It has now become customary for the TV to receive not only TV channels, but it can also receive streaming video and integrate into an innovative home system. But the possibility of a Samsung TV depends on the year of production, namely on the version of the operating system of the TV. For example, many people ask when we were the first Smart TVs.

History of Samsung Smart TVs

If you’re interested in the history of Samsung Smart TVs, I’ve compiled some information about when Samsung Smart TVs came into existence. Smart TVs did not immediately become what they are today; they evolved gradually. Here’s what information I’ve gathered.

Samsung Smart TV in 2008.

In the mid-2000s, it became clear that TVs needed to be integrated into the global Internet. The first attempt was made in 2008 with the PAVV Bordeaux 750 TV. This TV was a prototype; it had a built-in video player and Internet connection and could directly show YouTube and watch videos from a flash drive. This TV did not have a full-fledged operating system. At the time, Samsung was one of the first companies to try to enter the smart TV segment.

Samsung Smart TV in 2009

In 2009, Samsung continued to release PAVV series TVs with slightly improved visuals and interactive icons and also began a partnership with Yahoo to show content. All in all, nothing new or unusual: a TV with Internet access, a built-in browser, and a video player to watch videos via USB. It’s still a prototype Smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV in 2010

2010 Smart TV took a back seat to 3D in the TV. Innovative features remained minimal, as in previous years. But Samsung is working on a full-fledged operating system that should go beyond the built-in player.

Samsung Smart TV in 2011

2011, the name Smart TV appeared. A unified TV control system is being formed. Access to social networks is added to the TVs, and Samsung forms the idea of online access to a library of movies (video on demand) and creates its library of movies and TV shows.

Samsung Smart TV in 2012-2014

2012, Samsung combined all the developments in a single platform named Samsung Legacy Platform. It was already an operating system for televisions, and it could do much more; in fact, televisions turned into computers. It was possible to download applications, watch streaming videos, and control the TV via the Smart remote control. This system lasted until 2014, and some models of Samsung TVs were produced on the Samsung Legacy Platform until 2016.

You can see a list of Samsung TV models that used the Samsung Legacy Platform below. You can see that Samsung produced Smart TV models on this platform from 2012 to 2015.

Samsung Smart TV in 2015-2023

There was a transition period in 2015. A new operating system, Tizen, appeared. Or rather, the Tizen operating system was refined to work on different devices. The first version of the OS came out in 2012. In 2015, sales of new TVs with this operating system started. Samsung made a bet on this system, especially for televisions. Since 2016, all TV models have been made only on OS Tizen. As of 2022, several versions of the operating system have been released. So the 2022 TVs had Tizen 6.5. The OC is gradually being finalized, and new functionalities appear. So, for example, Tizen 2015-2016 had an Internet browser based on Webkit. More recent versions use the Chromium engine, on which the most popular browser, Chrome, is built. Also, operating system visualization systems were improved, and features such as a game mode with quick settings necessary for games were added.

List of Samsung TV operating systems by year

This table shows all the platforms (operating systems) that have been used in Samsung Smart TVs since the first Smart TV. And that was, as I said before, in 2012.

YearLineup (TV Model Name)Platform
2022QBQ900, QBQ850, QBQ800, QBQ100, MBWS1, G97NBTizen 6.5
QBQ700, G85NB, G75NB, G95NB
LS04B, LS03B, QBQ75, QBQS95, QBQS90,QBQD90, QBQ9X, QBQ9D, QBQ95, QBQ90S, QBQ90, QBQ8D, QBQ85D, QBQ85, QBQ83, QBQ80, QBQ7X, QBQ70, QBQX3, LS01B, LS05B, G65B, G70B, G8QNB, M80B
QAQ70, QAQ7D, QAQ90, QAQ70, QAQ7D, QAQ90
QBQ6D, QBQ63, QBQ60_DPP, QBQ60, M70BO, M70B, M50B, UAU8000_L
QAQ60_K, UAU850D_K65, UAU8000_K65, UAU8000_K, LS03BS, UBU7000, UBU8000, LSP3B
UBU8000_X, UBU8000_X
2021QAQ9X, QAQ9D, QAQ95, QAQ90_NS, QAQ90, QAQ8D, QAQ85_NS, QAQ85D, QAQ85, QAQ80_NS, QAQ80, QAQ7D, QAQ70_NS, QAQ70, LST5A, QAQ7A, LS03A_NS, LS03AP, LS03A, LS03APD, LS03ADTizen 6.0
QAQ900, QAQ850, QAQ800, QAQ700_P, MAWS1
QAQ700, QAQ700_S
UAU9070, UAU9000, QAQ6D, QAQ60, UAU850D, UAU8000, LS05AL
QAQ6D_K, QAQ60_K, QAQ50_K, UAUE60A, UAU7500, UAU7000, UAUE70A, UAU850D_K, UAU8000_K, UAU7700, LSP3, BEA_HB
2020QTQ800, QTQ800_NS, QTQ850, QTQ900, QTQ950, QTQ950_NS, LSR9, LST7T, QTQ70, QTQ70_NS, QTQ72, QTQ7D, QTQ7X, QTQ80, QTQ80_NS, QTQ8D, QTQ8E, QTQ90, QTQ90_NS, QTQ95, QTQ95_NS, LS05T, LS03T, LS03T_NS, LS01T, LS01T_NS, MTWS1Tizen 5.5
QTQ60, QTQ62, QTQ6D, QTQ6E, QTQ6X, UTU8500, UTU850D, UTU8510, UTU8570, UTU85A0, QTQ6AC, QTQ6SC, QTQ6XC, UTU8000, UTU800D, UTU8200, UTU8300, UTU8400
LS03TS, UTU7000, UTU700D, UTU7090
UT4310, UT4500, UT4700, UT5310, UT5500, UT5770, UT4300, UT4400, UT5300, UT430E, UT530E
2019QRQ900B, QRQ90, QRQ85_OC, QRQ80_OC, QRQ80, QRQ75S, QRQ75, QRQ70, QRQ6X, QRQ69, QRQ65A, QRQ60, LS03R, LS05R, LS01R, URU800D, URU8000, MLS07RTizen 5.0
QRQ50S, QRQ50, URU7800, URU7700, URU74A0, URU7470, URU7450, URU7410, URU740D, URU7400, URU730D, URU7300, URU710D, URU7100,URU7790,URU77FA
URU7000, URU6900, URUF58T, RUF58T
UR6000, UR5500, UR4500
2018QRQ900,QNQ9S, QNQ9F, QNQ8FB, QNQ8F, QNQ8C, QNQ7FH, QNQ7F, QNQ7C, QNQ75F, QNQ75C, QNQ6FK, QNQ6F, QNQ65FB, QNQ65F,UNU850D, UNU8500, UNU80A0, UNU800D, UNU8000,UNU76A0, UNU7500, UNU74A0, UNU7450, UNU7400,ULS03NUTizen 4.0
UNU730D, UNU7300, UNU710D, UNU7103, UNU7100
URU7000, UNU7120, UNU709D, UNU7090, UNU7080, UNU7050, UNU6950
UN5510, UN5500, UN5350, UN5305, UN5300, UN5200, UN4510, UN4500, UN4350, UN4310, UN4300, BERTB, BERTA
2017QMS9Y, QMQ9FR, QMQ9F, QMQ8CR, QMQ8C, QMQ7FVRE, QMQ7FRE, QMQ7FR, QMQ7FDR, QMQ7FD, QMQ7F, QMQ7CRE, QMQ7CR, QMQ7CDR, QMQ7CD, QMQ7C, QMQ6FRE, UMQS9, UMU900R, UMU9000, UMU800R, UMU8000, UMU750R, UMU7500, UMU70AR, UMU70A0, UMU700R, UMU7000, UMU66A0, UMU6500, UMU64A0, UMU6470, UMU6400,  UMLS003, ULS003U, UMU66AR, UMU650R, UMU64AR, UMU640R, UMU6303, UMU6302, UMU6300, UMU6310,UMU6320,UMU6103, UMU6102, UMU6100, UMU6070, UMU6000,UMUF31E, UMUF30ETizen 3.0
UM6303, UM6302, UM6300, UM5603, UM5602, UM5600, UM5523, UM5522, UM5520, UM5513, UM5512, UM5510, UM5503, UM5502, UM5500, UM5300, UM4500, UM4300,TH39S,VF39S
UNU7000, UMU6100Tizen 2.4
2016UKU9518, UKS9800, UKS9500, UKS9000, UKS8500, UKS8000, UKS7500, UKS7000, UKS6900,UKU66A0, UKU6510, UKU6500, UKU64A0, UKU6400
UKUC30S, UKU6390, UKU630D, UKU6300, UKU6310, UKU6100, UKU6090, UKU6070, UKU6000, UKUF31E,UKUF30E
VF39S, UK6300, UK6250, UK6200, UK5600, UK5520, UK5510, UK5500, UK5310, UK5300, UK4300,UKF21E, UKF20E
2015UJS9900, UJS9800, UJS9500, UJS9000,UJS9100Tizen 2.3
UJU5900,UJU5910,UJU5920,UJU8000, UJU7800, UJU7500, UJU7000, UJS8500, UJS8000,UJU6900, UJU6410, UJU6400, UJU6300, UJS6900,UJU6390, UJU6000,UJU6100, US9A, UJU6800, UJU6740, UJU6700, UJU6600, UJU6510, UJU6500, UJS8600, UJS6700,UJU7090
UJ6400,UJS6000, UJ6330, UJ6300, UJ6240, UJ6200, UJ5520, UJ5510, UJ5500, UJ5300, TE390S
UK5200, UJ6203, UJ5373, UJ5370, UJ5303, UJ5300,UJ5290,  UJ5278, UJ5270, UJ5248, UJ5205, UJ5202, UJ5201, UJ5200, UJ5190,UJ4700,UJ4600, UJ4570, UJ4500, UJ4303, UJ4300,UJ4290,UJ4200, UH4501Samsung Legacy Platform
2014US9WB, US9WAF, US9CAF, US9VF, US9BF,US9B, UHU9800, UHU9300B, UHU9300, UHU9000, UHU8500CV, 85S9GLF, UHU8800, UHU8700, UHU8550, UHU8500, UHU8200, UHU7500,UH8800, UH8000
UH7100, UH7000, UH6900, UH6850, UH6800, UH6700, UH6600, UH6500, UH6400,UH6410,UH6350, UH6300, UH6200,UH6088,UJ5800, UH5600,UH5570, UH5510,UH5500, UH4570, UH4500
UH7000, UH6700, UH6600, UH6510, UH6500
UHU8800, UHU8700, UHU8550, UHU8500, UHU8200, UHU7800, UHU7500, UHU7250, UHU7200, UHU7100, UHU7000, UHU6950, UHU6900, UHU6830, UHU6000, UHU5900
UH6203, UH6103, UH5303, UH5203, UH5103, UH4500, UH4303, UH4250, UH4203, TD390S
2013UF8500, UF8200, UF8000, UF7500, UF7450, UF7400, UF7000, PF8500, KS9C, KF9500,US9, UF9000,US9V,US9VCN,US9CN
UF7200, UF7150, UF7120, UF7100, UF7050, UF6900, UF6800, UF6700, UF6600, UF6540, UF6510, UF6500, UF6470, UF6450, UF6420, UF6400, UF6370, UF6360, UF6350, UF6330, UF6320, UF6300, UF6203, UF6200, UF5700, UF5500, UF5400, UF5303, UF5300, PF5200,UF4500, UF4300,PF5500
2012UES9500, UES9010, UES9000, UES8000, UES7500, UES7000, PE8000,UEA6950,PE7000
UE7200, UE7150, UE7100,UE6900, UE6820, UE6800, UE6760, UE6710, UE6700, UE6600, UE6580, UE6540, UE6530, UE6500, UE6400, UE6330, UE6320, UE6300, UE6200, UE6100, UE6150, UE5800, UE5700, UE5600, UE5500, UE5450, UE5400, UE5330, UE5300, UE4530, UE4500, PE7000, PE6500, PE570, PE550, PE540,UF6200, UF6088
TB750, TB550
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