Samsung TV serial numbers decoder 2001-2020 and how to find explained


Samsung TV Serial Numbers Which Means

Each television that comes off the production conveyor of the plant has a unique serial number. The buyer of the new TV is not interested in the serial number. The country of assembly of the TV and the date of its manufacture are indicated separately on the information sheet which is usually placed behind the TV.

But in addition, the serial number contains information that service centers use. This information is about at which factory the TV was assembled, which manufacturer the components are installed in the TV. For example, Samsung TVs have screens manufactured by Samsung, Sharp, BOE, and many other companies. The assembly date of the TV with detail up to a month. The exact date of production can be found in the service menu of the TV.

Samsung TV serial number lookup and Samsung TV model number lookup

How to find the Samsung TV serial number: the TV serial number is indicated on the information sheet that is attached to the back of the TV. You can also find out the serial number from the TV menu, TV information.

Samsung TV serial number check

What is the serial number of Samsung TVs from 2001 to 2020, these are 15 characters (letters and numbers) in which information about your TV is encrypted. Consider the example of the Samsung TV serial number, which denote certain characters.

Samsung TV serial numbers explained

Samsung TV serial numbers explained

Samsung TV serial number decode (how to decode explained)


  • ZAJ3 – is the code of the TV model, the factory code in which there is information about the features of the TV (codes of suppliers of components for the assembly of the TV).
  • 3 – the product code in this case, the number 3 indicates that this product is a TV.

Where are Samsung TVs made

  • S – the code of the plant on which the TV is assembled
    • S – Slovenia
    • H – Hungary
    • 4 -Romania
    • 1, 3 – Korea
    • L – Russia
    • W– China
    • C – Mexico
    • M – Malaysia
  • E – technical code related to the plant (assembly plant code)
  • D – year of release, in this serial number 2012.
  • C – the month in which the TV is made, in this serial number is December.

00652L is the TV serial number, the manufacturer can use it to determine on which assembly line the TV was assembled and in which shift. The information is interesting only to the manufacturer to control the quality of the TVs produced.

How to find out the assembly date of the Samsung TV 2020-2001

year code month code
2001 R January 1
2002 T February 2
2003 W March 3
2004 X April 4
2005 Y May 5
2006 A or L June 6
2007 P July 7
2008 Q August 8
2009 S September 9
2010 Z October A
2011 B November B
2012 C December C
2013 D    
2014 F    
2015 G    
2016 H    
2017 J    
2018 K
2019 M
2020 N    

Production Date Code in Serial Number

For convenience, we present on our site a table with the codes for the production date of Samsung TVs. Up to a month.

Data Code Samsung

year / month JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJunejulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
code; year / month123456789ABC

How to check the serial number of a Samsung TV

There are no services for checking the serial number of a Samsung TV. Sometimes Samsung holds promotions to check the serial number. Motivating such actions by the desire to combat the supply of televisions that are designed for other regions. But in fact, this is not important for Samsung and even reduces the cost of warranty service, since such TVs are not covered by the warranty, the warranty is valid only in the country for which the TV is manufactured.

If you carefully read the article, you can check the serial number yourself knowing some nuances. For example, since 2018, Samsung has not been producing televisions in Korea.

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    • For the American market, there are also some differences. For example:
      FXZA is a basic TV model
      BXZA – the TV is made to be sold through Walmart stores

      BXZA TV may be cheaper, it is affected by lower logistics costs. Walmart transports a shipment of TVs directly from the factory to its warehouses.

      The TVs have the same technical specifications.

  1. Hello! I’m sorry to ask, but I can not find anything on the samsung tv with the serial number of lmn40a530p1fxza – Can you please help me?

    • It’s not a serial number, it’s a model number of the TV, and most likely it’s a model ln40a530p1fxza
      This 2008 TV

    • This is the model number
      LN – LCD
      32 – diagonal inch
      D – 2011
      4 – series
      03 – model
      e – HD screen
      4 – design
      DX – type tuner
      ZA – US, Canada

    • UN – 32H6400 model number
      The date of manufacture can be obtained from the serial number.
      The second option is to see the production date in the service menu

  2. Sir I want to know if my tv is original Samsung
    And what is its year and month of production

    • Z2Z1 – code TV
      3 – product TV
      С – assembled in Mexico
      Q – code Line
      B – 2011
      8 – August
      23072N serial number

    • 09B1 – TV code
      3 – producte TV
      N – country assembly
      С – Line assembly
      N – 2020
      3 – March
      01798 – serial number

    • This is a 2018 TV model.
      Q- QLED
      N – North America
      55 – diagonal inch
      Q – QLED
      6 – series
      F – flat screen
      N – 2018
      A – screen backlighting EDGE

    • 0FNJ – code TV, component suppliers
      3- TV
      H – television set assembled in Hungary
      С – assembly line code
      N – 2020
      7- July
      00062P – serial number (TV number assembled this month at the assembly line)

  3. Model: UE55H6400AKXXY
    Serial Number:
    B7213HIFB02718E – ‘F’ is not a year in your explanation, can you tell me what year this model of TV is please?

    • 08FG – factory code
      3 – product TV
      8 – code factory possibly India
      9 – code assembly line
      N – 2020
      3- March
      00244M – serial number (the number of televisions assembled, on line in March)


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