Samsung says that the Digital clean view technology reduces noise in the digital and analog signal and consists of two components:

  • Digital Clean View
  • Analog Clean View

But in the digital signal there are no noises that can affect the image quality, with a bad signal the image will simply crumble, so for TVs that receive a digital signal this technology is just PR.

Which means Digital Clean View

When receiving analog signals, noise suppression is actual. In the presented picture, we see an improvement in the image, although such a change is not typical for a noisy signal. But if you take into account the refusal of analog broadcasting and the transition to digital terrestrial and digital cable broadcasting, and also the fact that using a TV with a screen from 32 inches to receive an analog signal is not advisable, the quality of the image due to the large screen will be very poor.
It can be concluded that this technology is more PR than the real advantage of Samsung TVs.

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