Televisions 8 and 9 series are assembled on one chassis, which means that the technical characteristics of TVs are very similar. Traditionally, the codings of TV models vary from country to country.

The main difference in the technical characteristics of the number of speakers in the TV, the design is less in the configuration, the 2016-2017 trend shows a practical lack of differences.

Design, in modern TVs the design is reduced to the shape of the stand and the color of the frame around the screen and the thickness of the TV.

Europe TV series 8,9 2017

For Europe, TV sets are assembled in Poland, the marking of models is adopted different, there may be differences depending on the country. But mostly they are TV models.

  • SJ800V
  • SJ810V
  • SJ850V
  • SJ950V
  • SJ955
  • SJ957V

SJ800V – sound format 2.0, 10 bit matrix, matrix with an additional white pixel RGBW – 2880 (RGB) + 960 (W). With 3840 pixels horizontal pixels of the same color.

SJ810V – a sound of a format 2.0 in the TV two speakers on 10Вт. PMI 2800. 8 bit matrix with FRC. 10 bits (8 bits + FRC). As if 10 bits, but the color depth is not achieved due to the color rendering of the matrix, but by flashing the pixels, visually creating additional tones, a matrix with an additional white pixel RGBW-2880 (RGB) + 960 (W).

SJ850V – sound format 2.2, a matrix of 10 bits, RGB.

SJ950V – is more delicate in design, similar to the design of OLED TVs, sound format 2.2 (2 speakers and 2 subwoofers).

SJ955V –  4.2 sound

SJ957 –  5.2 sound

USA, Canada, Mexico

In the USA and Canada TV models are sold

The differences between the models are as follows:

SJ8000 –  TV there are 2 speakers, 10 bit matrix, matrix with an additional white pixel RGBW – 2880 (RGB) + 960 (W). With 3840 pixels horizontal pixels of the same color.

SJ8500 – except for two speakers there is still a subwoofer power of the speakers 60W (WF: 20W), 10 bit matrix RGB, Edge-LED-12 zones, REC 2020-71%.

75SJ8570 – 4 speakers and a subwoofer 60W (WF: 20W), 10 bit RGB matrix.

65SJ9500 – 2 speakers and a subwoofer 40W (Woofer: 20W) and also has an ultrathin design like OLED TVs, at the bottom of the screen there is an electronics unit, and above only a screen, a 10 bit RGB matrix.

86SJ9570 – 5 speakers and a subwoofer 80W (WF: 30W), 10 bit RGB matrix.

Central and South America

In Central and South America TVs are similar to models offered in the US only reduced the number of TV models, for example in Chile only 3 models of SJ8000 and SJ9500 TVs are offered.

In Brazil, 3 models besides the SJ8000 and SJ9500 still offer the model SJ9570.

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