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LG Magic Remote compatibility list 2011-2023 year

You should know the Magic remotes of LG TVs are compatible with TVs from other years. If you have a 2021 TV, a...

Samsung Smart remote TM1950c, TM1950a for TV 2019

If you have a TV with an R in its model number, it will work with TM1950 remotes. There is a wide variety of...

Samsung TV has no sound how to fix

If you have a Samsung TV, sometimes, very rarely, you may find that the TV screen has pictures but no sound. I've found myself...

LG Magic remote control does not work, how to fix it

In this article, I will explain why you may have problems with the Magic (Smart) remote that now comes with practically all LG...

Motionflow XR and X Motion Clarity TV Sony

All TV manufacturers are developing some technologies to improve the picture quality. Sony also stayed on this and introduced several technologies.  Motionflow XR: It appeared on...

Samsung QD OLED TV what does it mean

QD OLED - OLED TVs from Samsung. These televisions are equipped with displays developed in-house by Samsung. The production of these screens is based...

TV brands, their history, who owns television brands

All TV brands, who owns them Televisions are one of the electronic devices in every home and room. Televisions come under various brands, and many...

Input lag in TV, Monitor, Game console

What is input Lag Let's understand what input lag is; it is considered the time it takes for an action or signal to be displayed...

Picture mastering index, PMI index LG TV explained

Picture mastering index, PMI index LG TV

List of 3D glasses compatible with LG TVs

Of course, this is history, but in 2010, TV manufacturers decided to master 3D in TVs. In those years, it was a trend; in...