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Xbox is one of the major players in the market of game consoles. It’s a product of Microsoft, one of the most powerful consoles on the market. At the moment, the main Xbox competitor is the PlayStation. Of course, like any console, Xbox has its operating system and store where you can buy digital versions of the games and apps you need.

Xbox purchase history how to view

However, what to do if you have a lot of purchases and would like to keep track of them?
In that case, the purchase history will help you. On Xbox, it is made very conveniently; in a single list, you will see all the games, subscriptions, and other payments you have made with Xbox Store. You need an Internet connection and turn on your console to access your purchase history.

What is Xbox order history

Video games play a huge role in the lives of many people today. Many people like to relax in front of the TV in the evening after a hard day playing their favorite game. It’sIt’s not surprising that the video game industry is growing more and more every year. Dozens of different games are released every month. Most gamers’ main question is what device to buy to play games.

Currently, the current gaming platforms are the Xbox S Series and X Series. These are modern devices that have a lot of features for a comfortable game, such as DirectStorage. On this console, you can find thousands of different games; in addition, Xbox users are invited to buy a subscription to GamePass, with which you get access to hundreds of games.

As you may have realized, there is always something to spend your money on Xbox. At some point, if you like to play a lot, your library can fill up with a lot of different games. There is a feature called Purchase History to see how you or someone who has access to your account, such as your family members, is shopping on the Xbox. You can access it directly from the main menu of your console. In addition to games, it will display your purchases, such as subscriptions and any items purchased through the Xbox store.

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Where you can find purchase history on Xbox

It will be straightforward if you find the history of your purchases. You can access your account history directly from your console settings. Remember that if you have other accounts connected to your account, for example, if you have family access, you will be able to see all purchases made from your funds. To do this, you need to:

  • Turn on your console and press the Xbox button on your gamepad
  • Then go to the Profile & system tab.
  • Next, select Settings and click the tab Account > Payment & billing.
  • Here, click on the Order History button.

That way, you will be able to see your purchase history, but you will be able to catch up to 6 months. If you made a purchase later, you must go to the official Microsoft website and see this information.

What to do if you can’t find your purchase on Xbox

Sometimes the Xbox can have different crashes and system errors. For example, some users report that the Xbox can occasionally shut down by itself. However, there are also cases when users have made a purchase but need help finding it in the list of assets. It can even be active. In this case, Microsoft advises trying the following simple solutions:

  • Check if you’re logged into the correct account. If you have multiple accounts on your console, you might get mixed up and log into the wrong account.
  • Try rebooting your console and updating its firmware.
  • Try re-logging into your account; maybe that’s the problem solution.
  • Another possibility that you may see only some of your recent purchases is that you may have a disconnected internet connection. Check any other app or device to see if everything is working.

If these tips didn’t help you, you might need to contact Microsoft support, or you may have had a problem with a purchase, and your purchase isn’t appearing in your account. The main thing is to ensure that the money has been deducted from your account; maybe the transaction was just rejected.

What to do if you have been charged but didn’t make a purchase

If, on the contrary, you have not made any purchases, but saw that you were withdrawn from the money, then, in this case, don’t panic. Perhaps there was just a misunderstanding. Microsoft support specialists advise checking the following options before sounding the alarm:

  • Check to see if you have a trial subscription to Xbox Game Pass. The thing is that after 30 trial days, the subscription automatically renews by default, and you will be charged for the next month of use. In this case, the money can be withdrawn without your consent.
  • Check other accounts that your card may be connected to. The thing is that if you have, for example, a family payment active, other members of your family may make purchases for you.
  • Also, check to see if someone could have bought something from your account without your knowledge. For example, if you shared your history with someone and didn’t put a password on it.

You can safely contact Microsoft support if all these versions aren’t confirmed. You should also worry about the security of your account if you think you may have been hacked.

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How to see order history on a PC

If you want to view your purchase history beyond six months, or if you don’t currently have access to your console, you can do so with your Microsoft account and a browser on any device. All you need to do is:

  • Go to the home page of your Microsoft account. This is where you need to scroll down to the Order History option. You will find the View Order History button.
  • Then you need to click on the pop-up menu next to Ordered and select the period you want to view your purchases.

Note that this will display all of your purchases from this account. Here you will see all the games and subscriptions you have bought and various services, such as Microsoft’s Office suite.

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