The topic of choosing a refrigerator was discussed quite a lot; we’ll try to easily and simply give advice on choosing a new refrigerator.

The main criterion for choosing a refrigerator, quality, functionality, service life.

Quality – the quality of production of the refrigerator is very important, no one wants to face the problems of repairing the refrigerator that has worked for several years or even worse for several months. And if there are any problems, then the service of which company will quickly and efficiently fix problems with the operation of the refrigerator.

When choosing a refrigerator should pay attention.

  • No plastic smell when opening the door of the refrigerator; high-quality plastic is used in good refrigerators, it does not smell. Cheaper manufacturers save by using lower quality plastic. Do not pay attention to the possible statements of sellers that the smell will disappear after a while or disappear after you wash the refrigerator inside. It’s not like that, just when you turn on the refrigerator, the temperature in it will go down and the plastic will emit less odors, but they will not disappear anywhere, they will be much less, but they will stand out for several years.
  • Build quality, companies producing good refrigerators control the build quality; in such refrigerators there cannot be skewed doors or requiring adjustment (the doors should close easily and tightly).
  • Technologies – used in refrigerators, the last 20 years, the presence in the refrigerator of the No Frost system has become the norm. In the middle class refrigerators, a drip defrost system can be installed, but this is an outdated technology that was before No frost. Installation of inverter compressors in refrigerators, the last 10 years, leading manufacturers of household appliances, more and more install inverter compressors in refrigerators.

Pay attention to the brand. The quality of manufacture of the refrigerator depends on the manufacturer. You can find out about the brands of refrigerators in the article “Who owns brands of refrigerators and where they are made”

The range of manufactured refrigerators – manufacturers who produce good refrigerators are not limited to one type of refrigerators produced. Their range of refrigerators includes all types of refrigerators. On the types of refrigerators can be found in the article “What are refrigerators, a brief overview.”

There are only a few types of manufacturers of refrigerators.

The first type is companies

The first type is companies that have factories and produce refrigerators themselves, investing in the development of new technologies. These include the brands LG, Samsung, Bosch, Whirhpool, Liebherr, Gaggenau, Gorenje, AEG, Electrolux, General Electric, Hitachi, Miele, Panasonic, Sharp, Siemens, Neff, Mitsubishi, Maytag, Frigidaire. To understand whether there is potential in companies of this type in refrigerators, one can study their line of refrigerators. Such companies produce various types of refrigerators, including large Side by Side refrigerators. Such companies may own other brands as well. Manufacturers pay great attention to the design, quality of components. Have service centers for the repair of their refrigerators. Such companies rely on the quality of products, but the price of refrigerators can be quite high.

The second type company

The second type of company is a company that has its plants, but is focused on the mass production of refrigerators, very often the income from sales of refrigerators is achieved not by quality, but by quantity. Such companies produce refrigerators under their brands, and under license under other brands. These are refrigerators of brands Beko, Midea, LEC, Grundig, Mabe, Hisense, Haier. To reduce the cost of production, cheaper components are used, the main principle of work for such companies is the production of inexpensive refrigerators, the service life as it happens, the refrigerator can last without repair and the whole service life, and it can break.

The third type company

The third type of companies is companies that do not have their own production facilities, the manufacture of refrigerators under their brands, such companies are ordered from companies of the second type. All other brands can be attributed to this type. To determine this type of manufacturer is quite simple. Refrigerators of the same type (for example, two-compartment), low-cost segment. Service is carried out not by the manufacturer, but by the seller of refrigerators, or by agreement with third-party organizations. The difficulty of operating these refrigerators is that they have a lot of failures, as well as difficulties in repairing, because refrigerators are ordered from third-party manufacturers, spare parts for repairs can be expected for several months.

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