If you own a Samsung TV you may sometimes, very rarely, find that there is picture on the TV, but no sound. There is no need to panic, you can easily check what the problem is.

No sound in your Samsung TV set fix

To fix the sound on your Samsung TV, we recommend the following steps. Start with the simplest one, for convenience I will tell all the recommended actions one by one.

Step 1: Restart the TV restarting the audio drivers

As modern televisions, computers are very, often there is a failure of the software. The TV has detected something wrong and there is no sound in the speakers. Restart the TV, disconnect the TV from the mains for 1-2 minutes (this is mandatory). Turn it on and check the sound.

Step 2: check that the sound is on.

no sound on tv samsung
no sound on tv samsung

The easiest case is to check if you accidentally pressed mute on the remote control. The TV certainly shows a crossed out speaker, but maybe you just didn’t notice it. Press the “Mute” button on the remote, you will turn the sound on or off.

Step 3: Check the sound level

Your TV may have the sound level set to 0. Alternatively, your pet may have been playing with the remote and accidentally turned the sound off. Press the volume up button, set the level to 12-16, and check if the sound appears.

Step 4: Check if there is sound on the other channels

The situation where there is no sound when watching TV may have nothing to do with the TV at all. It could be a malfunction in the TV program broadcast. Switch the TV to another channel. It is possible that everything is fine on the other channel.

Step 5: Check which sound output you have set for the TV.

The TV provides several options for audio output

  • TV speakers
  • External receiver (external speakers)
  • Bluetooth speakers or headphones

When sound is output to external speakers, the TV is muted. Check the bluetooth headphones to see if the sound is transmitted to the headphones. Also check the sound output setting of the TV in the menu under audio you will find sound output check if the TV speakers are selected.

Step 6: Connecting wired headphones

Televisions usually have an audio output to which you can connect wired headphones. If you use these headphones, check that the headphones are not plugged in. The TV has a provision that when you plug in the headphones, the speakers are disconnected. Also, if you use the headphones often, the jack in the TV may break and the TV does not realize that you have disconnected the headphones. Plug in the headphones and listen if there is sound in the headphones.

Other malfunctions with sound in Samsung TVs

No sound on HDMI

The problem arises because of the way HDMI video and audio are defined. If you are using an HDMI connection to send video to your TV, it can be quite common to have video but no sound. In this case, simply disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable.  If this is not possible, restart the device that transmits video to the TV.  After that the sound will appear.

The sound on the TV turns off a few minutes after the TV is turned on

If the sound on your TV stops playing some time after you turn it on, this usually indicates a software or technical problem. Disconnect the TV from the mains for two minutes, then switch the TV back on.  If the situation repeats, it is most likely a technical problem.   

Self-diagnosis of sound in a Samsung TV set

Samsung TVs have a self-diagnostic program. Depending on your TV model, the call for the diagnostic program may be different. But on most TVs, you can find it like this.  Press “Menu” on the remote control, then select the “Support” menu. Select the “Self-Diagnostic” option, and then select “Sound Test.” The TV will play sounds from the built-in speakers. If you hear sound, then the sound problem is not with the TV. If you do not hear a tune, there is probably a problem with the sound on the TV.

Other factors affecting the sound on your TV

The sound in the TV may be affected by the region and country setting, but this is very unlikely. The TV comes from the factory with the correct settings. This situation can only occur if you have changed the settings yourself.

What to do if the recommendations did not help

If you are unable to restore the sound on your TV by yourself, contact a professional. Find a Samsung service center in your area.

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