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What does the model number of a GE refrigerator mean?

General Electric is an American company that makes appliances, including refrigerators. Like other manufacturers, refrigerators have a model number. The information in the model number allows you to find the basic specifications of your refrigerator, making it easier to choose a new one. You can also use the model number and serial number to determine exactly when your refrigerator was manufactured.

You should know that GE. is now owned by the Chinese company Haier. Yes, GE. has completely abandoned the production of home appliances. General Electric retained the rights to the brand. Starting in 2016, appliances manufactured at the GE. plant in the U.S. were manufactured by Haier. The U.S. appliance manufacturing plant was also sold to Haier. So now it’s Chinese refrigerators.

GE refrigerators are made in the USA or not

I also noticed an interesting thing if you look at the refrigerator 2022 information plate. At the top I saw the following: Appliance Park GE Louisville USA and at the bottom it says Made in Mexico. It appears that the refrigerators are not made in the USA. The refrigerators are made in Mexico , and then shipped to retailers.

Briefly about models General Electric fridge

General Electric refrigerators have little information in the model number; the model number is coded with information about the refrigerator line, refrigerator type, refrigerator volume, interior drawer arrangement, and refrigerator color. Model numbers are slightly different for large side-by-side refrigerators and standard refrigerators, but not significantly; nevertheless, I made an example of deciphering the model number for both types of refrigerators.

What to look for when choosing a GE refrigerator

I recommend deciding on your refrigerator size. After all, it must fit where you want it to. This is easy to do by focusing on the size of your refrigerator. Then you can choose the color and model of the fridge. You can also select a different number of shelves and drawers for the GE refrigerator, which are not listed in the model number; only indirectly can you tell it by the change in the functional volume of the fridge. But it’s best to look at the refrigerator in the store to get an idea of the layout, and you can order it later with home delivery. 

Model numbers of GE refrigerators how to find

As with all refrigerators, one of the main places to place the information sticker is inside the refrigerator on the wall. This sticker has all the necessary information about the fridge, including the model and serial numbers. There is also another sticker on the back of the refrigerator, which has the model number and serial number, as well as a barcode. But this is a technical sticker intended for factory employees and is read by the scanner as the refrigerator moves along the assembly line.

In addition, you can find information about the refrigerator on the box, but most likely, you have thrown it away, although I am just in case I take a picture and send the sticker to the cloud, just in case it will be helpful. If you bought the refrigerator online, you would find the purchase history in your account on the site. So you will know the model number but not the refrigerator’s serial number.

GE (General Electric) refrigerators model number French door type and side-by-side decoding, explained

Decode model number refrigerator General Electric

Decode model number refrigerator GE on the example model PSB48YSKSS

Let’s look at an example of a GE refrigerator model designation with model number PSB48YSKSS. I will start with the order of the characters in the model number and explain what they mean.

How to find out the range of GE refrigerators

The first symbol indicates a line of refrigerators or simply indicates that the product in question is from GE.

  • P – refrigerator series GE Profile™ 
  • С – refrigerator series GE Café™
  • G – refrigerator General Electric

How to know the type of GE refrigerator

The second letter indicates the type of refrigerator, design features

  • S, Z – side-by-side refrigerators, in these refrigerators the freezer is located on the side.
  • F, Y, А – fridges of type french door, in the freezer drawers.
  • W, N – Refrigerators without a dispenser have this label.

The third letter indicates the design features.

  • B -built-in appliancesа
  • E -ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator Series®
  • D -a series of refrigerators with double doors of the door in door type.

How to know the capacity of a GE refrigerator

48 – refrigerator volume in cubic feet, this is the total volume of the freezer and refrigerator compartment.

Y – The letter after the refrigerator volume is the refrigerator model, indicating the difference in the number of shelves and drawers. Determines the internal layout of the drawers and shelves, as well as their size in the refrigerator.

SKSS – The last letters indicate the color of the refrigerator. Not only the color of the fridge is coded, but also the type and structure of the coating. For example, not just a gray refrigerator, the color marking will be called something like this external color gray metal, color structure under the metal.

  • SHSS – stainless steel
  • SKSS – stainless steel
  • BLTS – black stainless steel
  • MKES – gray with blue shimmer
  • ELDS – black with blue tint
  • GKBB, GLBB – black

GE (General Electric) refrigerators with top and bottom freezer, model number decoding, explanation

The designation of models of refrigerators with bottom and top freezer compartments is different. In such refrigerators, the tag looks as follows; let us take the model of the GIE21GTHWW refrigerator as an example.

G – the first letter indicates the products of General Electric

I – indicates the refrigerator type.

  • I – factory-installed ice maker, refrigerator with upper freezer compartment.
  • T – top freezer compartment
  • P – door handle is built into the upper freezer compartment.
  • D – lower freezer compartment + ice maker
  • L – bottom freezer compartment with two drawers
  • B – bottom freezer compartment
  • E – ENERGY STAR® freezer range
  • S – reduced size

21 – as with French door refrigerators, refrigerator volume is shown in cubic feet.

G – change in design and control type of refrigerator

THWW – the color of a refrigerator, refrigerator handles, and doors similar to large GE refrigerators.

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