Samsung TVs have a function Auto Motion Plus, what it is, how it works and why it is important and thing which TV must to have or should?

First of all,this technology makes it possible for the manufacturer to improve the display of dynamic scenes on the TV screen.

You can pay attention that the Samsung has two similar technologies used simultaneously.

  1. Clear motion rate (CMR) в TV Samsung
  2. Auto Motion Plus

both of these technologies are designed to improve the smoothness of dynamic movement, so what is the difference of these technologies.

Clear motion rate (CMR) this index determines the visual perception of the image that has nothing to do with the actual frequency of the image display on the TV screen.

How technology works Auto Motion Plus

On the support website of Samsung is an explanation how this technology and pictures graphically showing the processes occurring in the inclusion of this technology

When the initial number of frames such as (3 frames) creates additional frames between two existing, hence the frequency display will increase by 2 times, can be created by an extra few frames, the real frequency of the show will be 120 or 240 hertz.

When viewing 3D movies, because Samsung uses the active technology, you can normally watch TV at the frequency of the playback at least 120Hz. (120 frames per second), not less than to create effective, the viewer will be noticeable flicker than suffered earlier TVs. 240 frames per second, there is improvement in display technology.

Consider automatically add frames (Auto Motion Plus), when the frequency of the 3D Playback automatically increased to at least 120.

TV with Auto Motion Plus is a more realistic image. The edges of each object is very clearly defined, and images move smoothly without interruption. But for a small number of frames in the original image (example view analog or SD images), is in danger of a soap opera, the image becomes very smooth.

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