TV model number has information about the year of development, type of digital tuners, design.
  • 2017-2018 – a new designation for QLED TVs has been introduced.
  • 2018 – a new designation for special series TVs of The Frame type from the LifeStyle line has been introduced.
  • 2019 – Change of TV model number in connection with the beginning of production of TV sets with 8K screens.

Commercial televisions, televisions for hospitals, televisions for hotels, have a completely different principle of assigning the model number. But since they occupy a rather small segment in comparison with TVs for consumers, we will not consider them yet.

Samsung TV model number lookup, how to find the model number of your Samsung TV

Yes quite an interesting question, not everyone knows how to find the model number of the TV, almost everyone knows that the model number of the TV can be found on the box, this is good when you have the original packaging. But if you need to find out the model number of your TV a few years after you buy it, of course, no one will keep the box from your TV for years. So finding the model number can become quite an entertaining task.

You can find the model number of your TV in several ways

  • The easiest way, you can look up the model number of your Samsung TV in the TV menu
    • Older Samsung TVs before 2016. To do this, go to settings. Open the Menu (press the menu button on the remote control)→ Support → Contact Samsung → the Model Code field will show the TV model.
    • New Samsung TV models from 2016 onwards. Menu → Support → About this TV
  • If you have access to the back of the TV, you can see the model number of the TV on the information label.
  • Look at the model of the TV on the box (if you still have it) or look for the purchase receipt.
  • You can also see the model of the TV in the service (engineering) menu

New model numbers, Samsung TVs 2017-2021 Full HD, UHD

In 2017-2018, the model number of the TV changed a little. The designation of the model number is unified and performed similarly to the designation of the model number of the QLED TV. Samsung installs a full set of tuners in TVs (depending on the standards adopted in the country). In connection with these, there is no need to identify the type of tuners installed.

Samsung TVs by model number, explained mean 2018-2022
Samsung TVs by model number, explained mean 2018-2022

Old Model Number Samsung TVs 2008 – 2016 Full HD, UHD

Until 2017, LED TVs (Full HD and UHD) indicated which digital tuners were installed on the TV. There was also a division into the type of installed matrix and screen resolution. Since Samsung currently installs only two types of LED and QLED matrices in TVs and a full set of tuners, this marking is no longer used.

 Old Model Number Samsung TVs 2008 - 2016
Old Model Number Samsung TVs 2008 – 2016

Let’s look at what the model number of the Samsung LED TV means and what technical parameters of the TV are reflected in the model number, for example, the 2020 model UN43TU8000FXZA

Decoding example of TV model number UN43TU8000FXZA Samsung

Where are Samsung TVs made

Make no mistake the first letters in the model number mean the region for which the TV was made, and not the country in which the TV was assembled.

  • U – the symbol of the company’s product (TV), each Samsung product is assigned an individual letter. For Germany, televisions have the first letter G
  • E – the region for which the TV was released on a global scale without reference to a specific country, in this case
  • E – Europe
  • N – America, Korea, in 2018 for Korea changed to letter Q
  • A – Australia, Oceania, Asia, Africa, Eastern Countries
  • Q – only for Germany and Korea, QLED TV
  • 43 – screen size in inches, diagonally.

You can find out where the Samsung TV is made from the serial number. Or learn from the sticker, it is located behind the TV.

Samsung assembles TVs in the following countries.

Where are Samsung TVs manufactured? – Samsung TVs for the USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries of America are assembled in Mexico. Europe Samsung TV assembly plants are located in Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, televisions for Europe, the Middle East are produced in these countries. For Russia and the countries of the former USSR, TVs are produced in Russia. For Asia, Africa, Oceania, television sets are manufactured in Malaysia, Korea (production ceased in 2018), and China.

You can also familiarize yourself with the decoding of the serial number of Samsung TVs in the article: Decode Samsung TV serial number 2001-2021 and how to find samsung tv model number

What was the labeling of televisions until 2008, you can learn from the section at the end of the article:

How do i tell what year my Samsung TV is

What year was my samsung tv made? You can recognize it by the letter that is in the model number after the diagonal size of the TV.

  • T – the year the TV went on sale or the year of development, but more correctly the year of T-2020 sales start.
    • B – 2022
    • A – 2021
    • T – 2020
    • R – 2019
    • N – 2018
    • M – 2017
    • K – 2016
    • J – 2015
    • H – 2014
    • F – 2013
    • E – 2012
    • D – 2011
    • С – 2010
    • B – 2009
    • A – 2008
  • U – the TV has a screen with UHD resolution
  • 8 – TV series
  • 5 – TV model, as a rule, the larger the number, the more functional the TV has
  • 00 – TV design

What does FXZA mean on Samsung TV

  • F – The type of digital tuner, depending on which standard is adopted in a particular country.
    • F – ATSC/QAM standard US, Canada, Mexico
    • U, K, T – DVB standard Europe
    • G – Latin America
  • X – Design
  • ZA – region (country) for which the TV was made. ZA-US

Samsung TV model numbers identification QLED 2017-2021

Model number TV QLED Samsung 2019-2021 explained

Since 2019, Samsung has changed the labeling of QLED TVs, this is done to bring the LED and QLED TVs to the same standard. If we compare how QLED TVs are designated, we can note the addition of the generation model identifier of the TV model to the model number. In practice, it is rarely used, but it happens especially in transitional TV models. Also added one character for 8K resolution TVs

Samsung QLED TV Model Number 2019-2020 Explained
Samsung QLED TV Model Number 2019-2020 Explained

An example of decoding the model number of a Samsung TV on quantum dots in 2019 QN65Q900RBFXZA

  • QN65Q – everything is clear here, this is the type of TVs on quantum dots. 65 is the diagonal size, Q once again it is specified that the TV with a screen on quantum dots.
    • Q – TV with a screen made using quantum dot technology.
    • N – Designed for the Americas
    • 65 – screen size in inches
    • Q – Quantum Dot TV.

Changes from previous QLED TVs

  • The model number can be indicated by two or three digits, 900, there were modifications of televisions in the series. In Europe, the Q90R and Q95R TVs are assembled. In other series, modifications also appeared. For TVs with a resolution of 8K, three digits are highlighted. This distinguishes the marking of televisions with a resolution of 4K and 8K.
  • Screen type designation, curved or flat, no longer applies. Perhaps Samsung will soon abandon the production of curved TVs.
  • R – as for other TV models, means the year of development 2019.
    • R – 2019
    • T – 2020
    • A – 2021
  • A, B – two letters from 2019 mean the generation of the TV. For example, in the 900 series,
    • A – the first generation of TVs did not have HDMI 2.1 ports
    • B – HDMI ports of standard 2.1 are added and the remote control is replaced with the 2019 model.
    • S – Special TV Series
  • F-type digital tuner
    • F – ATSC / QAM (USA, Canada)
    • U – DVB (Europe)
    • G – ISDB-T (Latin America)
    • T – 2 x DVB
  • X – TV design change
  • ZA – two letters indicate the country for which the television is made.

Model number TV QLED Samsung 2017-2018

Decoder model number QLED TV Samsung

  • Q – TV series
  • N – region for which the TV is produced
  • 65-screen size inches
  • Q7 – repetition of the series designation, purely for marketing reasons
  • C (F) -type TV curved or flat
  • N – year of the beginning of sales
  • A – type of applied backlight
  • FXZA – an alphabetic designation, it is possible to determine for which country the TV is made, the type of digital tuners.

Samsung TV Model Number The Frame, The Serif, The Terrace, The Sero Series

TVs with an unusual design or features Samsung has singled out LifeStyle as a separate category. In this series there are TVs in the form of a picture, on high legs, a TV with a swivel screen and a TV for terraces.

 Samsung TV LifeStyle series, 2018-2021 mean explained
Samsung TV LifeStyle series, 2018-2021 mean explained

Initially, televisions had a slightly different marking, for example, in 2017, UE65LS003AUXRU, but in 2018 the marking was changed, a letter was added indicating the year of development of UE65LS03NAUXXU. The designation of model numbers of LifeStyle TVs corresponds to the designation of LED and QLED TVs. Only code added to indicate the LifeStyle (LS) series, as well as the type designation of the TV

  • 01 – The Serif
  • 03 – The Frame
  • 05 – The Sero
  • T7, T9 – The Terrace

How to check Samsung TV model

Sometimes Samsung makes it possible on their sites to check the TV’s serial number. But given the large number of TVs produced and the need to constantly keep the database up to date, this possibility is available only for a while.

Therefore, we recommend checking the model number yourself. To do this, see what year your TV model. See the date of production of the TV. If the model of the TV for example, 2019 in the model number of the TV should be the letter R.
Televisions in 2019 are collected in the period from the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020. (04/01/2019 – 04/01/2020) a slight deviation of the production date by several months is possible.

2020 Samsung TVs

In 2020, most Samsung TVs are equipped with new dual-backlit screens. One LED is white, the second is blue. This visually improves image quality. Samsung has paid much attention to sound quality. Invented new technologies that improve the perception of sound.

2019 Samsung TVs

2019 in the marking of Samsung TVs used a new letter R which indicates that this model of TV development in 2019. If the model number on the place of the letter designating the year of development of the model is the letter R (see above), this model of the 2019 TV. Also from the designation of the model number of TVs on quantum dots, they replaced the letter that indicated which TV was flat or curved. Instead of letters, numbers are used. Perhaps this is due to the start of production of TVs with a resolution of 8K. QN82Q60RAFXZA – TV with 4K screen resolution, QN75Q900RBFXZA – TV with 8K screen resolution. And in 2019 there will be an upgrade of the labeling of televisions on quantum dots.

2018 Samsung TVs

Samsung retained the usual labeling of TVs, the year the model was developed, was designated by the letter N, the rest did not change. As expected, the Super series disappeared, it was transformed into a QLED series. In TV sets, compared to 2017, processors in the top-end TV sets of 9 and 8 will be improved.

QLED televisions, also the letter N is added to indicate the year of development of the TV.

2017 Samsung TVs

2017, Samsung decided to display TVs with screens on quantum dots in a separate series of QLED. And most likely the previously used designation S will no longer be used in the designation of TV models since 2017. The TVs themselves remained the same as in previous years, and of course there is an improvement in the processors for speeding up the TV and faster response to the commands, improving the methods of connection. So invented One Connect allows you to reduce the number of cables to the TV. But in general, TVs are the same as in 2016

2016 Samsung TVs

In 2016, the labeling of TVs remained the same as in previous years, only the letter indicating the year of model development and the start of sales changed.

Example decoding old model Samsung TV 2014


  • U-LED lighting, LEDs are used.  Uxxxxxxxxxx
  • Eregion to which TV is made of E-Europe, for example, for the United States N designation, UExxxxxxxxx
  • 55- The figures for the first two letters, screen size in inches UE55xxxxxxx
  • Hyear TV H-2014. UE55Hxxxxxx
  • U-indicates that the TV set screen resolution 4К UHD UE55HUxxxxx
  • 9-TV series UE55HU9xxxx
  • 000-modification UE55HU9000x
  • T-indicates that some of the TV digital tuners 2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2 UE55HU9000T

Samsung TV model year codes


In 2012, the last digit in TVs example UE55EH7000x indicated a tuner installed if the last digit is 0, then the set T tuner, if 7 is installed T2 tuner (2012.) Since 2013, the availability of digital tuners denoted differently, one or the other tuners denoted by the letters at the end of the marking UE55F6650AB Europe

  • 2014 in place of the presence of AB Tuner DVB-T2 / C / S2 were designated as AU
  • AW-DVB-T / C
  • AK-DVB-T2 / C
  • AB-DVB-T2 / C / S2
  • AT-2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2

In some European countries use a slightly different notation built-in digital tuners.

  • SZ indicates the presence of tuners -Tuner DVB-T2 / C / S2 x 2
  • SD – indicates the presence of tuners -Tuner DVB-T2 / C / S2
  • SS – DVB-T / C / S2
  • SL – indicates the presence of tuners 2 x DVB-T / C / S2

Old Samsung TV model numbers for 2002-2007

Until 2008, Samsung TVs had a different label. In it, the characters in the model number had the following meanings.

LN -T4671FX / XA

  • LN – Type designation of the TV.
    • FP or HP  – plazma
    • LN – LCD
    • HL – DLP
    • TX  – CRT
  • T – TV model year
    • T = 2007
    • S = 2006
    • R = 2005
    • P = 2004
    • N = 2003
    • М = 2002
  • 46 – TV screen size in inches diagonally.
  • 71 – tv series
  • F – resolution of the TV screen A – (Full HD, H -HD)
  • X – design
  • XA – sales region


  1. Hi I bought Samsung UA40ES6200 LED TV in Dubai couple of year back… currently the TV bottom LED light got fuse …how to find the right Backlight Strips ? currently away from home to open TV and see. i approached may online show they asking strip light model number which i cant tell now

    • Yes, you need to see what kind of display is installed in your TV, Samsung installs screens from other manufacturers in its TVs. One model may use about 10 different screens.

    • No, Samsung installs many third-party screens in its TVs. Compare the year of the screen and the models of TVs released by Samsung in that year, and you’ll get a rough idea of which TVs you can use this screen for.

  2. I have a Samsung ue50f667058 model that has just been written off by curry’s does anyone know what the equivalent model today is

    • This is the TV model of 2013.
      The analog of this TV in 2021 is the AU series TV (UE50AU7000). The lowest class of televisions currently produced by samsung.

  3. I have a 32” Samsung tv. I bought this in Thailand and my nephew accidentally press the factory reset button and now every time we turn on the tv, the whole screen is just pure white and there some blurry Thailand words that you can’t hardly read. I unplug it for couple of hours and still the same. Is there any reset or reboot to this tv.

    • If you reset to factory settings, through the service menu, you must set the correct screen type.

  4. I have a used UN40B6000VF and a used LN40D550K1F. Please tell me a little about them- they will be for a bedroom – my wife had serious surgery and maay be bedridden for a whle. We have Dish – basic stuff.

    • UN40B6000VF – 2009, Full HD, no Smart
      LN40D550K1F – 2011 Full HD, no Smart
      These are, of course, outdated televisions.

  5. I have a TV that was given to me, can anyone help me with the year. Serial # 39A 39A83CFXA04048K, Model SP-P4251, Type MZ42S4, Plasma.

  6. I want a Samsung that gets Discovery plus with adding anything to it. I am interested in 42 to 50”. Any ideas

  7. Hi, i have i big doubt about a TV. On two different stores there are two different model codes:


    one different letter, “C” instead of “A”. Samsung said that C means 3rd generation hardware, but what it exactly means?

    • Yes this is the generation of your TV A, C. Means the following, for example the company still has parts from the previous model of TV. In the new year, first generation (A) TVs will be produced first. Then new components will come to the assembly lines, the televisions assembled with the new components will have the letter C.

      • Thkanks for your answer! But both have sames features and specs right? Cause I could buy the “C” one but i would be sure that that’s exactly the same of the “A” one

  8. I have just ordered a UE32T5300AKXXU in the from a UK supplier but UE32T5300CKXXU is what was actually delivered and is working fine. Please can you decode the numbers, as they do not quite fit your sections above, and give me your views on the difference between A and C after 5300 (Samsung support have just said it is the year of manufacture).
    Thank you

    • UE – TV for Europe
      32 – screen size inch
      T – model 2020
      5 – series
      3 – model
      00 – design
      A or С – generation revision A-first generation, С-third generation
      KX – tuner C/T2
      XU – for UK

      • Thank you. So combining what you have said above with Samsung’s comments the 3rd generation of this TV started being manufactured in 2021. Just checked the box and it is made in Hungary if your interested.

      • samsung tv model “la32d403e25ga

        I think this tv is samsung but how can I connect tv to my hand phone please help me
        Thank you

  9. I have a UN50NU6900FX2A says made in 2019 is this a smart TV & I assume it’s a 50 “ ? Any help would be appreciated! I bought it for my son & his new wife & my (so called buddy)& I was told it was a 55” smart TV. Thank you! Sam from Ohio!

  10. I have a Samsung T.V. (age unknown)..The Mod. # is LN46A650A1FX. The question I have is, Will it support ROKU ?

    • This is a 2008 model of TV, no Smart support. Roku is not supported, you have to buy a separate Roku device.

      • You always have to buy a device with Roku, UNLESS you purchase a Roku tv where its programmed into the TVs software already (and then your stuck pretty much with Roku, kinda dumb I think.) But as long as your TV has atlest 1 HDMI input then you’re okay, just buy a Roku device that hooks up with HDMI it doesn’t matter if your TVs smart or not the device just needs the HDMI input and doesn’t matter what resolution your TV is it can adjust to the crappiest TV. If your TV does not have an HDMI input you can always buy a HDMI to AV converter. But if you’re rolling with an old TV with only coaxial hookup in the still then you probably don’t understand technology and should give up or buy a new TV. Though I hear you can download the Roku app onto some smart TVs but you’re missing out doing it that way.

    • I have the same model Samsung as that and yes you can use a Roku with it. Just hook up the Roku device with the HDMI cable it comes with and plug the Roku into a wall outlet not the TV (because plugging it in the TV will end up messing your TV up that model has a problem with faulty capacitors and you will end up blowing your capacitors happen to me it can be fixed but don’t try unless you know what you’re doing.) But put your HDMI cable into source one or two and you’ll be golden then using mine for about 3 years now pretty good TV. FYI when you shut your TV off the Roku will stay on for a bit it will eventually turn itself off I have put mine on a plug switch so I can turn it off when I want I only say that because the roku’s tend to overheat I hooked a small cooling fan to mine to extend the life of it but they only give rokus lifespans of about 3 years. Then they quit wanting to update and start messing up freezing up and pissing you off but don’t get me wrong I like my Roku but sometimes I want to stomp on it.

    • Hi,
      What model of Samsung TV do you have?
      Fox Nation runs on TVs Samsung Smart TV (Models 2017 to 2020 sold in the US)

  11. Can anyone help me with finding out if the below mentioned model is VESA standard compatible ?
    I can not seem to be able to find a new wall or table mount.
    The TV is from 2013 and has model number: UE46F6745SB
    Type number: UE46F6745

    • In 2013, only some TV models had a built-in satellite receiver. Look on the back of the TV to see if there is a satellite TV port. Or tell me the model number of the TV.

  12. Where is the best/most accurate site to get all of samsungs model details and tv dimensions from the past 15 years?

    • There are a lot of TV models, some TV models are on
      But there are some inaccuracies

  13. There are TV models:
    UE55TU7072 and UE55TU7092

    What is difference between them?
    What exactly means 72, what means 92?

      • Thank you for trying to help.
        I knew that.

        I found until now that 92 has no Bluetooth, and there are more differences…

        It seems to be a top secret what means 7, what means 9, what means 2…

  14. my tv is not working and I need to know if it worth getting a repair or buy a new one and I don’t remember if its 55′ or 60’and the model code start with PN5Q843QP2DXZA

    • You need to know the full model number of the TV.
      If the TV has a faulty main board, it costs about $100. The screen is difficult to replace, there is no supply of components. And add the cost of work, a specialist.

  15. My model No. on my Sansung is – UNF5000AFXA. Would I be aable to get Fox Nation on this TV? I really want Fox Nation!!

    • Fox Nation supports TV 2017-2020 you have TV 2013. No does not support, buy a new TV or Roku TV for example

  16. A 75″ Samsung at BestBuy has a model number QN75Q70TAFXZA. Costco has a similar model number QN75Q7DTASXZA. What is the difference between series ’70’ and ‘7D'(if any)?

    • The Q70DT is only available with 55.65.75 inch screens. And it differs in that it is installed on the stand. The Q70T has two legs on the sides of the TV. Because of the better stability, there are televisions with a larger screen size of 82, 85 inches.

  17. According to what I’ve read, my 2019 Samsung smart TV ought to be able to find PBS Passport, but I can’t find it. My Model Code is: QN49Q7ORAFXZA. Please advise. I want PBS Passport app badly.

    • Fox is no better than CNN or any other MSM outlet. FOX, like the others, have been bought and are given a story line to push. Our government provides “the news” daily to our media just like Communist China and this has been testified to in front of Congress. The difference is most people in the U.S. are still under the illusion that they have options and that our media is trustworthy. We had lies crammed down our throats every single day and there’s nothing that can be done about it because of the Smith-Mundt act of 1948. The Smith-Mundt modernization act of 2012 is even worse. These make sure we never know the truth and that no one is ever held accountable.

      • If a viewer’s attitudes lean toward conservative views, there certainly is a big, big difference between Fox and the liberal CNN.



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