Upside down image in Samsung TV, how to fix it


Samsung TVs have a service menu and if you decide to go to the menu to change something or just watch the menu, after viewing the menu items, you turned off the TV, turned it on and what you saw, the image became mirror image. What happened is why it happened, like when you changed the settings it didn’t happen.

One of the possible scenarios is that you have changed the type of matrix in the TV settings, the fact is that the TV sets different matrixes, not only different in size diagonally, but also in type. The operating system, when loading, reads what type of matrix is prescribed in the settings and loads the appropriate program, and the screens themselves are universal and can be installed by the manufacturer as you like, the orientation of the image is specified in the settings, similar to a smartphone, there is a rotation of the image depending on how you hold the phone. So, if all the settings are applied at once, the type of matrix is important only when loading the TV, the changes are applied only at the moment of TV start and if you change the type of matrix, you will not see the changes immediately.

How to fix a mirror image in your Samsung TV

Fixing is quite easy, enter the service menu, on the right you will see a large table with the factory settings of your TV. These parameters are stored in the permanent memory of your TV and do not change. Find the line Option, it indicates what type of screen is installed in your TV, write down or remember the model of the screen.

Next step, go to the Option menu, there will be Type, go to this sub-menu and see a list of all the screens that Samsung installs in this model of TV. See what type of screen is selected. If you have selected a different type of screen than the one listed in the factory settings table, you need to select the correct screen model and reboot the TV.

After rebooting the TV, the image will have the correct orientation.



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