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iPhone is a device that has many features that are constantly updated with the release of new software. This includes unlocking your iPhone with your face, as previously this function didn’t exist at all. Previously, iPhone users were able to unlock their iPhones using a code and a fingerprint. Today, Apple has provided an opportunity to use Face ID on many of its devices, as well as iPhones, Face ID is also supported on some iPads.

Also when it comes to the Face ID feature, many people are interested in it, especially during the release of the first iPhone, which has this feature. However, at the same time, they also wonder how safe it’s, whether someone using Face ID can get access to your device.

What is Face ID

Face ID is a three-dimensional human face scanner. The important point is that the module of cameras and sensors works in such a way that recognizes not just a simple portrait of a person, but its three-dimensional model. Thus Face ID can work from different angles and work more accurately. This makes Face ID impossible to fool with a photo or video of the owner, which makes it a more reliable way of protection than the fingerprint scanner.

Before the new iPhone came out into the world without the home button, a few years ago people wondered how it would be used, because in addition to the fact that this button is needed for basic switching from windows. Also for these necessary functions, the home button is often needed for emergencies.

However, in spite of this in the updated design, you won’t lose these features. Quite often, people who want to buy a new iPhone, but doubt whether they can adjust to an iPhone without a button, consider models of iPhone SE. For the most part of the filling, these phones don’t differ from newer phones but it have a more pleasant price, so before buying you should know whether the iPhone SE is waterproof.

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How Face ID works and how it used to be

Face ID works in such a way that it’s based on a motion sensor that is based on infrared depth meters. So eventually Face ID will result in a three-dimensional image, which will replace the functionality of the fingerprint as it was previously on older models of iPhones.


Apple spent a long time developing this feature before introducing it to its users. With the release of the new iPhone models, almost nothing has changed in the Face ID feature. Only in 2021 was the layout of the scanning sensors slightly changed, which helped to make the upper part of the 13th iPhone more compact. In addition, Apple has improved this feature with all the changes in the world. As a result of the pandemic which has progressed worldwide, Face ID has been improved for these realities so Apple made sure that people can use Face ID while wearing a mask with iPhone 12 and later.

Some people are worried about their safety when they actively use Face ID. This topic was brought up at Apple’s presentation to address questions the public may have. It’s not possible to unlock the screen without owning an iPhone, even when you’re asleep. Because in order for the iPhone to be unlocked you have to look directly into the camera. It’s not necessary to place the gadget strictly at eye level, but it’s still advisable not to move away from the field of coverage of the face sensors.

This method of unlocking is considered more reliable than Touch ID as on earlier models of iPhones. It’s believed that the chance of meeting a person with the same fingerprint is higher than the same appearance for Face ID to work. So before you buy a new iPhone you should also pay attention, quite often one of the burning questions before buying is how much you need storage on the new iPhone. This makes sense because it’s worthwhile to study in advance the capabilities of each model and what functions are supported, including Face ID.

When to use Face ID on iPhones

Face ID is used much more often than one might think. Of course, most of the time when unlocking your iPhone, this process is repeated many times a day. Also during authorization on Apple websites. Even more often iPhone users use Face ID during the confirmation of payment by Apple Pay, a mandatory action before the payment. You can also confirm it with a password code.

In addition, there are quite a few apps on the iPhone that allow you to set login protection, such as Google Drive, Flo, banking apps and others. When you sign in to such apps, your iPhone also overwrites the password every time.

Another common action where you will need Face ID is before installing apps from the AppStore. If Face ID doesn’t work or for some other reason you can’t use it you will need to enter your iCloud password.

What iPhone models support Face ID

Starting in 2017, Apple began introducing iPhones with Face ID. The very first iPhone in which this feature appeared was the iPhone X. Face ID is present in the following models of iPhones:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

All iPhones that were released earlier didn’t have the Face ID function, before that users performed all confirming actions with the password code and Touch ID.

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What to do if Face ID doesn’t work

In fact, if a mishap such as Face ID breakage occurs, you will have to put more effort and money into restoring this feature. Because in the case of Face ID problems, you’ll have to replace the camera module and the motherboard that’s attached to it.

If you happen to have such a mishap with an iPhone that has Touch ID function, solutions will be much faster and cheaper. You will need to replace the lower part of the iPhone panel, namely to perform some actions in the service center with the Home button.

No matter what kind of breakdown occurred, it’s best to go straight to the service center and fix the situation together with the specialists. In order not to cause more damage to your iPhone.

In fact, many people have difficulties with Face ID, there can be many breakdowns in which this feature becomes inaccessible. That’s why many people prefer iPhone SE. For this, it’s best to compare iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 12 mini to see which is better to buy.

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