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How to change the name of your Google account

Google is everywhere, literally everywhere you look - the company has become so big that it owns and controls almost every known service on...

How to force Google Chrome to save passwords

Every modern user has a huge number of accounts on various resources, including Google. Moreover, cybercriminals have learned to crack many passwords literally in...

How to check who has viewed your Google Photo

Google Photos is a very convenient cloud photo and video storage service from Google. You can set up automatic synchronization of your files so...

What is the difference between Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a

Google continues to create new products for its users. In addition to the fact that each of the services that have been released by...

How to manage saved passwords in Google Chrome

You've probably had to deal with passwords that you forget at some point. Well, for example, you want to visit a website that you...
How to restart Pixel 6

How to restart Pixel 6?

Modern smartphones, even when handled with the utmost care, can malfunction. Most often they occur due to malfunctions in the operating system, but mechanical...