Micro Dimming vs Micro Dimming Ultimate vs Micro Dimming pro explained

The technical specifications of the system used TVs local dimming. Each manufacturer calls its technology in different ways, although they have the same principle, only different processing algorithm.

What is Micro Dimming

Micro Dimming – if local dimming is declared on the TV, this means that a matrix is installed in the TV in which the ability to turn off the backlight of the screen by zones is implemented. This makes it possible to improve the quality of black on the TV screen.

Some manufacturers produce TVs with several modifications technologies consider local dimming technology from Samsung.

  • Micro Dimming
  • Micro Dimming Ultimate
  • Micro Dimming pro

Which means Micro Dimming

Micro Dimming-the most simple technology in TV has 300 zones, local dimming technology is only responsible for the improvement of the contrast makes black color deeper.

Which means Micro Dimming pro

Micro Dimming pro – In addition to creating a deeper level of black, the technology also improves sharpness and color depth. It also has 300 zones.

Which means Micro Dimming Ultimate

Micro Dimming Ultimate – has 600 zones, which gives a better picture as compared to the pro, the rest is similar.

Feedback from users of a significant difference between the pro and ultimate is not noticeable, but in comparison with ordinary technology difference is palpable.


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