The model number of a Samsung refrigerator is not just a random sequence of numbers and letters. It contains valuable information that can help buyers make an informed decision. Understanding the model number is crucial when buying a new or used refrigerator. It can reveal important details such as:

  1. The type of refrigerator.
  2. The year of release of the refrigerator model.
  3. The country in which the refrigerator is manufactured.
  4. The capacity of the refrigerator.
  5. The color of the refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerator model number structure

Samsung refrigerator model numbers contain information about the refrigerator that varies slightly by region. Below is an overview of the model number structure for different regions.

Model numbers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

In North America, Samsung refrigerator model numbers follow a uniform system that includes the internal volume of the refrigerator in cubic feet. These refrigerators are usually assembled in Mexico, so the model numbers are similar. The model number consists of the following:

  1. Refrigerator Type: The type of refrigerator (e.g., French door, side-by-side, top freezer).
  2. Total Internal Volume: The internal volume of the refrigerator in cubic feet.
  3. Year of Manufacture: The year of release of the refrigerator model.
  4. Classification Unit: Indicates the refrigerator class and refrigerator series.
  5. Control System Identification Unit: Information about the control system of the refrigerator.
  6. Refrigerator body color identification: The color of the refrigerator’s exterior finish.
  7. Country Information Box: The country for which the refrigerator is made.

Model numbers in Europe, Australia, and other countries

In Europe, Australia, and other regions, the model numbers of Samsung refrigerators do not include the internal capacity. The structure of these model numbers includes:

  • Refrigerator Type: The type of refrigerator (e.g., side freezer, bottom freezer, top freezer, etc.).
  • Series and Model: The series and specific model of the refrigerator.
  • Development Year: The year of the first release of the refrigerator model.
  • Control System Design: Information about the design and construction of the refrigerator’s control system.
  • Color Block: The color of the exterior finish of the refrigerator.
  • Country Information Block: The country for which the refrigerator is made.

Next, I will explain in more detail what the model number symbols mean.

Decode Samsung refrigerator model numbers 2012-2024 for Europe

Decoding the Samsung Refrigerator Model Number: RS68N8670S9/EU

Let’s break down the model number RS68N8670S9/EU to understand what each part signifies:

  • B – First Letter: Indicates that the refrigerator is built-in. This identifier is used only for built-in refrigerators.
  • R – Product Identifier: Means that this product is a refrigerator.
  • S – Refrigerator Type: Indicates the type of refrigerator:
    • S: Freezer on the side
    • B, L: Freezer on the bottom
    • T: Top freezer
    • H: Side freezer with an additional glass door, allowing you to see inside without letting the cold out
    • F: Four-door refrigerator
    • R: Single door refrigerator
  • 68 – Series and Model Identifier: This part can indicate different things depending on the region: In some models, it represents the approximate volume of the refrigerator in liters.In most cases, it denotes the series and model of the refrigerator.
    • 6: Series
    • 8: Refrigerator model (can also be a letter instead of a number)

Samsung refrigerator models by year

The next part of the model number contains the most valuable information for the user: the year in which the refrigerator was developed. This is not the year of production, but the year of development. A refrigerator model can be produced for 3 to 6 years. Therefore, in 2024, you can find refrigerators that were produced in 2019 or 2020, for example.

  • N – year of development,
    • D-2024
    • С-2023
    • B-2022
    • A-2021
    • T-2020
    • R-2019,
    • N-2018
    • M-2017
    • K-2016
    • J -2015
    • H-2014
    • F-2013
    • E-2012
    • D – 2011
    • С – 2010
    • B – 2009
    • A – 2008
  • 8670 – This group of symbols indicates the type of control and construction of the refrigerator (location and type of handles on the doors, presence of a dispenser, type of control).
  • S9 – color of refrigerator
  • EU – the last two letters, the country for which the refrigerator is made. Since a compressor is installed in the refrigerator for a certain voltage, it is important that the refrigerator gets to the country for which it was made.

Decode Samsung refrigerator model numbers 2012-2024 for US, Canada, Mexico

Samsung Refrigerator Model Number Decoding: RF29DB9600QLAA

Let’s break down the model number RF29DB9600QLAA, a refrigerator model for North America. While the structure is similar to European models, there are some differences. Here’s a detailed decoding of the model number:

  • R – Product ID: Indicates that this product is a refrigerator.
  • F – Refrigerator Type: Indicates the type of refrigerator:
    • S: Side freezer
    • B, L: Bottom freezer
    • T: Top freezer
    • H: Side freezer with an additional glass door that allows you to see inside without letting the cold out.
    • F: Four-door refrigerator
    • R: Single door refrigerator
  • 29 – Refrigerator Capacity: The refrigerator’s capacity in cubic feet.
  • D – Year of Development: Indicates the year the refrigerator model was developed, which in this case is 2024. The letter corresponds to the year as previously described.
  • B9600 – Model Number and Features: This part provides details about the specific model number of the refrigerator and its features such as design and control system.
  • QL – Refrigerator Color: Indicates the color of the refrigerator, which in this case is Stainless Steel.
  • AA – Country Information: Indicates the country for which the refrigerator is made. The last two letters specify the country:
    • AA: USA, Canada
    • EM: Mexico

By decoding the model number RF29DB9600QLAA, we can determine that it is a refrigerator designed for the North American market with a capacity of 29 cubic feet, developed in 2024, with model number B9600, in Stainless Steel color, and manufactured for the USA or Canada.

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  1. Hi there.
    Following what I have read above am I right in thinking these two appliances will be the same colour?
    Samsung RZ32M7125SA/EU Frost Free Tall Freezer
    Samsung RR7000 RR39M7140SA Tall Larder Fridge
    The website states that the freezer is silver (which makes sense per your information) but that the fridge is metal graphite. I want two that match but don’t want to order the wrong thing.

    • Should be the same color, although they are different product lines, there may be a difference in shade. especially if assembled in different factories.

  2. What does the acronyn “PJT” mean on a Samsung refrigerator model RT32FARLDSL/AP. I read the following on the cover of a Samsung refrigerator Service Manual: “3050 TMF-PJT Training Manual”

    • You have found the service manual for repair shops. 3050 TMF-PJT e technical name of the component series (main board, display unit). The name is useless to the average user.

  3. Hi, I have a Samsung RB217ABPN/XAA
    my door opens left to right, I need to reverse the door. Can you tell me the model with the door opens right to left so I can order hinges?

    Thank you for your help!!

      • Hello, refrigerators usually have universal door hinges. Look carefully at the door and refrigerator on the left side. There should be plastic plugs, if you take them off, you will see mounting holes – this is where the door hinges are attached. You need to unscrew the mounting screws and move the hinges to the left side of the door and, of course, the left side of the refrigerator. Install the plugs that you removed from the left side to the other side. The refrigerator will now open from right to left.
        The door hinges should be universal.

  4. What is the year, country manufactured, and capacity of RF217ACWP/XAA samsung fridge please.

  5. Hi, would it be possible to decode

    Model: – RL39THCTS
    Serial No:- 81924EAZC00101 E

    Particularly interested in year of manufacture.


  6. I have refrigerator RF28HMEDBSR/AA. There are no double numbers after this model number. Trying to purchase a replacement part and all sites seem to have two digits following the “AA”. Can you tell me what model to choose if I have no numbers?

  7. Hi, would you be able to advise where my Samsung fridge was made? And in which year? The model number is RT43K6057B1/SS. Thank you!

  8. Hi, can you please explain the following model:
    R- Frig: T: Top Freezer:
    39 : 390 lit;
    R- 2019 Model:
    5 – ??
    45 E – ??
    SL – Color

  9. Why HL is mentioned in all Samsung Refrigerator Models which are available online in India? what is the meaning of HL in the same?

  10. Rt56T6378BS – can you help decode the manufacturing year and the color of this refrigerator as well… thanks in advance!

  11. Hi. What is the meaning of the 2 digits after the country code? In my case:
    rf26hfendsr/aa 04
    I see some parts listed for 01, 02 and 03 but not 04.

    • 04 is a modification. In this case it means that you have a 4th generation refrigerator in this model. The manufacturer eliminates shortcomings in the process of production, improves something, if after the changes the components are changed (do not fit to earlier versions) the refrigerator is assigned a new code.

    • The exact date of manufacture can be obtained from the serial number. This 2011 model year

  12. I am trying to find the year of manufacture for a Samsung Refrigerator whose model number is RS263BBSH/XAA … would you have any info? Thank you, Sandy Jordan

  13. Hi,
    Do you have idea which manufacture date/year is year code “DH” or DB” or “DF”?
    However these aren’t Samsung refrigerators (Linde) but I don’t find anything about this type of codes.
    Thanks in advance

    • D – 2011 is not the year of manufacture, it is the year of development of the Samsung appliance model.
      The exact date of manufacture can be obtained from the serial number
      Samsung TV serial numbers decoder 2001-2020

  14. Samsung model RS72R5011B4
    S/N: 0UNR47SNA00190X
    Can you please tell me manufacturing year/month and country of origin?

    • This refrigerator model has been manufactured since 2012. In the serial number F6, it is F year and month 6 of production. But Samsung does not use the letter F to indicate the year.
      Z — 2010
      B — 2011
      C — 2012
      D — 2013
      E — 2014
      G — 2015
      Check the serial number again, it does not match the samsung standard.

    • 2190 – code, it contains information about which factories supplied parts for the assembly
      4 – Samsung product, refrigerator
      2 – the country of assembly of the refrigerator
      2 – assembly line number at the factory
      L – 2006
      7 – July month
      00279 – serial number

      Your refrigerator was made in July 2006.

  15. Hi can you please tell me what colour is the S9, you have S8 on your list but not the S9.

    Thank you

    • Unfortunately, Samsung says that
      S9 – just Silver
      We recommend to look at the color of the fridge in the store.

      • Thanks for the info. You are correct, SL is sold in Indonesia, but only sold by very few sellers, while most sellers sold SE series. I am curious why in Samsung Indonesia website only mentioned SE series instead.

  16. Hello, Can I know about bellow model numbers which I found in Sri Lanka.

    • RT – fridge-freezer model with freezer on top
      340, 370 – total refrigerator volume in liters, useful less.
      M – model 2017
      5 – series of refrigerators
      532 – model
      S8, S9 – color and design

  17. hello,

    I can see below codes in Iran market ,
    would you please help me to understand them ?

    thank you

    • R – refrigerator
      S – model side by side
      72 – refrigerator capacity of 730 litres
      G5 – special series of refrigerators, reduced wall thickness, to increase the internal volume.
      51 – refrigerator capacity of 510 litres
      K – model 2016 year
      P.S. Read the reviews of these models, the refrigerators of 2016 used an ice maker for which there were many complaints.

  18. i’m also interested if you have more info on the following:
    670 – indicates the type of control and design of the refrigerator (the presence of handles, dispenser)

    because i see models with 030, 035, 535 and i don’t really know what they mean.

    thanks in advance!

      • for example:

        For example the first two are almost the same code except the “030” and “035” difference.
        The 3rd one is a big larger (RT38 vs RT32) and has the “530” code after the year code (K) and generation code (5).

        • 030-035 Different designs, possibly different shelves in the refrigerator or shelves for different purposes.
          530 – The fridge has a display on the doors inside is the same as the 030

          • Thanks a lot for you info!
            I’ve also just noticed that the power class differs on the first 2 codes, or at least in my country:
            RT32K5030S9/EO – power class A+
            RT32K5035S9/EO – power class A++

            • Energy efficiency index A+ and A++
              it’s very tentative, it’s calculated by formulas when averaged. Under real conditions, it never corresponds to the calculated one.

  19. Hello,
    Do you have more data of below?
    670 – indicates the type of control and design of the refrigerator (the presence of handles, dispenser)


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