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Which iPad models support the split screen?

The iPad is a versatile device that can be used for a variety of tasks. For some people, it's just a device for reading...

Why can’t you accept gifts on TikTok?

Being an influencer on social media can be a very fruitful career choice. From advertising and brand partnerships to donations from your supporters, influencers...

How to install the ESPN app on Roku

Many people are fans of ESPN. There are few people who don't enjoy spending their free time watching sports. Many people spend their evenings...

How to buy TikTok gift points

Nowadays, gifts are a very popular theme in TikTok. People who send gifts to their icons during the live broadcast feel like they are...

What are the TikTok gift points?

The topic of talking about the cost of glasses on the social network TikTok is very popular. There is a lot of talk and...

How to turn TikTok gifts into cash

How to convert tiktok gifts to money It is impossible to imagine today's world without the social network TikTok. The content of TikTok is completely...

What is Split View on iPad?

The multi-window mode on the iPad, called Split View, was first introduced with the release of iOS 9. During this time, Apple developers have...