Samsung TV service menu explained, description, features


Control the TV using the engineering menu, an explanation of the possibilities.

In the Samsung TV at the operating system level, there are two TV control menus. Engineering menu and user menu.

Samsung Smart TV Engineering Menu

A modern TV is a rather complicated device. To control, configure and diagnose it, and if necessary, repair it is necessary to control the TV at the level of primary commands. To do this, the Samsung TV has a service menu (engineering menu). To enter the engineering menu, you must press in a certain sequence the buttons on the TV remote control. What combination of buttons you need to click, we will describe further.

What is the custom menu on a Samsung TV

An ordinary user can access the user menu. This is the menu that you will see by pressing the menu button on the TV remote control. Only 10% of the TV settings are available in this menu, and service commands are generally not available. The manufacturer believes that this is quite enough.

Samsung TV service menu options

The service menu of the TV opens up new possibilities for your TV. The manufacturer does not write an operating system for a specific model. OC is the same for all TVs, but the settings differ depending on which TV the specific version of the operating system will be installed on. And knowing how to change the settings, for example, you can turn a 7 series TV into an 8 series TV.

What can you learn from the service menu about the TV

  1. The date of production of the TV with details for a particular day.
  2. TV model
  3. The version of your TV, this information is needed during the repair, you can determine the builder of components for assembling the TV.
  4. The basic model of the TV
  5. Digital tuner manufacturer
  6. Wall Mount Format
  7. WiFi region
  8. How long did the screen panel work (the time the TV worked in hours from the moment it was first turned on)
  9. Year of development of the original version of the TV
  10. Port standards
  11. and a lot of other information that a specialist needs when diagnosing a TV.

What can be changed or tested in the service menu

Using the service menu, you can change the settings and modes of the TV, as well as test the nodes of the TV. You can use the service to do the following.

  1. Manage sound, enable mute speakers to control signal levels.
  2. Put the TV in the hotel mode, store mode, etc.
  3. Turn on / off various TV modules
  4. Disable FRC screen mode
  5. Perform a screen test using the operating system test charts.
  6. Calibrate Screen
  7. Set white balance
  8. Control the levels of the primary colors of the TV.

How to enter the TV service menu

To enter the service menu, you must have a standard TV remote control (below the photo of a standard remote). The standard remote control has more control buttons, some buttons are used to enter the service menu. Smart remote to enter the service menu is not suitable.

Warning: you must work with the service menu carefully. Improper actions may result in the inability to turn on the TV. Entering the service menu, you fully take responsibility for the further operation of the TV at your own risk.

Commands to enter the Samsung TV service menu

You may not be able to enter the service menu the first time. Make a few attempts. To protect against accidental entry into the menu, the button-pressing algorithm is regulated. The buttons must be pressed once, the time between presses also matters. To enter the service menu, you need to press the buttons once, do not rush and do not hold for long. Violation of the pressing algorithm does not initiate the launch of the service menu. With the correct algorithm for pressing the buttons, the LED on the TV will continue to flash after starting the TV, which means that the TV is downloading the software. After 3-7 seconds, the service menu will be displayed on the TV screen. If the power-on LED is constantly on and the service menu does not appear, something has been done wrong and the procedure for entering the service menu must be repeated.

Samsung TV service menu view

Depending on the manufacturer of the main board of the TV and the region, there are several options for entering the service menu of the Samsung TV. For example, option number one is suitable for televisions manufactured in Europe, option number two is suitable for televisions manufactured in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. All manipulations to enter the menu must be done with the TV set turned off (in standby mode). To end the service menu call, always press the Power button (turn on the TV).

Method 1 calling the service menu

Put the TV into standby mode, turn off the TV with the remote control, then press the buttons on the remote control: “Info, Menu, Mute, Power”, then the TV turns on and displays the service menu.

Method 2 of entering the service menu

Turn off the power. On the remote control, press MUTE and then 1, 8, 2 and POWER

Method 3 of entering the service menu

When the TV is in standby mode, press DISPLAY, P.STD, MUTE, POWER on the remote control.

Method 4 of entering the service menu

When the TV is in standby mode, press SLEEP, P.STD, MUTE, POWER on the remote control.

Method 5 of entering the service menu

When the TV is in standby mode, press DISPLAY, MENU, MUTE, POWER on the remote control.

Method 6 of entering the service menu

On the remote control, press MUTE, then press 1, 1, 9 sequentially.

Managing settings shutting down the Samsung TV service menu

When changing the settings of the TV, the new settings are applied immediately and do not require additional confirmation. To move between menu items, as well as to change the parameters, the cursor buttons on the remote control are used. To enter a specific menu, press enter. Exit the menu sub-item, return to the previous menu, press return. To exit the service menu, turn off the TV.

I changed the settings in the TV service menu, the TV does not turn on how to fix it.

Quite a common situation, a service menu for professionals who understand what they are doing. If you choose the wrong settings, it may well happen that the TV has stopped turning on. If you have a situation that occurs when you change the settings of the TV;

  • when you turn it on, the TV is constantly overloaded.
  • the Samsung logo appears, and then a black screen.
  • the on/off LED blinks a few times and then the TV doesn’t work.

Why this is happening, let’s try to explain. And we can do almost nothing on our own, because the problem is at the operating system level. The right solution is to restore the operating system in the service center.
TV, this is a smartphone with a certain modification of the operating system. The operating system has to be written into the memory of the chip of permanent memory and when you turn on the TV the operating system will be read and loaded.
So, the operating system is almost the same for all TVs, but the settings may differ dramatically. For example, in the settings you can set the screen type, when you change this setting the TV may not work. If the settings are set incorrectly, the TV hangs during loading or an endless restart.

Restore your TV’s operating system, reset the memory in your Samsung TV

Because when you change the settings in the service menu, the information is written to the permanent memory chip, when you set a critically incorrect parameter that causes a malfunction when you turn on the TV, you will lose access to the service menu. To restore the operability of the TV set it is necessary to zero the information in the memory chip, it can be done only physically by shortening the corresponding conclusions of the chip responsible for memory cleaning. After this procedure the information recorded in the chip will be erased.
After that you need to reinstall the operating system on the TV. Depending on the engineering solutions when designing the TV set, the layout can be applied when the main operating system is written on one chip, and all changes in the process of operation are written to another chip, when erasing the memory of the chip containing secondary parameters, the TV set will resume work by writing down new default parameters. And if all the information including the operating system itself is in one chip, then it is necessary to write down the necessary version of the operating system again in the chip memory. It is quite difficult to do this requires appropriate skills and equipment.


  1. Hi,first, thank you for your work. great!
    I bought a new q70T (2020) and have three questions:
    A. I want to disable “Samsung TV Plus” in the service menu. But in MRT Options, I cannot find the option. Also, in MRT Options I see only 2 columns of options while other users seem to see three. Did Samsung block the option to disable TV Plus in the 2020 generation?
    B. I want to delete some preinstalled apps. Any idea to do this without rooting?
    C. I activated “Ambient Mode” just to see what it looks like. Now I don’t find an option to de-activate it again. Any idea?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Hi,

    Voice control options is showing and have turned it on but Smart remote control doesnt show in service menu.


    • So Samsung specifically removed this option from the operating system version for this model of television.

  3. Hi I have Samsunh UE50TU7000KXXU and it has bluetooth built in but i am unable to connect the remote. Is there anyway to change the tv model in service menu to enable smart remote?


    • Try the service menu
      Option → MRT option → Voice Recognition (set On) revert back to the previous menu
      Samsung Smart Control (set On)
      Reboot the TV, Smart remote should work

  4. HI, I have a Samsung QE55Q85R,
    Some 4:3 old TV progs broadcast in 16:9 making everything squashed.
    In Picure settings/Custom 4:3 option is greyed out.
    Any way to enable the 4:3 option in service menu ?
    On the Samsung website they state that 4:3 can cause screen burn, which is their probable reason for disabling but I’d only be using it infrequently, Many thanks. Many , many thanks if you solve it

    • You can customize the video display in 3:4 format
      Settings → Picture → Picture Size Settings

      You can change the size of the picture displayed on the TV screen to 16:9 Standard, Custom, or 4:3.
      ” Supported picture sizes differ with the input signal.

      4:3 Screen Size
      You can select a picture size suitable for your geographical area while you are watching TV in the 4:3 or Fit to
      screen mode. The supported screen sizes differ with the country and this function allows you to adjust the
      picture size in this case.
      ” The 4:3 mode is not available when an external device is connected to the TV via a Component connector or an HDMI

      • Thanks for your reply. Yes I’m in the UK watching Sky Satellite with an HDMI connection . Why they broadcast like that I do not know. So the input signal is the problem. I could change it with my old Samsung 3D TV. Oh well that’s advancement for you,
        Cheers for getting back anyway

  5. Salve, dopo il 2018 la samsung non supporta più i codec divx\xvid, io ho una serie 8 , è possibile installare in qualche moda tali codec per leggere i relativi file?

  6. Hello there I have a question, would I be able to use the samsung smart voice remote with my 7 series samsung smart tv UN43NU7100

    Thank you.

    • No, the UN43NU7100 cannot have a Bluetooth module built in, only TM1240A remote control is supported.

  7. Hi there I have a Samsung QE75Q900R 8k qled and it keeps turning itself on and off, is there anything I can do in the hidden menu to stop this? I’ve already replaced the one box and cable?
    Regards Murray

    • Hello, it is very difficult to say something concrete on TV. It is necessary to analyze its work. For example, after the first turn on, after what time it turns off 15-30 minutes, the second turn off after 5 minutes. As a rule, this behavior is characteristic of a malfunction caused by the failure of some electronic component. Failure on heating.
      After switching off, the TV restarts with or without the start of the operating system.
      If you have replaced the box and this continues, the malfunction in the screen, there is also an electronic board to control the screen and the backlight. It is possible that the screen consumes a lot of current which causes the power supply in one box to shut down and the current protection is triggered. In the service menu there is nothing you can change to correct this.

      Try to reduce the power consumption, set the brightness of the screen to a lower level, for example 20% and watch how the TV will work.

  8. I am wondering if it would be safe to turn my 7 series UN43NU7100 into a 8 series, sort of update. And if so how would I do this?

    • You may only be able to enable some features. Mostly the picture quality depends on the screen. Of course it is not safe, changing some settings may break your TV.

  9. Please help setup type, local set, front color option in my tv UE43RU7402UXXH. I know enter in service menu, but dont know values in this setup. I am from Serbia. This happened after replace tv motherboard in service. Thanks

  10. What does a factory reset from the service menu (secret menu) actually do? I assume it’s more in depth than the regular Factory Reset from the user menu.

    • Of course, a reset to factory settings will reset the operating system to its original state. And sometimes it can lead to the inability to turn on the TV. For example, in OS, the default screen settings are set for a Samsung screen. And the factory installed a screen matrix of another manufacturer. It is under a specific version of the TV in the settings made a patch, due to changes in components in the TV. When resetting to factory settings can be problems.

  11. Hi I have a serie 8 model with tizen using smartdns seems that some apps do not use this dns instead use the google dns (secondary), so I can not see all the USA content when I am outside USA. Using Engineering menu may I force the TV to change the 2nd dns address?

  12. Hi! I have a Q90T! I can go in the service menu but i need to go to Advance and the code 0000 is not working. I want to fix Auto Dimming( P.W.M, Pulse Width Modulation ) issue because, when in Game Mode, after 6 min the brightness turn down( very dim ). Do you know if they have another code for 2020 models? I’ve tried on my friends q80T and it’s not working aswell. Thank you!

    • Try 1111.

      You can try resetting the pin code.
      Turn on the TV
      1. If you have a standard remote mute-8-2-4-power
      2. If you only have a smart remote mute-return-return-return.
      On some consoles the MUTE button is combined with the VOL volume button. To press MUTE, press VOL.

  13. I have a Q7DT , on my old samsung I was able to set the default input to HDMI1 at power on. Has this type of functionality been removed, I can’t find it in the Q7DT.


    • Display video with HDMI, can be selected in hotel settings
      Control>Hotel Options>Power On Source>HDMI/DVI

      • yep, I’ve done this on my other TV, on the q7dt, under control I only have: edit, sub option, Asia option, sound, and outdoor TV option. no sign of power on input anywhere

  14. I have a 40″ Samsung UHD UA40HU6900. I successfully upgraded to DVBT2 by replacing the tuner. I was able to change the tuner type in service menu. Now it comes the HEVC H265 coding, and my TV not supports it. But I know already that this TV family supports H.265 but not the 40″ version. May it possible to activate this capability via service menu?

    • You probably won’t be able to turn on the H265 codec on your TV. The codec’s algorithm is written in the software. Optionally, check the software version, maybe you need to update your TV OS. Or maybe H265 is not originally on your OS TV. Samsung updates the software for about 5 years, after the production of the TV model. After 7 years, the TV is considered obsolete.

  15. i have ue55ku6175uxxe.i want to add arabic language and i cant access the source menu if u can help.regards

    • UE55KU6175UXXE is a TV model for Europe, only 27 European languages are supported. Unfortunately, Arabic is not available in this version of the TV. You will not be able to switch your TV to Arabic.
      UE55KU6175UXXE هو نموذج تلفزيوني لأوروبا ، فقط 27 لغة أوروبية مدعومة. للأسف ، اللغة العربية غير متوفرة في هذا الإصدار من التلفزيون. لن تتمكن من تبديل التلفزيون إلى اللغة العربية.

  16. Hello..I am having series 6 which comes with smart touch remote..which buttons need to be pressed to access the service menu?

  17. Thank you! But in the image settings of my 50nu7400 you only have the options [image mode] [image size settings] [expert settings]. Nowhere within the image settings is there an option to turn off the screen.

    • The possibility to turn off the screen was in the models of TVs 2013-2015. From 2016 the possibility to control the screen was implemented in Ambient Mode. But not available on all models of TVs. NU7400 does not have a screen switch-off option.
      Turn off the screen, through the service menu, bad decision, then you can not turn on the TV.

      Try to reduce the brightness and contrast to 0 and keep the mode as custom for fast switching on.

  18. Is it possible through the service menu to enable the option to turn off the image, and continue listening to the audio on the nu7400?

  19. Is it possible through the service menu to turn off the image and continue listening to the audio on the nu7400?

    • You can turn the screen off from the normal menu. Press the menu button on the remote control, select image settings, scroll down, find the option to turn off the screen. The screen will be muted, only sound will be played. Any button on the remote control, except the power and volume, will return to the screen.

      • Thank you! But in the image settings of my 50nu7400 you only have the options [image mode] [image size settings] [expert settings]. Nowhere within the image settings is there an option to turn off the screen.

      • Hi, could you help me please? I have a QN50Q60TAKZXL, I activate blur reduction on the service menu options (that option is off by default for this tv). I have any questions
        What happen if I change the game mode values? Now my tv value is 6
        What happen if I activate Flickerless option?
        What options can I change on my q60t for optimize mi tv?

        • TVs can be equipped with screens that switch on and off the backlighting of the screen with high frequency (dithering). The screen is 10 bits (8 bits +FRC), this is done to increase the color shades. From such flickering, although a person does not notice, tired eyes and discomfort. Technologies that reduce screen flicker have been invented. One method, to show one frame twice, it reduces the visual perception of the flicker of the backlight. Most movies have a frame rate of no more than 60 frames per second.

          Since your TV model, the Q60T has a screen with a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second, then applying Flickerless is not possible, the screen will not show 120 frames per second.

          If you enable this option, the first one will remain unchanged, the second one will not be able to process the received signal and you will get a dysfunctional TV, you will have to repair it at the service center, it is better not to experiment.

          For blurred images, to reduce this effect, apply an additional black frame between video frames. But that’s not on your TV, because of the quality of the matrix. All these technologies work with screens that support 120 frames per second.

          Samsung Q90T, Q80T, Q70T, Q60T QLED UHD TV Comparison 2020

          • Thanks for your explanation, I can understand all.
            Do you know what is each value for game mode option? The service menu option, allows values from 0 to 6. I use my tv 90% of time for playing ps4 pro and 10% for youtube, netflix. Because it, that parameter could be important for me

            Thanks a lot for your help

            • Game mode, when the TV set is switched to this mode, all settings causing slowdown in video display are turned off, and brightness and contrast values are set higher. These modes are most likely designed for specific TV series, and determine which parmeters should be turned off when the game mode is enabled.

  20. Is it possible to disable Samsung’s “auto detecting” function when selecting HDMI inputs. I already have AnyNet CEC disabled in the standard Settings menu. I hate it trying to “discover” devices. TU7100 range 2020 model.

    • look at the service menu
      SVC, click on the entry
      maybe there’s an HDMI autodetection shutdown.

  21. Hi
    Thanks for the article.
    My NU8000 doesnt have TV Plus app by default. Can I turn it on in the secret menu? will this be done by changing TV region (risky) or through an independent option (safe)?

    • Try to find the application without changing the region.
      You need to go to Smart, all applications, additional applications, Samsung App, choose the category you are interested in. Look for the application maybe it is there.
      Note: do not use the search, very often the TV is looking for an app in the store is not correct.

      You can change the region, it is not critical and you can always return it back.

  22. when I turn off the Samsung Q90T, the wifi starts broadcasting. I managed to turn it off through the service menu when the tv is on. why in the hell would it broadcast when it is off. What setting would make the tv truly turn off?

  23. I have a TV bought in China and in HK now. When I try to accept the terms on Samsung Hub I get an error saying the server is down. Any ideas?

  24. Hi, I’ve tried all these sequences on my tv but doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to access this menu on a Q7FAM? Thanks

  25. My tv doesn’t save the changes (UN58NU6080F). I’m trying to disable the super annoying tv plus. It allows me to turn it off in the service menu but the settings revert after the tv is turned off. Any advice/thoughts?

  26. It doesn’t seem that the xfinity remote keys are registered to be able to enter any of those codes. Also, how do I connect any remote with Q90t? It feels like it won’t let you use any remote other than the smart remote to access the samsung tv menu….

  27. I wrongly entered some settings in secret service menu and now tv is blacked out. No standby light no turn on. Model is samsung UA46ES5600.
    Any advice on what to do?

  28. I have UE40ES8080U XZG Samsung TV.
    Do you know if this TV has the Bluetooth module (available to pair with non Samsung headphones) and how to activate it thru the service menu? I am able to access the service menu with Info, Menu,Mute, POwer buttons but “expert” choice is greyed out, unavailable? How to activate this? Is the choice hidden there?
    Thanks a lot,

  29. I have a samsung UHD that came with a smart remote can you recommend a way to get to the service menu I somehow changed settings to guest. NO it’s not stolen I just tried to setup a wireless speaker and things went south FASTER than an ski jumper?

    • If you have a remote control without buttons 1,2,3,4 and so on, you will not be able to enter the service menu. You need to buy an ordinary remote.

  30. i have a samsung nu7020 looking for the original settings in the secret memu in mrt option and production option any help will be great thank you

  31. I have a Samsung Smart TV Model UA50MU7000 and cannot see the Bluetooth feature anywhere in the current Menu…I even tried two combo’s of the secret service menu to no avail…am considering trying the rest, however please share any success anyone may have had with the same model as mine…Really appreciated.

  32. Code Mute-1-8-2-Pwr works – but the service menu only displays on the screen for a few seconds then goes away. Any thoughts? My model tv is UN24M4500AFXZA and the remote is BN59-01267A. Remote has no MENU button and no P.STD button. Any other key combos?
    Changed WiFi name now Wireless will not connect and will not reset. Any thoughts?

  33. It also doesn’t work with my TV. The model is Samsung TV UA49NU7100. Can’t find where it was made from though, it just says ‘Made by Samsung’.
    Description for each methods are:
    Methods 1, 3, 4 and 5 does nothing, only turned on TV after the sequences; and
    Method 2 and 6 turned on the TV after numbers were pressed and only to turned back off after power button was pressed.
    Please help. Just bought a Bluetooth Speaker but cannot connect because Bluetooth was not enabled.

    • The time between button presses is about 1.5 seconds. Model UA49NU7100 does not have a built-in bluetooth module. You will not be able to connect bluetooth speakers.

      • So that’s how it is. Yeah, just look up on its spec. Bluetooth is not available. Just stick with wire then. Thanks for the advice though

  34. Place the TV in the Korea region from the service menu and now it does not enter again. Is there any other code?

      • I have a 65Q70T. every time i start the tv,it always appear:please go into service mode and setup below options:-type,local set, front color
        How to change them to the correct paremeters?
        I live in Turkey.

        • There could be a few options. The TV is made for a different region, so you set the settings to a different region. You need to know the full set of all letters in the model number, for reference, read the Country Code in Samsung TV Model Number, your TV should have this model number 65Q70TUXTK. TK TV for Turkey.

          The second option in the service menu MRT Option-Front Color set the required value. Some users recommend setting N/A but we don’t know for sure. It is desirable to know what parameter is used in Turkey.

  35. […] Did you know that the Samsung TV has a built-in TV hour meter. And if necessary, you can find out how long the TV worked from the moment it was first turned on. This option is available from the engineering (TV service menu). How to enter the service menu, read the article How to enter the service menu of a Samsung TV […]


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