The Samsung TV serial number uniquely identifies your specific TV. This exclusive code is required for device registration, service and repair, and warranty verification. The serial number also contains valuable information about the TV, manufacturing information, and other essential features. The serial number is required when you register your TV on the Samsung website and is necessary for the service department to diagnose and repair the TV.

What the Samsung TV serial number means

The serial number of a Samsung TV is a detailed code broken into several segments, each revealing specific information about the TV:

  1. Component Suppliers Block: The first part of the serial number, comprising four characters, details the leading component suppliers, like the TV casing and screen.
  2. Device and Assembly Factory Information: Following the initial block, the following three characters encode information about the TV model and the factory where it was assembled.
  3. Production Date: This section, made up of two digits, indicates the month and year the TV was assembled.
  4. Unique Serial Number: The final part of the serial number is a six-digit code that uniquely identifies your TV.

You can glean the type of TV, its assembly date, and the manufacturing factory from the serial number. Service centers can extract detailed information about components, such as the specific screen supplier—Samsung, Sharp, BOE, etc. For instance, since 2022, some QLED and LED TVs feature displays from TCL, which acquired Samsung’s display factory.

The production date in the serial number pinpoints the month of manufacture, like 01.2023, but it doesn’t specify the exact day of assembly within that month. Previously, the exact production date could be found in the service menu (before 2016). Still, later, it was replaced by the date of sale, which is recorded when the TV first connects to Samsung’s servers or is registered on Samsung’s website.

Samsung TV serial number decode


  • ZAJ3 – TV model code, a factory code that contains information about the features of the TV (the codes of the suppliers of components for the TV assembly).
  • 3 – the product code in this case the number 3 means that this product is a TV

How to find out where a Samsung TV is made

  • S – the code of the plant on which the TV is assembled
    • S – Slovenia
    • H – Hungary
    • 4 -Romania
    • 1, 3 – Korea
    • L – Russia
    • W– China
    • C – Mexico
    • M – Malaysia
  • E – The technical code pertaining to the plant (assembly plant code)
  • D – year of manufacture, in this serial number is 2013
  • C – month in which the TV was manufactured, this serial number is December

00652L – The serial number of the TV, by which the manufacturer can determine on which assembly line the TV was assembled and in which shift. The information is only of interest to the manufacturer for quality control of the TVs produced

How to find out the production date of your Samsung TV

2006A or LJune6

How do I know what year my Samsung TV is?

To determine the age of your Samsung TV, you can refer to the 8th and 9th characters in its serial number (counting from left to right). These two symbols in the serial number are vital to identifying the year of manufacture. Samsung uses a specific coding system in these characters to denote the year. It’s important to note that after a 20-year cycle, Samsung repeats these date codes. For instance, the letter ‘W’ might represent either 2003 or 2023. However, you can easily differentiate between these years based on the TV model numbers, which have significantly evolved. Thus, even with the date code repetition, there’s little chance of confusion regarding the actual year of manufacture.

year / monthJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJunejulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
code; year / month123456789ABC
1990MM 1M 2M 3M 4M5M6M7M8M9MAMBMC
1991A A 1A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 AA AB AC

Samsung TV serial number lookup and Samsung TV model number lookup

To locate the serial number of your Samsung TV, you have several options, each convenient in different scenarios. While it was previously mentioned that there are four ways, in reality, there are five methods to find the serial number of your TV:

  1. Sticker on the Back of the TV: Usually, there’s a sticker on the back that lists the serial number and other information like the model number.
  2. TV Menu: The serial number is in the TV’s menu system. Typically, it’s located under the ‘Settings’ or ‘About’ section.
  3. Purchase Documents: Although less common nowadays due to digital records, traditional purchase documents like warranty cards or invoices may contain the TV’s serial number.
  4. The Box: If you’ve kept the original packaging, the serial number is often printed on the TV box.
  5. Samsung Personal Cabinet: This is an online platform to register your Samsung TV. Registration requires the serial number, which must be found using one of the other methods first.

Each method provides a reliable way to locate your TV’s serial number, whether registering the product, seeking service, or confirming its authenticity.

The serial number and model number on the back of your Samsung TV

The first and most straightforward place to find your TV’s serial number is on the information label attached to the back of the TV. Once the TV passes assembly and quality tests at the factory and is deemed ready for sale, several stickers are printed and affixed to the unit. One of these stickers on the rear of the TV contains vital details, including the serial number, model number, and revision number of your TV, providing all the essential information about your television in one place.

Serial number and model number in the Samsung TV menu

Another method to find information about your TV, including the serial number, is through the TV’s operating system. The serial number can be located in the TV’s menu, although this method might only be suitable if the TV is functioning properly. The steps to find the serial number vary slightly depending on the TV model and its year of manufacture:

  • 2022 – 2023 TV models: Menu > Settings > All Settings > Support > About this TV
  • 2017 – 2021 TV models: Settings > Support > About this TV
  • 2016 TV models: Settings > Support > Contact Samsung
  • 2013 – 2015 TV models: Menu > Support > Contact Samsung

The serial number and model number on the Samsung TV packaging box

  • The packaging box of your TV is another valuable source for finding the serial number. Keeping the original box for an extended period might require extra space and effort, but it has benefits. For instance, if you need to transport your TV for repairs or decide to sell it, the original packaging can provide ideal protection. I habitually store the boxes of my electronic devices, like TVs, in my attic. This practice is helpful, especially after using a device for 5-6 years. When it’s time to upgrade to a new TV, I often sell the old one, and having the original box is very beneficial for this purpose. The box contains the serial number and serves as secure packaging for the TV during its transportation or resale.

The serial number and model number of the Samsung TV in the purchase documents.

The purchase documents for your Samsung TV are another reliable source for finding the serial and model numbers. These documents typically include the sales receipt, invoice, or warranty card provided at the time of purchase. They contain detailed information about the TV, including its serial and model numbers. This information is crucial for warranty claims, service requests, or referencing the specific model for support or updates. Keeping these documents safe is a good practice, as they serve as official proof of purchase and can be especially helpful if you need to verify your TV’s authenticity or specifications.

Samsung TV serial number check

The serial number on Samsung TVs, produced between 1990 and 2023, is a unique 15-digit code comprising letters and numbers with essential TV information. To verify the serial number of your Samsung TV, there are several methods you can use:

  1. Compare with Documentation: Cross-reference the serial number on your TV with the one listed on purchase documents, like the receipt or warranty card, and the one on the TV’s packaging box.
  2. Through the TV’s Menu: If the TV is operational, navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Support’ > ‘About TV’ in the TV’s menu to find the serial number.
  3. Contact Samsung Support: Reach out to Samsung’s customer support with the serial number for validation, warranty details, features of the device, or information about updates.
  4. Online Verification: The official Samsung website sometimes provides an option to check the serial number for product registration or to confirm warranty status.

Sometimes, the serial number on your TV might not match the sticker, which can occur if the TV has undergone repairs, such as a main board replacement. Additionally, if the TV was previously registered, you might need help registering it again on Samsung’s website.

In reality, checking the serial number may only sometimes be necessary, especially for modern TVs with internet access and Samsung’s Tizen OS. If your TV connects to Samsung’s servers, it’s likely genuine. However, if there are doubts about the origin of TV, connecting it to the internet can be revealing. Samsung practices blocking TVs in some countries, particularly stolen ones. If such a TV connects to Samsung’s servers, it gets blocked, and a message appears on the screen, prompting you to contact the seller. This feature adds a layer of security and helps verify the TV’s legitimacy.

How to check the serial number of your Samsung TV, Check the Samsung TV warranty

There is no universal service to check the serial number of your Samsung TV; some countries offer local solutions. For example, Canada has a service to check the warranty by serial number. This feature is handy given the country’s vastness, as the warranty requires owners to bring large TVs (over 43 inches) to a service center for repair.

From time to time, Samsung conducts promotional campaigns to check serial numbers, aimed primarily at stopping the distribution of TVs intended for different regions. However, such checks are rare. It is important to note that Samsung’s warranty is usually only valid in the country where the TV was initially intended for sale. This reduces the company’s warranty costs since international warranties are not covered.

In most cases, there is no pressing need to check the serial number of your Samsung TV. Modern Samsung TVs are equipped with internet connectivity that allows them to connect to Samsung servers, so it is difficult for counterfeit TVs to mimic this functionality.

As of 2018, Samsung no longer manufactures TVs in Korea, which is valuable information for authenticating a Samsung TV. If you have additional questions or need specific recommendations, feel free to ask, and I’ll be happy to provide more information.

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  1. I almost bought this Samsung QE65QN900ATXXH myself. According to the serial number, it was assembled in Hungary in February 2023. I am interested in whether Samsung did an upgrade for this model under the designation (2021) and whether this TV is my base model from 2019 or is it an upgraded model for 2021 year, as the seller claims. Thank in advance

    • QE65QN900ATXXH model 2021.
      I don’t think this TV was manufactured in 2023. I would recommend comparing the serial number in the TV’s memory and on the sticker. You can also go to the service menu and look at the TV information.

  2. I’ve got samsung projector with smart tv on board. This instruction doesn’t help. Maybe somebody knows how to decrypt my S/N?


    • 5D0E39FT500684Z
      5D0E – OEM suppliers code
      3 – product class video
      9 – factory code
      F – production line number of the plant
      T5 – date of assembly May 2002 or May 2022
      00684Z – SN


  4. 06S63K4R800606H this is serial number of my Samsung tv, I have tried to analyse the serial number it difficult to ascertain the real Samsung data because of this I think Samsung have to verify this product.
    Kindly advise me on how to verify this product. Thanks.

    • What model of TV? What country are you in?

      Go to the menu and look at the model number and serial number, they must match the label on the TV.

  5. When I checked country assembled code, K is not found which country assembled code is K if this serial number is manufactured by Samsung 06S63K4R800606H.

    • Look at the sticker on the back of the TV, it will most likely indicate the country of assembly.

    • K – factory code of the company where the TV is assembled (country of assembly)

    • Most likely, yes. The production date is October 2001. You should check the model number and serial number to see if they indicate the same time period.

    • For the American market, there are also some differences. For example:
      FXZA is a basic TV model
      BXZA – the TV is made to be sold through Walmart stores

      BXZA TV may be cheaper, it is affected by lower logistics costs. Walmart transports a shipment of TVs directly from the factory to its warehouses.

      The TVs have the same technical specifications.

  6. Hello! I’m sorry to ask, but I can not find anything on the samsung tv with the serial number of lmn40a530p1fxza – Can you please help me?

    • It’s not a serial number, it’s a model number of the TV, and most likely it’s a model ln40a530p1fxza
      This 2008 TV

    • This is the model number
      LN – LCD
      32 – diagonal inch
      D – 2011
      4 – series
      03 – model
      e – HD screen
      4 – design
      DX – type tuner
      ZA – US, Canada

    • UN – 32H6400 model number
      The date of manufacture can be obtained from the serial number.
      The second option is to see the production date in the service menu

  7. Sir I want to know if my tv is original Samsung
    And what is its year and month of production

    • Z2Z1 – code TV
      3 – product TV
      С – assembled in Mexico
      Q – code Line
      B – 2011
      8 – August
      23072N serial number

    • 09B1 – TV code
      3 – producte TV
      N – country assembly
      С – Line assembly
      N – 2020
      3 – March
      01798 – serial number

    • This is a 2018 TV model.
      Q- QLED
      N – North America
      55 – diagonal inch
      Q – QLED
      6 – series
      F – flat screen
      N – 2018
      A – screen backlighting EDGE

    • 0FNJ – code TV, component suppliers
      3- TV
      H – television set assembled in Hungary
      С – assembly line code
      N – 2020
      7- July
      00062P – serial number (TV number assembled this month at the assembly line)

  8. Model: UE55H6400AKXXY
    Serial Number:
    B7213HIFB02718E – ‘F’ is not a year in your explanation, can you tell me what year this model of TV is please?

    • 08FG – factory code
      3 – product TV
      8 – code factory possibly India
      9 – code assembly line
      N – 2020
      3- March
      00244M – serial number (the number of televisions assembled, on line in March)


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