DLNA what is it

In reading the specifications of Panasonic TVs can be seen next DLNA – DMP/DMR/DMS.

  • DLNA – This protocol allows you to exchange information in a local network.

In turn, the DMP / DMR / DMS are classes of network devices that can support the DLNA protocol

  • D-digital digital devices
  • M-media processing apparatus for transmitting various data (video, audio)
    last letters denote the device itself.


  • DMS – Media Server, the device containing the content, and that can make it available to networked digital media player (DMP) and digital media player (DMR). This could be for example a computer with software installed to support DLNA.


  • DMP – Media Player (DMP): finds content on digital media server (DMS) and provides playback. This TV sets, stereos and home theaters, wireless monitors and game consoles.


  • DMR-Digital Media Renderer (DMR): more expanded than DMP apparatus reproduces content that includes a media server at the same time it can be used for other devices.

By and large presence in the description of DMP / DMR / DMS specifically disclaims any meaning, since he has a DLNA protocol is standardized and describes the support for such devices. But as they say, and you can write a few technical terms for solidity.

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