In some TV models you can see the P.STD, S.STD, P. SIZE buttons. For most users (even for me until recently) the purpose of these buttons was a secret. However, if you still want to know what these buttons are for, read this article.

What is the P.STD button on the remote?

P.STD is short for Picture. Setting Television Definition.
It allows you to switch between the preset picture settings on your TV. This button is now set on the remote control very rarely.

But previously, in the era of kinescope TVs, you could quite often see a button on the remote control labeled P.STD. This button switches the preset picture quality modes: movie, standard, dynamic. There are several names of modes that are switched with this button, for example: movie, soft, bright.

However, the exact name of the modes depends on the manufacturer and the model of the TV.

What is the S.STD button on the remote?

S.STD is short for Sound Setting Television Definition. With this button, you can switch the sound quality and select different modes, for example, music, movies, speech.

In modern TVs, this setting is practically not used, since the sound quality has become much better, such a setting has become unnecessary.

P.STD and S.STD buttons
P.STD and S.STD buttons

What is the P.SIZE button on the remote

P. SIZE adjusts the picture size. Changes the size of the picture on the TV screen. For example, you can set the screen size to 16:9 or 3:4 and enlarge the picture to full screen.

Use when a 16:9 TV is used to display a 3:4 image on a 3:4 screen.

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