You should know that Samsung smart TVs and monitors running the Tizen operating system have a service menu for engineers, which is also called hidden because it is accessed by a special algorithm. Any Samsung Smart TV from 2011 onwards has two menus for controlling the TV:

Standard menu: invoked by pressing the Home button on the remote control and accesses the TV settings.
Engineering (hidden) menu: it is called up by pressing certain buttons on the standard remote control, there is also a special remote control (engineering remote control) for service technicians. In this menu you can control the TV more flexibly, turn on or off certain modules of the TV, run built-in test programs.

How to access the TV’s service menu

To access the hidden menu, you must have a standard remote control for your TV (the picture of a standard remote control is shown below). The standard remote control has more buttons and controls the TV using infrared signals. You have to press a specific combination of buttons to access the service menu, but the Smart remote (One remote) does not have the necessary buttons. With the Smart remote, you can only access the image settings, which are a small part of the engineering menu, and I’ll tell you how to do it, too.

The only way to access the service menu is to use a universal or specialized engineering remote. If you read that you can access the service menu using the power button (control on the TV body) or the virtual remote (on your smartphone), it’s not true: you can’t access the service menu that way.

Warning: Use the service menu with caution. Incorrect use may cause damage to the TV. By entering the service menu, you assume full responsibility for operating the TV at your own risk.

Samsung TV, service menu access codes

Entering the service menu, general rules: You may not be able to enter the service menu the first time. Try several times. The algorithm of pressing the buttons is strictly regulated to prevent accidental entry into the menu. The buttons must be pressed once, and the time between presses is also important. To enter the service menu, the buttons must be pressed once, slowly and briefly. Violation of the pressing algorithm will not start the service menu. If the algorithm of pressing the buttons is correct, after starting the TV, the status LED (if any) will continue to blink, which means that the TV is loading the service menu program. After 1-5 seconds, the service menu will appear on the TV screen. If the power LED remains lit and the service menu does not appear after 5 seconds, it means that something has been done incorrectly and the procedure for entering the service menu must be repeated.

Depending on the manufacturer of the TV motherboard, software modification and region, there are several ways to enter the service menu of Samsung TV. For example, option number one is suitable for TVs manufactured in Europe, and option number two – for TVs manufactured for the United States, Canada and Mexico. All manipulations to enter the engineering menu must be performed with the TV switched off (in standby mode). To exit the service menu (turn off the TV), press the power button.

List of commands to access the Samsung TV hidden menu

A small reminder, the TV must be plugged in and in standby mode. You must have a universal remote control with buttons 0-9. If you don’t have one, buy a remote for TVs from 2011 and newer. Press the buttons one by one in normal mode, making sure to point the remote at the TV.
Each of the possible combinations ends with a press of the power button. Simply put, the first three buttons form the command to call the service menu after the TV is turned on.
There are six ways to access the service menu, so try them all in order.

  • Method 1: INFO → MENU → MUTE → POWER – usually works for European models of Samsung TVs and also works with some LED TVs in the US.
  • Method 2: MUTE → 1 → 8 → 2 → POWER – suitable for TVs in the USA.
  • Method 3: DISPLAY → P.STD → MUTE → POWER.
  • Method 4: SLEEP → P.STD → MUTE → POWER.
  • Method 5: DISPLAY → MENU → MUTE → POWER.
  • Method 6: MUTE → 1 → 1 → 9 → POWER.

When you change the TV settings, the new settings are applied immediately and do not require additional confirmation. Use the cursor keys on the remote control to move between menu items and change settings. To enter a specific menu, press the Enter button. To exit a menu item, press the Return button. To exit the Service Menu, turn off the TV.

Short service menu accessed using the Smart remote control

In the service menu of Samsung TVs, there is a section called “Main Menu”. This menu is accessed using the Smart remote control. You will not have access to the entire engineering menu of the TV, but only the main settings. Changing these settings won’t break the TV, but these settings can’t be reset via a standard TV restart. If you choose to tinker with these settings, you will have access to the following service menu items:

  • Hospitality Mode” – turning this menu on or off allows you to activate other features of this menu, such as the default HDMI input setting.
  • Power On” – controls settings when the TV is turned on, such as showing the last channel or connecting a specific HDMI input.
  • Display Menu” – displays information on the TV screen.
  • Menu OSD” – controls the sound.
  • External Source” – control interaction with external sources.
  • Eco Solution” – saves power.
  • Cloning” – record and transfer settings to another TV.

To enter this menu, turn on the TV, press up → down → ok on the control wheel to open the TV menu.

Service Menu Manual (Quick Guide)

When you enter the Service Menu on the first screen, you will see the main parameters of the TV. On the left is the menu and on the right is basic information about the TV. Let’s look at an example of what information you can get from the first screen.

  • T-PIMACUS-1098 are the board numbers inside the TV, the picture shows the secret menu of S95B TV. Samsung OLED TV has three boards (power board, main board and display control board).
  • TIZEN- TRUNK2022-PontusM-HOTFIX-RELEASE_20220325.1: this is the operating system version, it is Tizen 6.5, OS working name TRUNK2022-PontusM-HOTFIX, this OS version was released on 03/25/2022 current modification 1.
  • BT version: this is the Bluetooth version, if the version is listed, then the TV has a Bluetooth module.
  • E – Manual: OSNATSCB-3.2.0 is the version of the electronic manual in the TV.
  • E-POP version: This is the version of the in-store demo program used to promote the TV.
  • EDID (Extended Display Identification Data): Automatic transfer of display information is used when you connect the TV as a monitor.
  • HDCP: whether the encoding of the signal transmitted via HDMI works.
  • Option 55a4ouqob: The part number of the TV.
  • FRC: 120Hz display frequency.
  • DIMMING: What kind of dimming system is used.
  • Then there is information about components, WiFI module number, Mac addresses, and so on. But probably the most interesting information is the model number of the TV.
  • Model: QN55S95BAFXZA
  • Factory reset in production: Number of resets through the service menu.
  • Date of purchase: The information was obtained when you connected the TV to Samsung servers after checking the model and serial number of the TV against databases. You may have logged into your Samsung account from the TV or registered the TV on the Samsung website. The date when the TV was registered, or you logged in to your Samsung account from the TV appears in this field. If you have not done so, then there will be dashes.

If you have an LED or QLED TV, the start menu will have information about the display model, as your TV may have displays from different manufacturers. In case you didn’t know, Samsung doesn’t make QLED or LED displays as of 2021. If you poke around in the menu, you can find a lot more; here’s a short list of available information about the TV from the service menu.

  • Date of purchase
  • TV model
  • The version of your TV: This information is needed for repairs; you will be able to determine the manufacturer of the components used to assemble the TV.
  • TV base model
  • Digital tuner manufacturer
  • Wall mount format, precisely size, e.g., Vesa 200×200
  • Wi-Fi region
  • How long the display has been on (the time the TV has been on in hours since it was first turned on)
  • Year of development of the original version of the TV
  • HDMI port standards and HDCP support

Testing the TV using the Service Menu

You can use the Service Menu to change the TV’s settings and modes and to test the TV’s components. This is necessary for technicians to diagnose the TV.

  • You can turn the sound amplifier on or off and change the output power level, as one TV may have 40 watts output power and another model may have 60 watts and more speakers, for example a TV with 60 watts output power has 4 speakers plus a subwoofer, naturally you need a different sound processing mode.
  • You can switch the TV to hotel mode, shop mode, etc.
  • Turn on/off different TV modules
  • Disabling the FRC screen mode is used in TVs with 8 bit screens to increase color tones.
  • Perform a screen check using the operating system’s test tables. The TV will pass the test to check for broken pixels and correct display of geometric shapes. Various images will be displayed, allowing you to check the quality of the display visually.
  • Screen calibration, for OLED displays, to equalize pixel brightness during operation.
  • Adjust the white balance
  • Check the level of the TV’s primary colors.
  • There is also screen maintenance and screen cleaning for OLED TVs to remove residual images.

I changed the TV’s Service Menu settings, but the TV won’t turn on.

This is a common situation; the Service Menu is designed for professionals. If you select the wrong settings, the TV will not turn on. This usually looks like the following.

  • The TV constantly reboots.
  • When you turn it on, the Samsung or OLED QLED logo appears (depending on the OS settings) and then a black screen.
  • The power indicator blinks a few times, and that’s it.

I will explain why this is happening. The problem is that the TV doesn’t have a bios analog with saved boot commands. There is no safe mode in the OS and no way to reboot the OS. The OS is written to chips at the factory and then soldered to the motherboard. When settings are changed (service menu operation) they are overwritten on the chip, and if you write the wrong parameter to the OS, a critical error will occur; For example, you have a TV set for the USA and the tuner is set to the European standard – DVB. Nothing will happen immediately; you will continue to navigate through the menu. If you turn off the TV and turn it on again, the OS will try to find the necessary drivers to process the digital signal. But there are no such drivers on the TV; the OS has reached a dead end and hangs.

Engineering (hidden) menu vs Samsung Smart TV user menu

A modern TV set is a rather complex device. In order to operate it, set up, diagnose and repair it, for example, to replace the display or motherboard, it is necessary to control the TV at the level of primary commands. For the average user, access to the standard menu is sufficient. The two menus interact with each other, the custom menu allows you to change non-critical parameters that can be reset by returning the TV to factory settings.

Samsung TV hidden (service) menu

This is the menu for configuring the operating system boot. In this menu you set such TV parameters as the size and type of the display, set the voltage supplied to the backlight (the larger the screen, the higher the voltage on the LED backlight lines, control the on/off switching of modules, control the output power of the audio amplifier, and much more. A particular line of TVs uses its own OS modification, so the appearance and number of settings may differ. There is one operating system, and it is modified for a particular line, such as QLED or OLED TVs. The operating system is the same for all TVs, but the settings differ depending on the TV series. And knowing how to change the settings, you can, for example, turn a 7-series TV into an 8-series TV or enable known closed functions. For example, the service menu turns off support for intelligent remote control or the ability to connect bluetooth headphones.

How to use the Service Menu

This is very important! Incorrect use of the settings may cause the TV to malfunction: it will simply not be able to load the OS and start working. Therefore, only change settings if you know their purpose. For example, if you set the wrong display type, the picture may be upside down.
And if you set the settings to a smaller screen size, for example, you have a 50-inch TV and you set the screen size to 65 inches, the screen will overheat and white spots will appear on it after a while, and if you set the wrong image processing algorithm, the TV screen will turn green. Please take a picture of each menu screen when you enter the service menu, so that you can restore the correct settings later.

User menu on Samsung TV

This is a second-level menu; nothing can be disturbed in it; it is accessible to the normal user. This menu appears when you press the Menu or Home button on the TV remote control and then select Settings. Only 10-20% of the TV’s settings are available in this menu, and service commands are usually unavailable. The manufacturer believes that this is sufficient for using the TV. In this menu you can control picture and volume settings, launch applications and change signal sources. In general, this is a standard TV menu through which the user can customize the TV to his needs.

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  1. Hi Anatoliy,
    I have a budget 50T5300 FHD samsung smart TV.

    In the regular menu it is possible to turn Off the voice guide of the TV. When done the remote control will work in silent mode without voice guidance from the TV. However, on the other hand, as you surely know, if you enter the accessibility shortcut sub menu (for example to chose Picture off quickly) the voice is still there by default, and this is so annoying because of that loud ugly synthetic voice which is supposed to help people with vision problems…
    So my question here is: where can we disable the voice guidance COMPLETELY in the secret menu to avoid this problem of the accessibility shortcut page.
    Very best regards and thanks in advance.

  2. good, I have a Samsung au7172 TV, I probably accidentally turned off business mode terrace in the service menu, I don’t know how to turn it on, can you help me

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know what you have changed in the settings. Alternatively, reset the settings to factory defaults, but after that new glitches may appear.

  3. Hi, I appreciate the effort you have gone to accumulate a superhuman understanding of these TV’s. I’m from Australia and have a 2015 UA65JS8000. I’m trying to integrate it into my home automation setup but Samsung seems to disallow external control on models manufactured prior to 2016. I’m wondering if the service menu setting would allow me trick it into being a later model (K series)?

    • Hello, No, you cannot convert model J to model K. It’s all about OS Model J has Tizen 2.3 OS, Model K has Tizen 2.4 OS. Incompatible OS versions.
      Also, Samsung TVs only started integrating with the home network, controlled via Alexa or Google Home in 2019. And before 2018, they couldn’t go out of standby mode due to WiFi module and LAN module not working in standby mode.
      Also consider that Samsung officially supports the software of its TVs for no more than 8 years, realistically no more than 5.

  4. This is an interesting and informative blog post that provides useful information on the Samsung TV service menu and its features. It’s great to know about these options and how they can enhance my TV experience. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Samsung LN32B530 current source issue

    It is an lcd tv from mid 2010, where at the time nobody knew how to fix lcd tvs properly, we didn’t even dream of LED, 4K, 8K, I’m going to tell you my current problem, which maybe has to do with my previous problem, which I first I softened it, after years I solved it.

    Today the problem is, it is so old, that I don’t find any help about it.

    – I use the TV as a computer monitor, using the RGB cable (even because of the problem in the past), the day before yesterday, when connecting the computer and the TV, it did not recognize the image, it was in the right source (source/mode), but it did not recognize it no way.

    I put it on the notebook, to see if the problem was in my computer/video card, and the notebook recognized the tv, but the tv didn’t recognize the note.

    This got worse and worse, the tv simply no longer recognizes the computer’s rgb source, it doesn’t appear on the list, it doesn’t let you change the source, it keeps changing the sources by itself, and several tv sources were created, dozens of tv, and forces previously non-existent, ext1, ext2, and then it keeps changing by itself between tv, ext1 and ext2.

    I’ve already entered the “secret menu”, I’ve done a factory reset, I’ve tried to update the firmware, and it’s the same one that’s already in it, in short, everything is fine and nothing is resolved. Would you know the reason and resolution for this problem?!

  6. I have just bought an AU7100 65 inch TV. I noticed in your preamble that the service menu can turn a 7 series into an 8 series TV … do you know know?

    • The AU7000 and AU8000 are made on the same hardware, which is what you want to change. Basically, the only difference between these TVs is that the AU8000 has Smart Remote Control support. Yes, you can turn on the AU7000’s smart remote control on your TV.

  7. I have a samsung un55ru8000.
    I can’t access the menu at all. I’ve tried the service menu, but can’t get it to open.
    mute > 1 > 8 > 2 power.
    The tv turns on, but still no menu options and no service menu.

    • When entering the service menu, you should press the buttons at regular intervals, and take your time.

  8. Hello, I am trying to enable BT on UN65KU6290 and I am able to access the service menu by using mute 1,1,9 Enter but all the options are grayed out (Power On, Menu OSD, Music Mode, External Source, Eco Solution and Cloning) with the exception of Hospitality Mode. Am I doing something wrong?

  9. Please tell me is it safe to TURN ON these functionality in SM on QE49Q70R 60 Hz.
    -Flickerless -I want add extra clear motion settings
    -Blurr Redduction – I want extra clear picture

    What options is it worth to ON ? 🙂 CAL_DAY and CAL_NIGHT ?

    • I don’t know, the problem is that some settings can be critical and cause software conflicts. If the TV does not turn on after changing the settings, it means that you cannot change the settings and put everything back the way it was. In this case you need to replace the main board of the TV.

      • Hi , are you able to assist me with the TV Type, I have a QA75Q60TAK, Someone worked on the HDMI and seems to have changed the type in the service menu. I’m not sure which one it is from the panel list. Is there anyway to find out?

        • Unfortunately, I will not be able to help. I don’t know. The best thing to do is to look at the settings in a similar model of TV.

  10. Hello
    I have qe49q70r QLED tv. EU version.
    Can I change options HDR + to on ? I actually have it off.
    What options I can make to add extra functions or improve picture, etc?

    • Your TV supports HDR, but the content must contain HDR metadata. If the received video does not contain HDR metadata, the HDR option will not be active.

      • Yes I understand. If the content have HDR meta its ok. But I was wondering about turning HDR Plus support in service menu ! What this function really does? I have read that it tries to put SRD content like terrestrial TV into HDR mode support. I need that option in picture setting because its 8 bit panel and it only turn into 8bit+FRC mode in HDR. Adn If i have this option in picture setting I could turn terrestrial (SDR) content into HDR? Is it right?

        • HDR+ is a marketing invention of Samsung. In 2016 -2017 for SUHD TVs. It has nothing to do with HDR. Visual enhancement software was added to the TVs. It was advertised as improving the SDR picture to near HDR quality. In reality, this software simply equalized the brightness of the picture, making the darker parts of the picture lighter, and was practically useless. In the newer TVs, this feature is not active because it is not used. Perhaps there is no such program in the firmware or it is built into the operating system by default, or maybe the quality of the screens has improved and using HDR+ is impractical.
          I don’t know how turning on HDR+ will affect your TV. But I wouldn’t recommend experimenting with it.

          • Isn’t HDR+ a meta-data driven format similar to DV rather than some kind of “HDR from SDR converter”?

            • HDR+ is not an official format. There are HDR formats that are used in TVs, HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10+. These formats are supported by movie makers and TV manufacturers.
              HDR (which is an acronym for all formats supported by metadata) uses metadata to better display video.
              But many manufacturers use marketing, applying the HDR name as they see fit.

      • i have Samsung tu8000 . The panel was replaced by the agent.. Currently, I feel a small difference in color and contrast. Should I adjust something from the service menu.. Is there a difference between the types of panels used by Samsung for maintenance?

        • I would not recommend changing the settings in the service menu, it is for professionals, you can break the TV. Yes the difference in color can be Samsung uses displays in the same model of TVs from different manufacturers. Ideally, after replacing the display, you should set the right type of display in the service menu (assuming a different model is installed) I think this has been tested when replacing. Alternatively, you could take the TV apart and see what display is installed now, and check what is set in the service menu. If you don’t have experience with LED displays and electronics trust a professional.

          • The panel was replaced by the maintenance staff in my house in ten minutes without giving any notes regarding the type of panel. In general, I will try to contact technical support remotely to inquire about the problem. Thanks for the quick and helpful reply

  11. How can I go to the service menu for the smart monitor LS27AM500NWXXL. It comes with a smart remote.

    • You need a standard remote with buttons 1,2,3. It is not possible to enter the service menu with the smart remote control.

      • Will it work for smart monitor too?
        I tried with remote app from my android phone. The expected functionality of the remote works correctly. When I tried the service menu key combinations; monitor shows `Not Available` message.

        Any idea ?

  12. I have recently purchased Samsung AUE60 model in India, AUE70 is identical in all aspects except it comes with voice enabled (Alexa, google assistant or Bixby), is there any way I can get that feature in my TV? The remotes are different too but I might be able to buy the remote with voice button and mic.

  13. My job is taking me to the UK and I would like to know how to make my Samsung TV record live TV. Would you tell me how to do it? Thanks.

  14. Hi Anatoliy

    I have a very strange problem with my TV (43T5300 smart FHD TV).
    After increasing the PWM values (to fix the dimming issue) and then saving them by turning off the TV with the remote everything works like desired when I turn on the TV again.

    However, as soon as the TV is completely unplugged from power and then turned on again the TV dims again (it’s like it loses the data when booting). I have already tried everything possible (turn off eco sensor in menu, disable ambient light, etc.) but nothing helps.

    I also think it’s important to mention that I have this issue with all sources, it’s not HDMI specific: unplugging the TV from power after turn off makes it too dark again after a successful PWM calibration.

    However, the strange thing is that this happens only with the dimming/brightness function (for example, adjusted colours under WB keep working like desired even when the TV is unplugged after calibration).

    Did I miss a step before leaving the SM to save the adjusted DIM data permanently? Is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

  15. Hello Anatoli
    My Samsung QN82Q60RAFXZA has been manipulated in the sevice menu by a stalker. I can no longer turn off sound mirroring or far field remote. When I go in the sevice menu to turn it off, it turns off but after powering off and going back to check it is turned on again. I am getting random loud sound while watching tv from mobile devices.

    • If the TV goes into a test cycle, let it complete the test.
      Reset the TV to the factory default settings.

      But if you have changed the settings in the service menu, you need to look for settings parmeters from the factory

  16. Hi.
    I need to access the “shaded” REGION SET in the service menu, but is there any way of un-shading/ unlock the setting except for a service remote ? no smartphones have ir blaster anymore so using the app is not relevant anymore.

      • Yes , that is no problem to come in to the service menu but the “region set” within the service menu is not accessible. Its shaded.

        • On the latest TV models the region change can be blocked. On some forums they write that changing the region is unblocked after resetting the settings in the service menu. But I would not advise you to do this, very often important settings that affect picture quality are reset.

  17. Hola anatoliy. Gracias por tu mensaje,en una TV d8000 que tuve con darle a un botón del mando a distancia pondría poner la pantalla grande y quitar las barras negras de parte superior e inferior de la pantalla y en mi TV nueva qe65q75a cuando voy al menú de imagen el apartado de zoom este me dice que esta función no está disponible si entro en el menú oculto podía habilitar esta función y
    tantas que no se pueden como ecualizador, sintonía fina, y tantas que tiene Samsung no habilitadas solo para la serie 8 y 9 ,es una pena que la TV Telo ponga y sin embargo no te dejé hacerlo por que tengas que pagar más dinero muchas gracias y feliz año

  18. Hola anatoliy He visto tu mensaje pero no sé bien cómo hacerlo si porfavor me puedes ayudar un poco a seguir los pasos te lo agradezco mucho soy nuevo en esto un saludo y gracias

    • La imagen no se mostrará en
      pantalla completa:

      Los canales HD tendrán barras negras a ambos lados de la pantalla cuando se muestren contenidos SD
      Las barras negras aparecerán en la parte superior e inferior de la pantalla cuando vea películas que tengan
      relaciones de aspecto diferentes a las de su televisor.

      Ajuste las opciones de tamaño de la imagen en su dispositivo externo o ponga el televisor en pantalla completa.
      Inicio, – ajustes, – Ajustes Imagen,- Tamaño Ajustes Imagen,- Tamaño

  19. Hola tengo TV qe65q75a y la opción zoom está deshabilitada se puede avilitar en el menú servicio gracias un saludo

    • Probablemente la escala esté desactivada en el menú principal. Busque la función UHD Upscaling y actívela.

  20. Hello There ,

    Anybody can help me in accessing the service menu for UA55KU7350k for enabling bluetooth .

    I tried all codes but nothing working , used the bn59-01315d remote .

    • In the technical specifications, there is no mention of the bluetooth module. Try different options and the interval between keystrokes is 1 second.

  21. Hi Anatoliy,

    My remote is different to the one shown, i’m unsure as to which is the menu button as mine has Netflix where this is on the pic above? Also the DISPLAY & INFO buttons are not on my remote – model numer is BN59-01268H

    Are you able to assist, TV is UE43TU8510UXXU with annoying apps & samsung smart tv with annoying pop ups

    thanks in advance

    • Hi,
      How to turn off ads on Samsung: changing settings
      You can turn off ads on Smart TV from Samsung through the TV settings:

      Press the Home button on the remote control, and then select “Settings.”
      In the window that opens, go to the “Terms of Use” tab.
      Open the “View Information Services” option and uncheck the “I Agree” box.
      Now, under “Terms and Conditions” again, select the “Interest-Based Advertising” option. Here too, uncheck the “I Agree” box.
      Next, go to “Data Service” in your settings and select the “Expert Settings” button.
      Open the “HbbTV settings” menu and uncheck “HbbTV”.
      At the end, go back to the “Conditions” tab in the settings. Scroll down and select the “Reset PSID” button and in the next window click “Reset”.

      • Excelentes aportes, quisiera que me ayudaras, te un el modelo mu6300, cada vez que apago el televisor pierde la conexión de WiFi impidiendo que pueda encender el televisor desde la aplicación Smart things, a pesar de tener activada la opción de encendido desde el móvil, que puedo hacer?

        • I would recommend connecting the TV to the computer network (Internet) with a cable.
          Yo recomendaría conectar el televisor a la red informática (Internet) con un cable.

  22. what is explained? title is pumped lite u wrote encycloppedia. where are options explanations? bla bla bla if u dont know dont noise

  23. Hi can’t conect my Soundbar Harmankardon studio 4 to my Smart tv UN49..? eve though i have turned on the BT in hidden menue

  24. Hola qué buen foro, te felicito!

    Tengo problemas con mi tv serie 6 de 55″ hay 3 entradas HDMI pero ninguna me reconoce lo que conecto, me dijeron que debía habilitar los puertos HDMI pero no sé realmente cómo hacerlo. Me ayudas!

    • Debe seleccionar una fuente de señal, pulse el botón de fuente (source) en el mando a distancia. A continuación, seleccione el puerto HDMI que desee.

  25. I would like your help in the following:
    I need developer mode in UE43RU7402UXXH, because i want to add and remove some apps.

    I’ve tried from the apps menu but never asks for pin and never appears this option.

  26. I have the UN50MU6070. The memory has completely filled up. There is no “Apps” in settings. There is no “Device Care”. There is no “Expert Settings” in the Broadcast menu. It’s not greyed out, it doesn’t exist. There is no “clear data” option on any App. Clearing the data on the internet app does nothing. Factory reset only gives a little memory back. My service menu has no “Advanced” option for me to push o-o-o-o. Is there any way I can clear out the memory???

          • No, just the apps. The cache is filling up. This model doesn’t have the regular steps to clear it. Factory reset doesn’t reset it.

            • 1.Turn on the TV, press the power button on the remote control for at least 10-15 seconds. The memory cache clearing program will start. Some TVs require you to hold down the button while turning on the TV.
              2.If the first point does not help go to the applications and the browser, find the option to delete browsing data, press, the information about past actions in the application and browser will be deleted. First, delete the history from the browser. You can do it this way.
              In the upper right corner, click the gear icon (settings)
              Select Web Browser Setting
              Delete history
              Click Yes
              Click OK
              3. If the first two points do not help, you can update the TV software. During the update, applications are reinstalled and unnecessary files can be deleted.
              4.Uninstall unused apps, note that you can’t uninstall apps installed by default, you can only uninstall apps that you installed yourself.
              5.Reset your SmartHub settings.
              Open the Settings.
              Select Support.
              Select Self-diagnostics.
              Select Smart Hub Reset.
              Enter the PIN code for your TV (0000 by default).
              Wait for the reset to complete.
              After the reset, exit the menu.
              Select Accept All and press OK.

              I hope it helps you.

              • Hi Anatoliy,

                My friend just moved to the UK from Sweden and brought her Samsung TV with her. We tried tuning it in but all of the channels are in the incorrect order and there are lots of duplicate channels.
                I have a Samsung TV also and when I tune the channels I can choose my local region so I can watch local channels but can’t do this on hers.
                Please can you help ?

                • The broadcasting system in the UK and Ireland is different, especially for watching local TV channels. For this reason, TV manufacturers for the UK produce separate ranges of TVs. If a television set imported from Sweden does not have the UK and Ireland region on the menu, you will have to use it as is.

  27. I have a 2013 UN55F6300AF Samsung. This TV was hit by lightning. I replaced the Power board, the Main board, and the T-con board with Samsung identical matching part numbers.
    I ensured all the ribbon cables were nice and clean. Now, the TV only shows full-screen Red, Green, Blue, White, Dark White, and Black, flashing over, and over, and over. I have tried numerous TV “Gurus” key press combinations, and none work. The Method 2 you show doesn’t work either. Do I need to try to update the firmware somehow. I can’t access the onscreen menu. Nothing but Red, Green, etc. colors flashing. Thanks for any help, Barry

    • Unfortunately, I will not be able to help. But I think you think right, you need to check the settings in the service menu.

  28. I have TU700 Samsung tizen uhd and when I connect my old phones using usb it doesn’t play my files it just shows thumbnails and says format not supported how do I get low resolution to play on my tv

    • The problem is not with the resolution, the TV does not have a codec to read the files. Download the files to your computer, convert them to a modern format, burn them to a flash drive. Watch it on your TV.

  29. I have a UA60h6300. I can get into the service menu, but it’s not clear if I can do what I want to do. Which is, stop it returning to the last power setting when switched on at the PowerPoint. When powering it on, I only want it to enter stand-by mode, not have the screen come on. Is that a setting I can change?

    • I did a factory reset from Settings. Now, it keeps me going from Configure the signal source: Antenna, STB or No TV. I use the Silence+182+Power command and the Hidden Menu does not appear. The screen is dark. What I can do?

      • When the TV turns on, whether or not the Samsung logo appears, you access the normal TV menu. If the TV does not work at all, then a factory reset has caused a critical error. In this case, you need to replace the main board of the TV. Factory reset from the service menu is not a good solution.

  30. Aloha Anatoly,

    Thanks for your wonderful website! The latest Windows 10 update caused my Samsung TV speakers not to work. Almost all of the sound tests in the service menu show “Failure” in red and I didn’t run any of the tests yet. Do you know or can you refer regarding restoration of my TV’s audio? The TV’s audio works fine for Netflix or cable, it just doesn’t work when the sound originates in the PC.

    • This is a problem with the computer’s HDMI drivers. You need to reinstall the drivers and preferably do not use Intel drivers. Use the computer manufacturer’s drivers. Find the drivers for your computer model.

      • Cjeck your A/V input wires. Are youe computer wires broken, or the A/V input port on TV broken?
        First try new connevtion wires.

        On TV user Setting Screen .. Sound Expert Adjust from Bitstream to PCM ON INPUT/OUTPUT OF HDMI
        Try Probably is where your problem is

  31. Skin tones of my newly purchased Samsung 43T5300 TV (low end budget model) tend to turn to orange, which is really unacceptable for a TV produced in 2020. Overall, the colour accuracy of this new TV is horrible compared to that of my old samsung 43K5100 JOIII (2016) which has flawless natural colours.

    After weeks of research, I have finally managed to download the service manuals of these 2 models, and I noticed that they don’t have identical White Balance values (WB/ADC). Furthermore, it seems possible to tweak these values in the hidden menu as they are not greyed out (of course after writing down the original values in order to restore them if necessary).

    According to your experience, is it risky to replace the RGB WB values ​​of my new TV with those ​​of the old one in order to fix the problem? (Remark: I’m not talking about performing HDMI/AV calibration which can be very hazardous, I’m not going to use the right left arrow either, only the “return” buutton…. –> I just want to change 1 or 2 RGB values in “White Balance” and check the result).

    Here are those values:
    New TV: all “colour” values are set on 128: R-Offset 128 / G-Offset 128 / B-Offset 128 / R-Gain 128 / G-Gain 128 / B-Gain 128
    Old TV: R-Offset 128 / G-Offset 128 / B-Offset 128 / R-Gain 133 / G-Gain 128 / B-Gain 144 (the setting seems to be a little bit “finer” on the old TV since some values ​​differ from each other, of course this is a personal conclusion and could be completely wrong.).

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  32. Hi. I have Samsung Smart LED Series 8 TV (RU8000) and by mistake I accessed this service menu with my Smart Remote and changed something while I was trying to exit out of it. (do not know how that happened) and now My “Settings” button shows “Not Available” when I click on it. Any idea if Factory Reset from Service Menu will fix the issue or there is simple way to do it !!!

    • I don’t think you could enter the service menu with the Smart remote. Disconnect the TV from the mains for 5 minutes. This will restart the TV.

      • I got another Samsung Regular Remote using which I can add key combination to get to service menu. I was not sure if doing Reset from there should help !

  33. What a great forum. There’s some great info here This is more useful than the manual. I thought I was fairly familiar with this menu but after my resent adjustments, my remote will not adjust the volume or change the channel. Please advise. Thanks in advance. Thanks for a great forum.

    • Good, can you help me, I went to the service menu, there I changed the sw model, I don’t even know which one. My Smart Hub is not working now, do I want to go back? You do not know how to do it when the code 119 enter does not work and the model is not there through info, menu, mute, Power sw. I have a Samsung AU7172 TV

      • You need to replace the main board, the memory has been written to the wrong parameters and now the TV cannot boot up.

  34. I just learned my lesson on not changing things in the service menu I dont even remember what I changed it might have even been by accedent but now my almost brand new 65 inch samsung tv used to boot up saying Samsung by tizen now says the sero and goes to a blank screen and won’t even turn on stays on all the time but shows a blank screen and does absolutely nothing can someone tell me what I might have changed to casue this issue

    • You must have changed the TV model in the menu. After rebooting, the TV cannot load the software correctly. You need to change the main board. The second option is to unsolder and re-flash the memory chips with the correct version of the firmware. This can be done by qualified specialists in the service center.

  35. Hello, I have a ue49mu7000/49mu8000 49 inch samsung tv, its a 50/60 hz model, the 55 inch models and up support 100/120 hz.

    What if I change the 49 inch panel number into the 55 inch panel number, would that work, and would it also change the tv refresh rate into 100/120 hz ??

    • The refresh rate of the screen depends on the specifications of the display. There is no way you can increase the frequency. Changing the setting in the settings can break the TV, do not do this.

    • Then you would have to select panel code 55A1MU0SM or 55A1AU0SM , panelcode for 49″ model is 49A6AUOSM.

      Not sure if that would brick the tv, but if it works it would be great,especially for sports.

    • Would be great for sport, the 55 inch tv panel in service menu for mu7000/8000 would be
      55A1AU0SM or 55A1MU0SM ?
      Panel number for samsung 49mu8000 is 49A6AU0SM

      • Anatoliy Marcin, thanks, youre right about the danger of changing the display model nr in service menu.
        Many smaller tv’s dont run at 120hz, maybe because tv company’s dont think it is necessary, but that does not have to mean they cannot run at higher frequency’s.

        • Changing the display panel number in service menu didnt give any problems, unfortunately it didn’t increased the refresh rate to 120 hz, so I went back to original tv settings. Too bad it didn’t work 🙂

          • Looks impossible to find out what part in the chain is responsible for the native 60/120hz refresh rate in TV’s.

            LCD screens dont have a fixed refresh rate.
            TV’s in same series with different size and 60/120hz often use the same mainboard.

            Anyone knows what exact part is responsible in the electric chain for the 60/120hz difference ???

              • Thanks Anatoliy,
                yes i saw the t-con but didn’t know the tcon sends a fixed hz to the display panel, thought the mainboard sent the frequency to the t-con. lesson learned 🙂

          • I’m eager to change MR120 from 0 to 1, but I’m afraid of bricking the TV. If I can get 120fps smoothing, that’ll be awesome.

            • You cannot get a 120 Hz refresh rate, your TV only supports 60 Hz. In a TV such a display has a maximum frequency of 60 Hz.

  36. I have just purchased a UE55TU7100UXTK TV , i have 2 problem:

    1-every time i turn it off by remote control, it turning on immediately.
    2-every time i start the tv,it always appear:please go into service mode and setup below options:-type,local set, front color
    please help me to fix it

    • There are some settings on your TV that are not set after a factory reset.
      Type – you can find it on the label on the back of the TV. Top right corner of the label. Type is the base model of the TV.
      Local set – basic language and regional settings, if you are from Turkey, it should be about, but not exact. tr_tk
      front color option – unfortunately I don’t know what it should be.

      • Thank you mate, but how can fix that problem? How can change that setting???
        The service-man told me, the problems aren’t caused by software and Main Board of TV must replace by new one!!!!

        • In the service menu options, change the TV type and region.
          Changing the type can be critical and break the TV. Try changing the region first.
          change typy and region on TV samsung

          • Thank you so much. But how to access this menu?
            What does that mean Changing type can break tv???
            How can i find region letters to changing local set option?

            • Read the article to which you are commenting. This will answer some of your questions. If you’re having trouble setting up your TV, I recommend that you contact a professional. The service menu is used by service technicians. Incorrect important settings can prevent the TV from turning on and working.

  37. Hi Tab-tv,
    I “successfully” reached into the service menu. I have analog channels on my TV. When I watch TV, the color and contrast are too strong. The picture is incredibly dark. However, if e.g. watching Youtube channels or pictures from PC, is perfect. The colors are beautiful, the contrast is good. How can I fix it? Thanks for your help.

  38. Standby LED – I tried to change this setting to Off, but the Standby LED will stay lit when tv is powered off. Is there an override to turn off the standby light?

      • Is it dangerous to set the TELETEXT function ON in the service menu of my newly purchased 43T5300 ? I want to be able to read the teletext of the channels received with my external sat receiver (hooked to HDMI). My fear is that the TV will not turn on after this change. Thanks in advance for your support.

            • It is difficult to bypass the code, the TV is blacklisted by serial number. Changing the serial number will help
              Contact a Samsunng representative to remove the lock, you need to confirm the legality of the purchase of the TV.

  39. What is – In Shop option – PEAK mode – on or off?
    Flickerless – on or off?

    • PEAK mode – This is a mode to turn on increased levels of brightness contrast, color saturation. Works when the TV is switched to run mode, TV in the shop. This is a demonstration mode and is off by default if your TV is in home mode.
      Flickerless – flicker-free TV screen mode, in order to improve image quality, to remove the halo around moving objects, it was invented to insert a black frame between the frames. In televisions, as a rule, a black frame is inserted by turning off the backlight. In enabled mode, the insertion of black frames will be stopped.

  40. Hello, USB mouse does not work after doing Apps reset, SVC reset, SPI flash reset, DATA SYNC reset and FACTORY reset from the hidden menu ….and after ADC-Hdmi calibration the characters turned pink…… please help

  41. So my kid was screwing with the menu apparently trying to make his games better and now I’ve had a series of issues. I’ll say now samsung doesn’t have a repair center within 100 miles so I’m waiting on them to get back to me. OK SO. First issues was everything going through the tv had a noticable green to it. And it was only things going into the tv. Hdmi, tv programs through wifi. But the menusxand anything internal to the tv displayed fine. I factory reset it and called the repair center. 2 days later I turned it in and it was gone. No green. But now the colors and contrast I believe are way off and extremely bright. Also when I turn it on I get a message saying “Please go into service mode and set -type, local set, front color option. I’ve been reading stuff for days trying to figure this out. The tv is a samsung UN55RU7300FXZA

    • There are some settings on your TV that are not set after a factory reset.
      Type – you can find it on the label on the back of the TV. Top right corner of the label. Type is the base model of the TV.
      Local set – basic language and regional settings, if you are from Canada, it should be about, but not exact. en_ca
      front color option – unfortunately I don’t know what it should be.

      If you have a problem with the picture check what type is set. Change the settings one by one, reboot the TV after one change to see the result.

      • I’ll give that a shot. what I figured out so far is when I go into the panel list it says that I’m on a 43-inch screen when I’m on a 55 but I don’t know which of the panels on that list is my TV and there’s nothing I can decipher on the back label. And now I’m having a new issue of the TV is possessed and changing channels and turning itself on and whatnot so I had to unplug it lol. So mad about this TV it’s less than 8 months old.

  42. Hi there,
    I have just purchased a UE43TU8500 TV in the UK and am disappointed that the Teletext (digital text from the BBC who call it Red Button Text) feature is not supported, despite being mentioned as being supported in the specification. My other 3 Samsung TVs all support it and, although the BBC considered ending this service in early 2020 they have decided to continue it due to a large demand.
    My question is, can this feature be enabled in the engineering menu without affecting the warranty or stopping anything else working correctly?

  43. Thank you for a great article.
    I have also messed up a setting while trying to get bluetooth audio support.
    I may have accidentally changed “V_HDMI IDENT TYPE” setting in “config_AV_path” menu (its a four digit number)And now whenever i plug an hdmi source, it says no signal.
    TV MODEL is UA32F6400AR (region INDIA)

    Any help with this will be highly highly appreciated.

  44. Hola alguien me podría ayudar, el problema es el siguiente mi tv Samsung serie 7 2020 no termina nunca el modo Mass Full Time…. Yo entre el menú oculto y sin querer active un test del tv y después de ese test entro en un modo que solo sale en una esquina Mass Full Time y el tiempo sube y se reinicia.

    Alguien me pude ayudar a darle un reset con el mando o algo así, aunque he logrado entrar al menú oculto nuevamente no me funcionan las teclas para poder darle un reset

    • la prueba debería detenerse después de algún tiempo, pasando la prueba completa. O por tiempo de espera

  45. Samsung un55nu6900f. Do you know the av-path settings. In secret menu Under BT on/off option. I may have changed it by accident but not sure. Picture seems different. I went down I think when I tried to change setting. I didn’t take a pic before I started and now I’m regretting. Although I’m not totally sure I did anything. Pic still looks good, just seems different. Thanks

  46. Hello, great article, thanks for all your work.

    I recently stopped using broadcasting TV and removed all antenna and cables, only using HDMI (1/DVI) input in.

    Now, every time I turn on the TV, it’s shows “No channels, do you want to search” until I manually change to the HDMI input.

    Is there any way to eg turn of the tuner or make the tv start in HDMI input or manually set it to always stay in HDMI? Thanks.

    • You can set HDMI-CEC (control your TV with other devices connected by HDMI) Menu → System → Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) On.

      Second option in the service menu SM>Control>Hotel Options>Power On Source>HDMI/DVI (On)

      • Thanks for your reply, I already found and set up hotel mode and set Power On Source to HDMI1/DVI. That works!

        Only problem is that when I turn on my receiver, the input changes to HDMI2 (receiver / ARC). But I will find a way to solve that. Thanks again.

  47. Hi everybody. I have UE65Q70T and soundbar HW-J450, so why I can’t pair it by bluetooth? By pressing bluetooth search on TV it find all bluetooth devices except soundbar. So bluetooth sarch on phone find soundbar. Maby there are different bluetooth frequency?

  48. hi guys, maybe anyone can help me. one year ago i went to service menu, on my qe55q70r and after that moment i lost the native contrast i had on this model… now the color are more grey, anyone know how to improve this situation? maybe this tv was calibrated by samsung?

    • Most likely, you have accidentally changed some parameter. You can try resetting to factory settings. But there have been cases when the TV did not work after that. The best option is to look at the settings in a similar TV model.

      • Thank you for the quick and concise response. Is there a add BT device you know about for this model? Probably would have costed Samsung 50 cents to have included BT!

    • I did it on my, Samsung said it’s not available on this model, lies!!!
      they want to to buy a better model that will have this function, it’s in the service menu

  49. Hello guys, I also mess up my old kitchen tv, Samsung Model UE26D4003BWXBT, I played for some ”stupid tv types changes” ….anyhow I put everything back in place, everything is ok, BUT….only remaining problem is that my “FRONT BEZEL BUTONS” are unusable – not working – not responsive .(Source-Menu-volume-channel-Power).

    Anyone faced this problem ? does anyone solve it?

    Many thankx for help !!!

  50. I wanted to activate the PVR and changed the region and PVR ON, but now I can’t record and can’t enter the service menu.
    How can I fix this?
    Only way go to the Samsung Service Point?

  51. I’m a bit late to the party. I’ve just got a Samsung UE50TU8500.
    My question is about the timeshift feature to pause, rewind and record live OTA broadcasts.
    On this TV to use the timeshift feature to rewind live TV the timeshift feature has to be manually enabled. The problem is the TV does not automatically enable timeshift when the TV is turned on, it also disables timeshift when the EPG is used and has to be manually re-enabled again.
    All my older TV’s and Humax boxes do this. You turn them on and timeshift is auto enabled and that’s it, you don’t have to do anything else and could just leave it running in the background. I could use the EPG’s and apps without having to enable and disable it multiple times.
    Is there a setting in the service menu to auto enable timeshift when the TV is turned on and keep to it enabled?

      • In some countries, it is forbidden to record TV programs, in the service menu you need to enable PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and change the region.

        • Thanks for the reply. I’m in the UK and the timeshift feature works but it does not auto enable. It has to be manually turned on.
          When the TV is turned on I have to then enable timeshift.
          When the EPG is used it then disables timeshift and it has to be manually enabled again.
          I would like to turn on the TV and the timeshift enables without having to manually enable it and it stays enabled.
          Out of the box the feature is very poor on Samsung TV’s.

  52. Hi!
    Need help plz
    I have a samsung tv t5300 after some manipulation in secret menu This message ” FPS:0.00 ” is displaying on the left corner of my screen.
    Want to know how to hide or desactive this message.
    Need help please

  53. Hi I have an UE43TU7020KXXU do you know if it has a Bluetooth module? And would I be able to activate it in the service menu? Thanks

      • Hi there, i have a samsung tv 6 series and i play in the setting and now my remote is not responding when i press on the buttons. On temute is working only arrows,ok,info and power button. Please help me. I have changed the battery and buy a new remote as well.

          • Hi there,
            Thanks for the reply. I have checked and all bt option are on. What it can be? Do you have a service number with whatsapp on it to send you pictures of the menu and the settings?

            Kind Regards

              • Ho there, i have a normal remote samsung i dont have smart remote. AA59-00818A
                The small led on my tv is blinking when i press any buttons from the remot but the tv doesn’t take the command from remote. I’m sure is a setting on that menu. And i buy a remote AA59-00582A still the same issue and i use my phone as well with remote apps and only power and info buttons are working. When i press Mute+119 is working to go on stendalone manu. I don’t know what to do more.

                • If at a certain point the remote stops working, you can assume a software failure. Try unplugging the TV for 5 minutes. If this does not help, the TV needs to be repaired at a service center.

  54. Ciao Tab-tv e complimenti per il tuo lavoro… come tutti purtroppo ho una domanda per te: ho preso da poco un qe65q82t e volevo abilitare il PVR, dal service menu, a cui ho accesso col Metodo 1, sotto MRT option ho trovato Extended PVR: off. Provato a mettere on ma non funziona e se rientro nel service menu lo ritrovo su off.
    Cosa posso fare? Grazie mille in anticipo e buone feste

    • Il funzionamento del PVR dipende anche dalla regione, forse la vostra regione vieta la registrazione di programmi televisivi.

  55. I have a new problem with my recently purchased 43T5300 smart Samsung TV (2020 model). I have a terrible lip sync lag between Audio and Video. I just use the TV speakers (no soundbar), my satellite receiver is HDMI connected (new cable), the problem with HDMI-Arc is the same. However, if I connect the receiver with a RCA cable sound and picture are perfectly synchronised, so I thing it has something to do with video or sound processing when using HDMI port. The only way to fix this temporarely is to turn off the TV and to turn it on again, but as soon as I switch from the first channel to a new one the problem reappears, and even if I switch back to the original channel the problem remains which means it is not a broadcasting issue. I have tried everyting in sound settings of TV & Sat receiver but nothing changes. Is there a way to fix this in the service menu ? Thanks in advance.

    • You probably can’t fix it in the service menu. Try disabling all advanced options to improve the video display. Also check if your TV has enough memory and remove unnecessary video streaming apps.

      • I tried everything but no success. I’m very curious to know if this kind of issue is covered by Samsung’s warranty. If not I will send the TV back to the CEO in their headquarters in South Korea. Sync issues in 2020, what a shame….

  56. I recently purchased a 43T5300 smart Samsung TV. For the 2020 models like mine the “Backlight” adjustment option was removed and is now combined with “Brightness” adjustment according to Samsung (very bad idea, it seems that they are downgrading everything continously).
    My problem: I only use “Standard” as picture mode as it is the only way to have access too the “White Balance” adjustment option but because “Backlight” option is no more available Standard mode is now too dark even when Brightness is set on max 50. So these are my questions:
    1- Is it possible to reactivate the Backlight adjustment option in the service menu ?
    2- If this is impossible, is it possible to increase the brightness limit for “Standard” picture mode (example from 50 to 60) ?
    3- Third solution would be to make the advanced settings (White Balance, Gamma, etc.) also available under “Dynamic”, “Movie” or “Natural” picture mode (they are greyed now!) ?!? Is this possible in the service menu ?
    Thanks in advance for your support.

    • We don’t know for sure if the backlight can be turned on for your TV model. Samsung mostly installs third-party screens in LED TVs. And these screens may simply have no backlighting adjustment.

  57. Have a UN82NU8000. While playing on xbox one hdmi signal goes out, all four hdmi show no signal. Have tried unplugging, replugging, and resetting ( on the consumer menu). Plugged everything in with same wiring to different tv that i moved over and had no problem with any peripherals or wires, so pretty sure it’s the Samsung tv. Any suggestions?

    • Connect a computer to the TV via HDMI and see if the HDMI will work. If the problem persists, the TV is defective.

  58. First of all, congratulations for the excelent article. I have a TV Samsung UN40J5500, I’d like to POWER ON the usb in the standby mode. I accessed the service menu, but I couldn’t find where I could change this parameter. Could you help me how to do that?

      • Reading some forums, some users claim that on some samsung tvs model, in standby mode the usb was energized, so in those tvs it is possible to turns on tv using google chromecast. In my tv its frustating, because to do that I need to connect the google chromecast in a power supply. Are you sure that, there insn’t a way to do that?

  59. Hi,

    My tv model is UE55KU6500U, I really need to get into the service menu to fix some internet problems but I dont have a regular remote, therefore I cant access to the service menu using those methods. Can you help me?

    Best regards.

    • To enter the service menu, you need a standard remote control or you can use a phone with an infrared port.

  60. I entered the service menu on my TU700D and enabled voice recognition but the Smart Remote option is not there. The tv does have Bluetooth (it was enabled) but the smart remote still does not pair. Is it possible to change the type (currently 65A6AUAGT) to something else so that the smart remote can be enabled? Thanks!

  61. I have a ue55TU7100 and got into the service menu and enabled PVR/timeshift. Great I thought! Plugged in a USB memory stick to the USB port and whilst it sees it and offers to format and performance test it,timeshift never works. Always an error. have tried different USBs and even a powered external hard disk. None of these work. Presume something else in the 7100 stops timeshift working unless anyone knows how to get it working…??

    • It is possible to record only TV programs from the air or cable. It is not possible to record video from HDMI.
      Try to schedule video recording

      • Thanks for the reply. This was from the over the air TV – when pressing pause the timeshift menu down the bottom of the screen comes up and starts trying to pause but after about 10 seconds an error message will come up. A common one was “failed to start timeshift. No information for timeshift”
        I’ve tried reformatting the USB stick and checking for errors, then when putting it in the TV it formats it but the performance test doesn’t seem to complete. No error to go on, to suggest poor speed or whatever.

        Then I’ve found this article where someone has tested various & suggests a low power 2.5″ drive in a caddy does it, so I’ve ordered one of those to see if it helps. Any other thoughts most welcome.

      • I’ve now tried a low power drive and same issue. Looked on hard drive and found a ses-usb-installer.log with 1 entry
        [12-08 14:15:19/2295] SES path not found, exit
        It’s also created a CONTENT folder with 1 file in it with the number “1” inside it. And the _device_info file which is empty.

        Wonder if there’s something that model of TV doesn’t have that means Timeshift will never work, or whether that error is a clue that means we could fix this…??

  62. I played in the service menu of my Samsung TV UE82 MU7009 and unfortunately clicked on the HDMI calibration. This recalibrated the TV and the picture has had a green cast ever since. I’ve tried a lot including factory reset. Has not shown a better result. What else can I do?
    Many thanks for your help.

    • Have you resolved the issue? I’m facing the same issue where the black turns to dark purple color. Any help, thx.

  63. Hello, I am using Samsung TU8000 (50) TV and trying to connect Sony (XB900N) headphones as sound output device but am not able to see my headphones ibluetooth devices list.

    I have a Samsung smart remote so not sure how should I fix this or enter service menu.

  64. Hello,
    Congratulations for the very good article. Please tell me if I can solve the next problem in the service menu. I have a Samsung 49NU8070 and I tried to put it in hospitality mode, but I accidentally changed something and now the TV shows the image with shades/tint of green. It’s like the primary colour is predominantly green. Do you have any idea where I can change this parameter back to normal? I tried with the factory settings and it doesn’t change anything.
    Thank you.

  65. Hello,
    I accidentally put my tv into a “mass simple test” in the svc menu and now my tv won’t stop turning off and on and the remote isn’t working. can anyone help?

    • Hi, usually if you are in the service menu and need to return the left arrow on the remote control. If you have left the menu and can no longer access it, wait for a while, the test may end.

      Radical method, disconnect the TV from the mains, wait and turn on again. The system will restart, maybe the TV will start working. If it will not work then only the repair in the service center.

  66. Hi.
    I have a Series 6 TV (un50mu6100) with a regular remote (with numbers) but I’m unable to access service mode using the combinations you explained. Is it required to press them slowly, faster, in sequence, any other?

  67. Hi i messed around with the service menu and now my tv is no longer responsive to the remote .please help me solve this issue becasue i cant recall what settings i changed.Thanks in advance

    • Most likely, you have disabled remote control support in the settings. If you have a smart remote, check if the Bluetooth and Smart remote support is enabled. Or maybe you just need to tie the remote to the TV again. There are many options.

  68. I have a new 50″ Q60T QLED 4K Flat Smart TV (2020) model code QA50Q60TAKXXA with latest firmware loaded (1402.4). Does is support 5 Ghz WIFI network (802.11ac) ? I can only see 2.4 Ghz WIFI networks when browsing WIFI networks.
    Can I check it / enable it in service menu and if yes, what is the sequence to access it on this model (I do have a secondary standard samsung remote with number keys).
    I’d also like to disable Samsung TV+app and HDMI autodetection.

  69. Hi, please i’m using samsung UE46ES7090SXZG. I mistakenly pressed SVC reset and this changed the display of my TV into blue back ground. The real colour is not showing. Could you please help out?. Thanks.

    • Hi, please i’m using samsung UE46ES7090SXZG. I mistakenly pressed SVC reset in service menu and this changed the display of my TV into blue back ground. The real color is not showing. Could you please help out?. Thanks.

    • It is possible that the type of screen matrix has changed and the TV cannot show the image correctly. If the service menu is available, check the type of the screen to be set and which screen type is selected in the settings.
      how to know the model of the screen in the TV, you can find out in the article
      Upside down image in Samsung TV, how to fix it

    • This behavior of the TV, probably indicates a power failure. We need to see if there are inflated capacitors on the power supply board or the main board, if so we need to replace them.

  70. Hi.I have QE55 series model. Broadcasting is grayed out. I have tried to configure it with checking source TV, PEAK mode off and remove the electric socket ways. It didnt help. I cannot reset the tv because of even reset grayed out.May i factory reset by service mode???

    • You can try, but under your own responsibility. The service menu has a factory reset mode. But if disconnection from the mains for 5 minutes does not restore the TV, it is faulty.

  71. Ho un Smasung UE43TU7172UXXH comprato nel 2020. Vivo in Slovenia. Uso la TV per guardare i canali digitali via cavo e via satellite tramite la CI che ho acquistato separatamente. Il negoziante mi ha assicurato che la TV e’ in grado di registrare programmi TV ma cosi non e’. Nel menu’ “segreto” ho attivato la funzione PVR, ho formattato una chiavetta USB ed eseguito il test di velocita’, ma la TV dice “unable to recording”. Cosa sbaglio?

    • I programmi dei canali digitali possono essere registrati su tutte le Smart TV Samsung.
      I programmi analogici possono essere registrati sulle Smart TV Samsung prodotte dal 2015.

      Requisiti per il dispositivo di memorizzazione USB per la registrazione (flash drive o disco rigido)
      Velocità di scrittura da 4,3 Mbps e velocità di lettura da 2,6 Mbps;
      File system XFS (C, D, E) o EXT4 (F).

      Come registrare video

      Il televisore formatta la chiavetta USB prima di scrivere. Se avete dati importanti, salvateli.

      1.Collegare una chiavetta USB o un disco rigido al televisore.
      2. Passare al canale desiderato.
      3. Premere il pulsante a colori 4x sul telecomando. Se si dispone di un normale pulsante a distanza, utilizzare una registrazione programmata.
      4.Selezionare More e premere il tasto OK sul telecomando.
      5.Selezionare Record e premere il tasto OK sul telecomando.
      6.La registrazione della trasmissione avrà inizio.

      P.S. La chiavetta USB deve essere formattata sul televisore.

          • Provato, ma non e’ cambiato nulla… Devo controllare altre opzioni segrete? Ho pure difficolta’ a trovare una via per formattare la chiavetta USB dal menu’ della TV.

            • Se la chiavetta USB non è formattata, il televisore formatterà la chiavetta. Se questo messaggio non appare, la chiavetta USB è formattata correttamente.
              Se la chiavetta USB non supera il test della velocità di scrittura. Ciò significa che la chiavetta USB stessa sta scrivendo molto lentamente o che non c’è abbastanza memoria nel televisore per creare un dump di memoria per la registrazione. Prova a scrivere su un disco rigido esterno. E provate anche a pulire i file temporanei sul vostro televisore, quando lo accendete tenete premuto il pulsante di accensione per 20 secondi. La memoria cache del televisore deve essere pulita.

              • Fatto tutto come consigliato. Niente da fare, non vuole registrare. Inoltr ogni volta che cambio canale mi arriva l’avviso che Timeshift non puo’ essere avviato. E’ come se per ogni canale che guardo, la TV voglia registrare il programma per poterlo mettere in pausa. Ad ogni modo ci rinuncio a registrare. Dovevo essere piu’ attento quando sceglievo la TV, la prossima sara’ di un’ altra marca.

  72. Hi, will I get black screen if I change matrix type but with the same display size? For example I have 49A6AU8TT on my Q80T. I want to check whether my matrix is really 60 hz or it’s 120 hz but is locked due to company policies. Thanks.

    • This is not known, maybe it will be a black screen, maybe the image will flip over. Change the screen type, applies only after rebooting the TV.

    • You need to turn off in the service menu
      BT support – off
      Voice Recognition – off
      Samsung Smar Control – off
      BT_Audio on_off – off

      • I do not see BT Audio or Smart Control in any menu tree. Do have BT thruput failure, yet it keeps broadcasting.

        • What Am I missing? Later in the week I need to open the case and take the BT hardware out or neuter its antenna. I should not have to do that or take back off the wall. Help greatly appreciated to fix.

  73. I am having problems turning off the Bluetooth. BT support is off, I have no MAC showing, in advanced I also turned off the services related to BT. The set using BT or WIFI interferes with equipment I use. WiFi I got set to wired, no peeps. BT can still be seen on my phone with the old MAC. I think this is activity based like it is trying to crawl for IoT. The set will not be connected to any network, just be a very fancy monitor. Soon I will take the back off, locate and remove the module if needed. Samsung lied twice before purchase and assured both could be disabled. There must be a menu setting hidden or not obvious, any helpful ideas? Would make my weekend vs taking off the wall and physically removing a module, cutting a trace etc. Would like to find and cut the mics too.

  74. Ok we have a UN55HU6830F and well he was messing with the secret menu and changed just a couple of things and now the image on the screen is flipped upside down and we have no idea on how to get it put back to normal. PLEASE HELP US!?

    • When you enter the service menu you will have a table with the main parameters of your TV on the right, look, option (this is the type of screen matrix in your TV) 55xxxxx (in your case) remember which matrix is installed in your TV.
      On the left, go to the Option menu, the submenu second line Type will appear, this is the type of matrix, go and choose a model of matrix that should be on your TV, press ok.
      Reboot the TV.
      Warning do not select the type of matrix with other screen sizes, you may get a black screen.

      • Ok yea but in our case….the type of matrix is exactly what he had changed..he changed it from our original 55xxxxx to a different 55xxxxx and well now the picture on the screen is upside down and flipped as if it’s mirrored or something. We just don’t know how to fix it back.

  75. Hello,

    I have a Samsung hospitality TV Model HG49AJ690, I was able to access the service menu for the initial set up of the TV and set up my wifi network, but now I can’t even access the network settings or even the service menu at all. I have tried all of the codes but it doesn’t come up. What should I do? Would greatly appreciate your help. I have only had the TV for a week.


    • If you succeed once, you will be able to access the menu. Press the buttons at an interval of about 1.5 seconds.

  76. I’ve opened a mass simple test on engineering menu, amd it doesn’t stop. It keep going again and again. How can I stop it?

  77. Wcześniej wchodziłem do menu serwisowego około 20 razy teraz przy próbie wejścia mute-1-1-9-enter pokazuje się komunikat w lewym dolnym rogu ,,niedostępny” Próbowałem odłączać telewizor od zasilania-bez efektu. Jak mogę dostać się w inny sposób do menu lub jak mogę zresetować telewizor. Proszę o pomoc.

  78. Witam. Mój telewizor to Samsung HG49EE690DB nie mogę dostać się do menu serwisowego poprzez mute 1-1-9 (niedostępne), Wcześniej ta kombinacja działała. Proszę o pomoc.

    • na pilocie, wybierz powoli, w równych odstępach czasu, żądaną kombinację. Aby zapobiec przypadkowemu wejściu do menu, bardzo ważna jest kolejność i czas.

  79. I have samsung plasma tv PS43F4900ARLXL i wrongly changed service mode the settings and now only samsung logo appears and after a few seconds tv get restart. Can you please guide me how to over come it

    • You do not fix it yourself, you need to physically delete information from the memory chip (analog of BIOS in the computer, usually the chip must be removed from the electrical board and reprogrammed on a special device programmer). Most changes in the service menu are written to the permanent memory chip.
      Then the microcircuit is installed on the electrical board in the TV set. This can be done in the service center.
      Or the second option is to buy a new motherboard for your TV.

      • I have reset the EPROM by shorting the vcc and SDA terminal now tv is booting and asking for service mode setup. Can you please help me in it. My tv model no PS43F4900AR and mother board no- BN41-01963BS43SD
        Date of manufacturing-2013.01.11
        Now I actually need service mode settings for this model
        Thanking you

      • Hi what is the difference between game mode 0-6 ?Mine is set at 3
        W/B Movie?

        MR120+ SUPPORT ( IS SET TO 1)
        F_Fsync enable 0
        The tv is q700t does above mean I can activate freesync and low lag? Or could that damage something?

        • 0-6 is a software preset mode to disable additional video processing programs when the game mode is enabled. Depending on the model of the TV set, different video correction technologies (programs) are used. 1-6 chooses which programs to stop. We do not know how this will affect your TV. It all depends on the OS, whether or not there will be a fatal error when selecting the wrong mode.
          Changing this mode will not speed up your TV in games.

  80. Hi,
    I have a q700t.
    I can get an Xbox to give a 1440p120 option.
    But I can not see vrr variable refresh rate.
    People say this is a 60hz and 120hz TV. Most say has vrr.
    Would this be in service menu if so where?

  81. I was curious about the ability to change the resolution in the service menu. I have no plan to do it but I was wondering what would happen if I were to change it from “uhd” to “8k uhd”? Would my TV blow up?

    • It is not recommended to try, but if you change this option you may get a black screen and your TV will stop working. You will need to contact a service workshop to reset the settings. After wrong settings you should physically zero the memory chip in your TV and reinstall the OS.

      • Thank you for your informative and quick reply. This definitely quiets the competing voices in my head that on one hand always wants *something for nothing* and on the other knows not to play with fire.
        Another question I had was about the numerical values given to certain settings. On my q90T *game mode* has a value of 2. What does that mean?
        Thanks again for your help. You do great work here with all of the info you give.

        • This setting option indicates which settings should be turned off to reduce the TV response time if the game mode is enabled. The value depends on your TV model.

  82. Hi,first, thank you for your work. great!
    I bought a new q70T (2020) and have three questions:
    A. I want to disable “Samsung TV Plus” in the service menu. But in MRT Options, I cannot find the option. Also, in MRT Options I see only 2 columns of options while other users seem to see three. Did Samsung block the option to disable TV Plus in the 2020 generation?
    B. I want to delete some preinstalled apps. Any idea to do this without rooting?
    C. I activated “Ambient Mode” just to see what it looks like. Now I don’t find an option to de-activate it again. Any idea?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  83. Hi,

    Voice control options is showing and have turned it on but Smart remote control doesnt show in service menu.


  84. Hi I have Samsunh UE50TU7000KXXU and it has bluetooth built in but i am unable to connect the remote. Is there anyway to change the tv model in service menu to enable smart remote?


    • Try the service menu
      Option → MRT option → Voice Recognition (set On) revert back to the previous menu
      Samsung Smart Control (set On)
      Reboot the TV, Smart remote should work

  85. HI, I have a Samsung QE55Q85R,
    Some 4:3 old TV progs broadcast in 16:9 making everything squashed.
    In Picure settings/Custom 4:3 option is greyed out.
    Any way to enable the 4:3 option in service menu ?
    On the Samsung website they state that 4:3 can cause screen burn, which is their probable reason for disabling but I’d only be using it infrequently, Many thanks. Many , many thanks if you solve it

    • You can customize the video display in 3:4 format
      Settings → Picture → Picture Size Settings

      You can change the size of the picture displayed on the TV screen to 16:9 Standard, Custom, or 4:3.
      ” Supported picture sizes differ with the input signal.

      4:3 Screen Size
      You can select a picture size suitable for your geographical area while you are watching TV in the 4:3 or Fit to
      screen mode. The supported screen sizes differ with the country and this function allows you to adjust the
      picture size in this case.
      ” The 4:3 mode is not available when an external device is connected to the TV via a Component connector or an HDMI

      • Thanks for your reply. Yes I’m in the UK watching Sky Satellite with an HDMI connection . Why they broadcast like that I do not know. So the input signal is the problem. I could change it with my old Samsung 3D TV. Oh well that’s advancement for you,
        Cheers for getting back anyway

  86. Salve, dopo il 2018 la samsung non supporta più i codec divx\xvid, io ho una serie 8 , è possibile installare in qualche moda tali codec per leggere i relativi file?

  87. Hello there I have a question, would I be able to use the samsung smart voice remote with my 7 series samsung smart tv UN43NU7100

    Thank you.

    • No, the UN43NU7100 cannot have a Bluetooth module built in, only TM1240A remote control is supported.

  88. Hi there I have a Samsung QE75Q900R 8k qled and it keeps turning itself on and off, is there anything I can do in the hidden menu to stop this? I’ve already replaced the one box and cable?
    Regards Murray

    • Hello, it is very difficult to say something concrete on TV. It is necessary to analyze its work. For example, after the first turn on, after what time it turns off 15-30 minutes, the second turn off after 5 minutes. As a rule, this behavior is characteristic of a malfunction caused by the failure of some electronic component. Failure on heating.
      After switching off, the TV restarts with or without the start of the operating system.
      If you have replaced the box and this continues, the malfunction in the screen, there is also an electronic board to control the screen and the backlight. It is possible that the screen consumes a lot of current which causes the power supply in one box to shut down and the current protection is triggered. In the service menu there is nothing you can change to correct this.

      Try to reduce the power consumption, set the brightness of the screen to a lower level, for example 20% and watch how the TV will work.

  89. I am wondering if it would be safe to turn my 7 series UN43NU7100 into a 8 series, sort of update. And if so how would I do this?

    • You may only be able to enable some features. Mostly the picture quality depends on the screen. Of course it is not safe, changing some settings may break your TV.

  90. Please help setup type, local set, front color option in my tv UE43RU7402UXXH. I know enter in service menu, but dont know values in this setup. I am from Serbia. This happened after replace tv motherboard in service. Thanks

  91. What does a factory reset from the service menu (secret menu) actually do? I assume it’s more in depth than the regular Factory Reset from the user menu.

    • Of course, a reset to factory settings will reset the operating system to its original state. And sometimes it can lead to the inability to turn on the TV. For example, in OS, the default screen settings are set for a Samsung screen. And the factory installed a screen matrix of another manufacturer. It is under a specific version of the TV in the settings made a patch, due to changes in components in the TV. When resetting to factory settings can be problems.

  92. Hi I have a serie 8 model with tizen using smartdns seems that some apps do not use this dns instead use the google dns (secondary), so I can not see all the USA content when I am outside USA. Using Engineering menu may I force the TV to change the 2nd dns address?

  93. Hi! I have a Q90T! I can go in the service menu but i need to go to Advance and the code 0000 is not working. I want to fix Auto Dimming( P.W.M, Pulse Width Modulation ) issue because, when in Game Mode, after 6 min the brightness turn down( very dim ). Do you know if they have another code for 2020 models? I’ve tried on my friends q80T and it’s not working aswell. Thank you!

    • Try 1111.

      You can try resetting the pin code.
      Turn on the TV
      1. If you have a standard remote mute-8-2-4-power
      2. If you only have a smart remote mute-return-return-return.
      On some consoles the MUTE button is combined with the VOL volume button. To press MUTE, press VOL.

        • To enter the service menu you need a standard remote control with numbers 1,2,3 and so on. The Smart remote control is not suitable.

    • Press “up” on the volume for five seconds should get you into the “Advanced” menu. Cheers!

  94. I have a Q7DT , on my old samsung I was able to set the default input to HDMI1 at power on. Has this type of functionality been removed, I can’t find it in the Q7DT.


    • Display video with HDMI, can be selected in hotel settings
      Control>Hotel Options>Power On Source>HDMI/DVI

      • yep, I’ve done this on my other TV, on the q7dt, under control I only have: edit, sub option, Asia option, sound, and outdoor TV option. no sign of power on input anywhere

  95. I have a 40″ Samsung UHD UA40HU6900. I successfully upgraded to DVBT2 by replacing the tuner. I was able to change the tuner type in service menu. Now it comes the HEVC H265 coding, and my TV not supports it. But I know already that this TV family supports H.265 but not the 40″ version. May it possible to activate this capability via service menu?

    • You probably won’t be able to turn on the H265 codec on your TV. The codec’s algorithm is written in the software. Optionally, check the software version, maybe you need to update your TV OS. Or maybe H265 is not originally on your OS TV. Samsung updates the software for about 5 years, after the production of the TV model. After 7 years, the TV is considered obsolete.

  96. i have ue55ku6175uxxe.i want to add arabic language and i cant access the source menu if u can help.regards

    • UE55KU6175UXXE is a TV model for Europe, only 27 European languages are supported. Unfortunately, Arabic is not available in this version of the TV. You will not be able to switch your TV to Arabic.
      UE55KU6175UXXE هو نموذج تلفزيوني لأوروبا ، فقط 27 لغة أوروبية مدعومة. للأسف ، اللغة العربية غير متوفرة في هذا الإصدار من التلفزيون. لن تتمكن من تبديل التلفزيون إلى اللغة العربية.

  97. Hello..I am having series 6 which comes with smart touch remote..which buttons need to be pressed to access the service menu?

    • with the smart remote, you can’t access the service menu. You need a standard remote control.

  98. Thank you! But in the image settings of my 50nu7400 you only have the options [image mode] [image size settings] [expert settings]. Nowhere within the image settings is there an option to turn off the screen.

    • The possibility to turn off the screen was in the models of TVs 2013-2015. From 2016 the possibility to control the screen was implemented in Ambient Mode. But not available on all models of TVs. NU7400 does not have a screen switch-off option.
      Turn off the screen, through the service menu, bad decision, then you can not turn on the TV.

      Try to reduce the brightness and contrast to 0 and keep the mode as custom for fast switching on.

  99. Is it possible through the service menu to enable the option to turn off the image, and continue listening to the audio on the nu7400?

  100. Is it possible through the service menu to turn off the image and continue listening to the audio on the nu7400?

    • You can turn the screen off from the normal menu. Press the menu button on the remote control, select image settings, scroll down, find the option to turn off the screen. The screen will be muted, only sound will be played. Any button on the remote control, except the power and volume, will return to the screen.

      • Thank you! But in the image settings of my 50nu7400 you only have the options [image mode] [image size settings] [expert settings]. Nowhere within the image settings is there an option to turn off the screen.

      • Hi, could you help me please? I have a QN50Q60TAKZXL, I activate blur reduction on the service menu options (that option is off by default for this tv). I have any questions
        What happen if I change the game mode values? Now my tv value is 6
        What happen if I activate Flickerless option?
        What options can I change on my q60t for optimize mi tv?

        • TVs can be equipped with screens that switch on and off the backlighting of the screen with high frequency (dithering). The screen is 10 bits (8 bits +FRC), this is done to increase the color shades. From such flickering, although a person does not notice, tired eyes and discomfort. Technologies that reduce screen flicker have been invented. One method, to show one frame twice, it reduces the visual perception of the flicker of the backlight. Most movies have a frame rate of no more than 60 frames per second.

          Since your TV model, the Q60T has a screen with a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second, then applying Flickerless is not possible, the screen will not show 120 frames per second.

          If you enable this option, the first one will remain unchanged, the second one will not be able to process the received signal and you will get a dysfunctional TV, you will have to repair it at the service center, it is better not to experiment.

          For blurred images, to reduce this effect, apply an additional black frame between video frames. But that’s not on your TV, because of the quality of the matrix. All these technologies work with screens that support 120 frames per second.

          Samsung Q90T, Q80T, Q70T, Q60T QLED UHD TV Comparison 2020

          • Thanks for your explanation, I can understand all.
            Do you know what is each value for game mode option? The service menu option, allows values from 0 to 6. I use my tv 90% of time for playing ps4 pro and 10% for youtube, netflix. Because it, that parameter could be important for me

            Thanks a lot for your help

            • Game mode, when the TV set is switched to this mode, all settings causing slowdown in video display are turned off, and brightness and contrast values are set higher. These modes are most likely designed for specific TV series, and determine which parmeters should be turned off when the game mode is enabled.

        • Hey have you turn on Blurr Reduction ? What happend ? Is picture quality better?
          What about game mode ?

  101. Is it possible to disable Samsung’s “auto detecting” function when selecting HDMI inputs. I already have AnyNet CEC disabled in the standard Settings menu. I hate it trying to “discover” devices. TU7100 range 2020 model.

    • look at the service menu
      SVC, click on the entry
      maybe there’s an HDMI autodetection shutdown.

  102. Hi
    Thanks for the article.
    My NU8000 doesnt have TV Plus app by default. Can I turn it on in the secret menu? will this be done by changing TV region (risky) or through an independent option (safe)?

    • Try to find the application without changing the region.
      You need to go to Smart, all applications, additional applications, Samsung App, choose the category you are interested in. Look for the application maybe it is there.
      Note: do not use the search, very often the TV is looking for an app in the store is not correct.

      You can change the region, it is not critical and you can always return it back.

  103. when I turn off the Samsung Q90T, the wifi starts broadcasting. I managed to turn it off through the service menu when the tv is on. why in the hell would it broadcast when it is off. What setting would make the tv truly turn off?

    • It constantly looking for WiFI networks nearby, mine does that even when connected via LAN.
      Samsung RU8000 55″

  104. I have a TV bought in China and in HK now. When I try to accept the terms on Samsung Hub I get an error saying the server is down. Any ideas?

  105. Hi, I’ve tried all these sequences on my tv but doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to access this menu on a Q7FAM? Thanks

  106. My tv doesn’t save the changes (UN58NU6080F). I’m trying to disable the super annoying tv plus. It allows me to turn it off in the service menu but the settings revert after the tv is turned off. Any advice/thoughts?

  107. It doesn’t seem that the xfinity remote keys are registered to be able to enter any of those codes. Also, how do I connect any remote with Q90t? It feels like it won’t let you use any remote other than the smart remote to access the samsung tv menu….

  108. I wrongly entered some settings in secret service menu and now tv is blacked out. No standby light no turn on. Model is samsung UA46ES5600.
    Any advice on what to do?

  109. I have UE40ES8080U XZG Samsung TV.
    Do you know if this TV has the Bluetooth module (available to pair with non Samsung headphones) and how to activate it thru the service menu? I am able to access the service menu with Info, Menu,Mute, POwer buttons but “expert” choice is greyed out, unavailable? How to activate this? Is the choice hidden there?
    Thanks a lot,

  110. I have a samsung UHD that came with a smart remote can you recommend a way to get to the service menu I somehow changed settings to guest. NO it’s not stolen I just tried to setup a wireless speaker and things went south FASTER than an ski jumper?

    • If you have a remote control without buttons 1,2,3,4 and so on, you will not be able to enter the service menu. You need to buy an ordinary remote.

  111. i have a samsung nu7020 looking for the original settings in the secret memu in mrt option and production option any help will be great thank you

  112. I have a Samsung Smart TV Model UA50MU7000 and cannot see the Bluetooth feature anywhere in the current Menu…I even tried two combo’s of the secret service menu to no avail…am considering trying the rest, however please share any success anyone may have had with the same model as mine…Really appreciated.

  113. Code Mute-1-8-2-Pwr works – but the service menu only displays on the screen for a few seconds then goes away. Any thoughts? My model tv is UN24M4500AFXZA and the remote is BN59-01267A. Remote has no MENU button and no P.STD button. Any other key combos?
    Changed WiFi name now Wireless will not connect and will not reset. Any thoughts?

  114. It also doesn’t work with my TV. The model is Samsung TV UA49NU7100. Can’t find where it was made from though, it just says ‘Made by Samsung’.
    Description for each methods are:
    Methods 1, 3, 4 and 5 does nothing, only turned on TV after the sequences; and
    Method 2 and 6 turned on the TV after numbers were pressed and only to turned back off after power button was pressed.
    Please help. Just bought a Bluetooth Speaker but cannot connect because Bluetooth was not enabled.

    • The time between button presses is about 1.5 seconds. Model UA49NU7100 does not have a built-in bluetooth module. You will not be able to connect bluetooth speakers.

      • So that’s how it is. Yeah, just look up on its spec. Bluetooth is not available. Just stick with wire then. Thanks for the advice though

  115. Place the TV in the Korea region from the service menu and now it does not enter again. Is there any other code?

      • I have a 65Q70T. every time i start the tv,it always appear:please go into service mode and setup below options:-type,local set, front color
        How to change them to the correct paremeters?
        I live in Turkey.

        • There could be a few options. The TV is made for a different region, so you set the settings to a different region. You need to know the full set of all letters in the model number, for reference, read the Country Code in Samsung TV Model Number, your TV should have this model number 65Q70TUXTK. TK TV for Turkey.

          The second option in the service menu MRT Option-Front Color set the required value. Some users recommend setting N/A but we don’t know for sure. It is desirable to know what parameter is used in Turkey.

  116. […] Did you know that the Samsung TV has a built-in TV hour meter. And if necessary, you can find out how long the TV worked from the moment it was first turned on. This option is available from the engineering (TV service menu). How to enter the service menu, read the article How to enter the service menu of a Samsung TV […]


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