Sometimes breakdowns of home appliances are not related to hardware parts, but to software lags. Very often people, once they realize that their dryer doesn’t work, go to a service center to have it repaired. However, if it is just a software glitch, then you can fix your Samsung dryer at home without going to a service center.

What problems can be fixed by reseting Samsung dryer?

Resetting your Samsung dryer can solve many problems, but not all. So first you need to figure out what the real problem is. For example, your dryer shows an error code. Of course, you can make the assumption that it’s a software error, but you shouldn’t be in a hurry.

Resetting the dryer is a common operation, so you can try it first. But if resetting the dryer doesn’t help, you do not need to do it again and again, the problem is probably in the hardware.

How to reset Samsung dryer

Resetting the dryer is very easy, you either have to press the power off button and hold for 5-10 seconds or pull the plug out of the socket and wait about 5 minutes to de-energize the dryer.

Yes, resetting the Samsung dryer is very easy.

What to do if resetting didn’t help?

For example, I once had a software error with my dryer. I had reset it several times, but nothing helped. Then I realized that the problem was something else.

If resetting didn’t help, then you need to examine your dryer and find another problem. In my case, it was a bra strap that got caught in the pump.

If after resetting and inspecting your dryer nothing helped, then you probably need to contact service center.

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