What you need to know about Panasonic brand televisions. The Panasonic brand belongs to the Japanese corporation Panasonic. In 2021, it was announced that the corporation’s structure would change; in 2022, Panasonic would be transformed into a holding company. Separate companies will be involved in the production and service of certain products. For example, audio-video products will be handled by Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co. (PEAC) Osaka. Japan. This company will develop, manufacture, and sell consumer electronics such as audio and video products, digital cameras, headphones, intercoms, and telephones. This is likely due to changes in the global markets and Panasonic’s response to increased competition.

What does the name Panasonic Viera mean?

When the era of CRT TVs ended and the era of flat panel TVs began, and Panasonic was one of the leaders in the production of plasma TVs, Panasonic marketers came up with a slogan about the beginning of a new era (Visual Era). From this phrase came the name of the Panasonic Viera TV. The new flat-screen TVs added the word Viera to the name. This happened in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, the name has become familiar to most buyers, the name of Panasonic Viera TVs has survived to the present day and has become a slogan for the TVs of this company.

Types of Panasonic TV model numbers

Panasonic TVs have fairly simple markings that contain information about the type of TV screen, the year of first production, and information about the region for which the TV is made.

The new model number format from 2024 is TV-65Z95AEB. There are also two types of model numbers for TVs manufactured from 2014 to 2023, (TX-55EZ952B , TX-65EZB900), the model code format differs depending on the region of sale. The difference lies in the location of the letter denoting the year of manufacture. In addition, the TV models have differences depending on the region, this applies both to technical differences, such as the standard of the digital tuner, and support for certain broadcasting systems, for example, in Ireland and the UK. Thus, TVs are or were manufactured for the following regions.

  • Europe (does not include the UK and Ireland)
  • UK and Ireland
  • CIS
  • North America until 2019.
  • Latin America until 2021
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East
  • Africa

As of 2014, Panasonic stopped selling televisions in the United States. In 2019, Panasonic stopped selling televisions in Canada. From time to time there is information about resuming sales in the US market, but as of 2024, resumption of sales in the US has not happened and will not happen. In 2020, the company announced plans to completely stop selling TVs in North America and Latin America. Also in the same year, it announced that it would stop selling TVs in Australia. Low demand for TVs made this area unprofitable.

Decode Panasonic TV model number 2014-2024

For 2024, Panasonic is changing its model number structure. Perhaps this is due to Panasonic’s move to the Fire TV operating system, the model number becomes slightly different, but remains just as clear. Perhaps this only applies to OLED TVs, it will become more clear in the third quarter of 2024, when Panasonic promises to massively introduce 2024 TV models.

Panasonic TV model number 2024

For 2024, Panasonic is changing its model number structure. Perhaps this is due to Panasonic’s move to the Fire TV operating system, the model number becomes slightly different, but remains just as clear. Perhaps this only applies to OLED TVs, it will become more clear in the third quarter of 2024, when Panasonic promises to massively introduce 2024 TV models.
This is the structure of the TV lineup presented in 2024.

  • TV – product type
  • 65 – TV screen diagonal size
  • Z – type of TV screen
    • Z – OLED
    • X – LED UHD
  • 95 – TV model
  • A – model release year (2024)
  • E – region
  • B – country in the region.

For example, if at the end of EB – it is a TV for UK, EG – TV for European countries (except UK and Ireland), GZ – TV for New Zealand.

Panasonic TV model number 2014 – 2023

In the picture below, you can see which Panasonic model numbers were used until 2024 and how you can understand the model number.

Example of decoding TX – 65JXW944 and TX – 58DX902B model numbers:

  • TX – region,
    • – America
    • TX – Europe
    • TH– Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa

What year is my TV Panasonic?

The design year is the information that is most important for those who have a Panasonic TV to determine what year it was manufactured. The design year of a TV model is indicated by a letter, which can be either at the end or before the series. By identifying the letter denoting the year in the model number, you can find out what year the model TV was manufactured. A more accurate date of assembly can be found on the TV label if the date is printed. The label is located on the back of the TV. You should know that Panasonic updates its TV models every year, and sales of new models usually start in the second quarter.

  • A – 2014
  • С – 2015
  • D – 2016
  • E – 2017
  • F – 2018
  • G – 2019
  • H – 2020
  • J – 2021
  • L – 2022
  • M – 2023
  • N, A – 2024

The next letter indicates the type of screen.

  • S – Full HD
  • X – UHD
  • R – Curved UHD
  • Z – OLED

The letter before the series or at the end of the model number indicates the country for which the TV is made.

  • A – Australia
  • B – Brazil, Ireland, Great Britain,
  • D – India
  • E – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey
  • R – Russia, Ukraine
  • M – Africa
  • H – Hong Kong
  • V – Vietnam
  • Z – New Zealand
  • Q – South Africa
  • W – Germany, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Taiwan
  • X – Mexico
  • S – Singapore
  • No – Canada, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan,

800 – series and model of TV in the series.

Panasonic Viera old models 2010-2013 explained


  • VIERA – brand, used to refer to televisions manufactured by Panasonic.
  • TX-TV    TX – region      TX-хххххххх
  • L – LCD       TX-Lххххххх
  • P – panasonic plasma tv models   TX-Pххххххх
  • 42 screen diagonal TX-LR42хххх
  • DT – series  TX-LR42DTхх
  • 50 – year of development    TX-LR42DT50

The year of development of the TV was indicated in two digits. So, at that time, the year of release of the TV model was indicated as follows.

  • 20 – 2010
  • 30 – 2011
  • 50 – 2012
  • 60 – 2013
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  1. Hi there,
    have a TV with Model no. TH-L42ET5Z
    we can no longer get Netflix on tv
    also would like to know year of this TV

  2. I can’t decode this model

    Tx-25x1ci bn

    I want to understand if it has a matsushita crt inside tnx!

  3. Can you please tell me the country manufactured for the following model?
    Panasonic viera TH-L32X5HT
    Is it a Japanese or Chinese set?

    • This is a 2012 model year television. There is a sticker on the back of the TV, look for it, it has information about where it was manufactured.

  4. I do not have my tv’s model number. It’s serial number is PA82890742.
    I would appreciate any information you can give me on it.
    Thank you!

  5. Pls, mine is TH-L37DT30H pls tell me all about this TV as I can’t find anything about it on the net.

  6. Hi, I have a Panasonic Viera TH-L42E30A I saw from your info above that it would be a 2011 model. Can I mirror cast through an app or will I need to buy something? We can only get Netflix now, none of the other services work as they are not supported. Is there a way to get them to work again? TIA

  7. I have a 65 inch panasonic plasma hdtv manufacturing ID No TC-P58S1 serial No LH00150303 and part of the paper that was put on it is ripped off and has a date January 2010 ..is that the yr this tv was made ..im trying to get a Fluid sound bar hooked up to tv and i put hdmi in port 2 on back of tv and plugged into sound bar hdmi in and turned off tv speakers and nothing and now i cant get sound back to tv .. how can i get sound back on tv and/or get Fluid sound bar working ..also how can i reset tv and sound bar…i had a friend have a look snd i dont know what was done or changed on tv …thank you for reading my text letter …what is website is that like internet access please verify back soon thank you

    • The soundbar will only work if your TV has an HDMI port labeled ARC. The TV does not have an HDMI audio return channel, you cannot connect the soundbar via HDMI.

      No sound Check the settings
      1. Menu
      2. Viera link
      3. audio
      4. Advanced audio

      Enable audio output to the TV speakers.


  9. Hi,
    I have a 20011, (I think) Panasonic model number mh21790143 Viera. It has been making some static sounds and the other day I turned it on and a few minutes later I heard a pop and then it shut off. I can’t turn it back on and there’s a red flashing light that won’t turn off and it’s unplugged. Any recommendations would be very grateful.
    Thanks, Shelley.

    • I think there is something wrong with the electronics in your TV, but only the service center can tell you precisely what it is. It could be a burst capacitor and a chip boiling due to a short circuit. In any case, you will not be able to fix it yourself. And given the age of your TV, it is probably easier to buy a new one.

  10. What year was my TV manufactured..having sound issues & trying to figure out if it’s worth fixing or just replace? Model # TH-42PD60U

    • PH-42PD60U 2006 model, plasma. Plasma televisions have a lifespan of 15-20 years, depending on the intensity of use. I would recommend replacing the TV with a new one.

      • Hi, I have a Panasonic model number mh21790143, do you know if it’s a plasma? I bought it in 2011. I was having sound noise issues and then one day I turned it on and about 15 minutes later, I heard a pop and then it turned off. There has been a red flashing light at the bottom that won’t stop flashing.
        Thanks, Shelley.

    • There is no TH-403400Z model, but there is a TH-40E400Z model for New Zealand. This model is from 2017.

  11. Hi just got a 2nd hand set, just wondering if you can tell me the year for TX-L32XM6B thanks

  12. Hi, hope you can help. Recently bought a TX-65JX850B. On arrival the model on the box denotes TX-65JX850BX. Curious as to what the X at the end stands for as I can’t seam to find an explanation online. Thanks in advance.

    • TX-65JX850B is the base model for the UK. BX, BZ (X and Z) are modifications for a specific retailer, such as a large chain store. The difference is usually the warranty, so the base model has a 1 year warranty, the BZ model has an extended warranty up to 5 years if you buy from a Costco customer store. The BX I don’t know specifically. Technically there is no difference between the B, BZ or BX models.

  13. Hi, could you please tell me what year our television is
    Model number: TH-37PX60B it’s a viera with a built in stand.
    Thank you
    John Scrivens

  14. Can you please help and confirm the year make of my TV, thanks.
    Panasonic – Viera Model# TH-L55ET5A Serial# MN2560942

    The problem I have is that YouTube occasionally drops out on TV.
    The TV is hardwired to Modem via Ethernet cable with good internet reception as I can watch YouTube on my I-Phone via Wi-Fi from same Modem no problem.

    Appreciate your help & Cheers,

    • LCD model for Oceania
      Maybe the TV does not have enough memory, delete unnecessary applications and clear the memory cache.

  15. I have an old Panasonic TV Model # TX-68P82Z Serial # MJ142 0120
    Bought in New Zealand but I don’t remember when. Can you please help?

  16. Could you tell me the year of my Panasonic Viera TV please? Model TC-P42X3.
    Thanks a lot.

  17. Hi, could you add a section on the year of Panasonic plasmas? I know the second 2 digit number shows this (10, 20, 30, 60 etc) but don’t know what they mean. Is VT65 newer than VT60? They usually go up in tens so it’s not clear whether the 65 is newer or simply a different specification.

      • OK, thanks.
        Are you aware of any differences in the TH and TX plasmas apart from then region? Some TH models must have been sold in the UK, as used TH plasmas often appear for sale here. I saw a post on an AV forum claiming the TH models were made in Turkey by Vestel and are therefore inferior.

        I’ve seen some TH models with an “80” for the year code – i.e TH-P42X80B. Do you know when this was made? It’s a bit confusing – i assume this must be newer than 2013-14 – the ZT60/65 is the last plasma Panasonic made as far as I know.

        Superb site BTW – very helpful. I don’t understand why Panasonic themselves don’t do something like this.

        Thanks for your hard work.

  18. TC-29P80K ? . If this 29 inch tv have at another country example at europe . So what that code has become? . Cause i’m searching that model 29 inch remote . Hm

    • 2012
      available software updates

      Date/Version Description
      Jun. 23, 2020
      Ver. 1.269
      Improve network applications.
      Jun. 24, 2014
      Ver. 1.267
      Improvement of network functions.
      Nov. 5, 2013
      Ver. 1.266
      Improvement of the Wifi connectoin and BBC HTML issue.
      Jun. 5, 2013
      Ver. 1.265
      Improvement of E.P.G.
      Sep. 25, 2012
      Ver. 1.261
      Improvement of browser.
      Jun. 19, 2012
      Ver. 1.256
      Improvement of Viera connect functions.
      Apr. 26, 2012
      Ver. 1.253
      Support Skype TV functionality.
  19. i need to know what year is my Viera please. Serial No.NG2310016 and model TXL47ET5B.I want to use Bluetooth on my MacBook Pro (EL Capitan) to cast to the TV.I’m told the TV should be post 2012 model for this to work.Thank you.

    • For your TV, released in 2020 software update
      version 1.269.
      What has been changed in the new version: improvement of network applications.

  20. What is the difference between the suffix B and BZ?
    I know that B denotes the UK but I’m seeing TX-55HX580B and TX-55HX580BZ.
    The Panasonic website shows the boxed heights are slightly different.
    Do they have different stands?

      • FYI,
        Panasonic tell me the “Z” just denotes a later batch and has different packaging, hence the extra 15mm height and 0.5kg weight.

        Had the same query a few years ago with SC-BT105EB9.
        Turned out the “9” was just a later batch.

    • You can buy devices working on WiFi and receive streaming video, connect to the TV via HDMI. You may need a paid subscription to streaming services

      Google Chromecast (3rd Generation)

    • TH-37PV71FA – 2006 year
      It is plasma, it is very heavy 23kg. Plasma panels burn out, service life up to 15 years, under normal use.

  21. I can find the specification for this panasonic viera model TH-L32A10x2 can anyone help, thanks.

    • TH – TV for region Asia and Oceania.
      32 – 32-inch screen
      G – TV 2019 year
      There is no letter for screen resolution, which means HD resolution.
      2 – series
      50 model
      N – country

  22. Can anyone tell me the what is the difference between TH-46U20M and TH-46U30M, both are Viera Plasma 46inch TV. I have both TV model sitting 20 different countries, 20M is not working, I would like to know if I take the 30M model board and replace the 20M model main board ?

  23. Can anyone tell me the what is the difference between TH-46U20M and TH-46U30M, both are Viera Plasam 46inch TV. I have both TV model sitting 20 different countries, 20M is not working, I would like to know if I take the 30M model board and replace the 20M model main board ?

  24. Hi I’m Sanjeewa

    I looking for buy Panasonic TV . The model is TH-43ES630N .
    Could you tell make year and made country of the above model


  25. My Panasonic model is TH43GS506MF

    Could you tell the Made country of the above model and the Year of manufacture

    • In some models, a letter indicating the region to which promoted the TV moved to the forward TX-40CXE720 (TX-40CX720E) – TV for European countries, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland.


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