The production of garment care appliances is a key activity within the Bosch-Siemens Group’s Household Appliances Division. Each Bosch washing machine, like all household appliances, comes with a model number. This model number provides specific information about the washing machine.

Model number structure of Bosch washing machines

The model number structure of Bosch washing machines has evolved several times over the past decade. At first glance, the changes may seem insignificant, but there are notable differences, particularly in the number of characters in the model numbers. Here are a few examples:

  • WGG244F90
  • WUU28T92
  • WGG244ZR90

The model number contains four blocks that encode specific information about the washing machine:

  1. Appliance Type Block: This block indicates the type of appliance.
  2. Technical Block details the housing, controls, and spin speed.
  3. Design Block: This block indicates the color of the washing machine, typically the door color.
  4. Country Block: This block indicates the country for which the washing machine is manufactured. This block is not used in the model code of washing machines for Germany.

Bosch washing machine model number decoder

The model number structure of Bosch washing machines has changed several times, resulting in various types of model numbers. Here are the main points when these changes took place:

  • 2018: Model numbers were standardized, and some feature designations, such as the ability to connect to a smart home system, were removed from the model number.
  • 2022: A modification number was added to the model number, effectively serving as a revision number for the washing machine on the same chassis. To maintain the structure of the number, the spin speed is now indicated by a single symbol.

It’s important to note that even in 2024, washing machines based on chassis from before 2022 are still being produced. Below are a few variations of the model number depending on the year:

  • Before 2018: Model numbers include all features, including smart home connectivity.
  • 2018-2022: Standardized model numbers without some feature designations.
  • Post-2022: Model numbers include a modification number and a single-symbol spin speed indicator.

Bosch washing machine model number from 2022

Here is the model number decoding for the latest Bosch washing machines. The meaning of the symbols in the model number can be seen in the illustration and each symbol is explained in detail below:

Let’s decode the model number WGG244F9GB for a Bosch washing machine. This model number provides detailed information about the washing machine:

  1. W – Indicates a washing machine, a household appliance for laundry care.
  2. G – Indicates the features and construction of the washing machine:
    • A: Front-loading with a standard depth of 60 cm.
    • L: Front-loading with a depth of 45 cm.
    • I: Built-in.
    • O: Top-loading.
    • U: Countertop with a removable top cover.
    • G: New series with increased energy efficiency.
  3. G – Represents the chassis type and generation, including motor and drum type:
    • 2015: K, E
    • 2016: Y, Q, T
    • 2018: S, W, L
    • 2019: V
    • 2020: J, N, U, X
    • 2021: G
    • 2022: A, B
  4. 24 – Model number, indicating significant design changes (first digit) and minor modifications (second digit, e.g., reinforced shock absorbers for larger loads).
  5. 4 – Maximum spin speed:
    • 2: 1200 RPM
    • 4: 1400 RPM
    • 6: 1600 RPM
    • 8: 1800 RPM
  6. F – Type of washing machine control (in some modifications, there may be two symbols).
  7. 9 – Design symbol indicating the color of the door.
  8. GB – Designation of the country to which the washing machine will be delivered for sale, corresponding to the international country code. (Not present in the model number code for Germany).

Bosch washing machine model number from 2018

Compared to newer model numbers, this model number has no model ID and the spin speed is indicated by two characters. This model number is still in use today.

I will not repeat myself with the explanation of similar symbols, I will stop only on the designation of spin speed in these model numbers, here is how the values can be interpreted
20: 1000 RPM
24: 1200 RPM
28: 1400 RPM
32: 1600 RPM

Otherwise there are no differences with the newer models.

The model number of an old Bosch washing machine

Until 2018, Bosch washing machine model numbers attempted to include features such as the ability to connect to Home Connect (Bosch smart home system) in the model numbers. However, over time, this labeling was abandoned for two reasons: Most washing machines include this feature by default, but some just don’t need it, so they don’t pay attention to it. In these models, the spin speed was indicated by a single symbol:

0: 1000 RPM
4: 1200 RPM
8: 1400 RPM
2: 1600 RPM

Country code in the model number of the Bosch washing machine

Here’s a table to help you identify the country for which your Bosch washing machine is manufactured based on its model number:

GBUnited Kingdom
SNDenmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
UCUnited States, Canada
BYBulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania
AUAustralia, New Zealand
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  1. Hey
    Can someone please help me to decode BOSCH Home professional.
    At the moment on the market are following models:

    What is the differenct between them and what G, E and last 2 digits means?

    • These washing machines are assembled on the same chassis. But there are some differences, such as
      WAV28G44: i-DOC (no), Home Connect (no).
      WAV28E94: i-DOC (yes), Home Connect (no)
      WAV28E43: i-DOC (yes), Home Connect (yes)

  2. PLEASE Update this, I’m looking the “New” Machines on their website, and it’s so confusing. They won’t let you sort by release date. For example I’m looking at a WGG244A0AU? Or a WGG24402AU?

  3. which country is me at the end?
    I have a code, 28L90me of bosch washing machine.
    Is it fake?

  4. What about WGA244ASIN. Please decode this. this is NOT a series 4 but series 6 and NOT 1200 rpm but 1400 rpm spin speed washing machine in silver colour sold in India.

  5. We have had a bad experience with another make WM vibration on wooden floor. How can we select a quiter less vibration model please.

  6. Hey, need help decoding country code. Apparently, all models here has BY at the end. Example: WAN24260BY

    • BY – universal designation for washing machines produced in Poland for Eastern European countries. Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.

  7. What’s does “J” in the series stand for? Eg. I’m looking at this model “WAJ2846SIN” and trying to compare it to “WAT2846SIN”.

    • Most likely no significant differences, J is just the next modification of the washing machine.

  8. It’s been about two years now. Could you please update this legend chart with the latest models. There are now models with new confusing letters.

    • W – washer
      A – washing machine width 60cm
      K – series
      24 – 1200 spin speed, 20 – 1000
      16 and 06 type control type
      8, 5, W – design differences
      IN – India
      between washing machines, the difference in spin speed, type of control and design.

  9. Any idea what the number is after the / eg Bosch model number as above but after GB it has /69


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