LG G4 H810 vs H811 vs LS991 vs US991 vs VS986

LG G4 phone models that are sold in the United States. They are usually sold jointly by the phone manufacturer and the carrier. This is an advantage for both the phone manufacturer and the carrier. Each gets its share of the benefits. The manufacturer sells more phones, but at the expense of the mobile operator. And the latter, in turn, gets the customer for the contract. For example, in the U.S. a lot of phones are produced for sale through a particular operator, and of course at a big discount, and LG, in turn, produces smartphones with the characteristics of a mobile network for a particular operator.

For example, with a contract from AT&T you can buy a phone for $0, and from Sprint for $49.99. Promotions change from time to time, so check back here to see what’s on offer.


LG G4 H810 vs H811 vs LS991 vs US991 vs VS986

  • H810-model for the network of mobile operator AT & T
  • H811– Sprint
  • H815-international version.
  • LS991– U.S. Cellular
  • VS986– Verizon

Depending on which network operators work, telephones support the following communication standards.

  • H810- GSM Quad Band/UMTS Tri Band/LTE
  • H811-LTE Tri Band/CDMA/GSM Quad Band/UMTS Tri Band
  • H815-2G, GSM, HSDPA, 4G, LTE, Bands
  • LS991- Hepta Band/Dual Mode
  • VS986- CDMA, GSM, LTE

Other features such as CPU memory, screen size are the same in all models.

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