What is the size of a 55-inch television. Yes, when choosing a TV, you will of course be wondering what size 55-inch TV is. How big is a 55 inch TV can it be mounted on a stand, is there enough room for a stand.

All TV manufacturers specify the size of the TV and this is the size of the screen diagonal. Some people mistakenly think that the size indicated by the manufacturer is the width of the TV, no it is not. A 55 inch TV is the size of the screen diagonal.

How wide is a 55 inch TV, 55 TV dimensions

tv 55 inch diagonal

As I said before, the size of TVs is commonly measured by the diagonal of the screen. So you need to understand that if you choose a television with a diagonal of 55 inches. This is the size of the screen diagonal specified in inches. The screen diagonal is if you measure the screen from corner to corner of the display. The screen diagonal will always be slightly larger than the width of the TV.

55 inch TV dimensions in cm

In the metric system of measurement, the diagonal of a 55-inch TV is 139.7 centimeters. This translates very simply to 2.54 centimeters, or 254 millimeters in one inch. Therefore, the translation formula is 55×2.54=139.7 centimeters.

By my measurements, my TV screen diagonal is less than 55 inches

Of course, if you are measuring a TV screen that claims to be 55 inches diagonal. The actual diagonal or shall we say visible portion of the screen will be slightly smaller, on average about 0.5 inches or 15-20 mm. This is not an error. You just need to be aware that the actual screen diagonal size may be slightly smaller or even larger, manufacturers always round up the diagonal size to the nearest whole number, and you also need to consider that part of the display is covered by a frame around the screen.

Dimensions of 55 inch TV. Width of 55 inch TV.

55 inch TV size, you should know that modern televisions have an aspect ratio of 16: 9. If you divide the width of the screen into 16 equal parts, the height of the TV is 9 equal parts. This is the accepted standard for television screens. Nowadays, there are no televisions with a different aspect ratio, of course if you consider old televisions before the era of digital television, there was a 3×4 aspect ratio, which is no longer in use. So, you can find out the width and height of a 55-inch TV screen. You can use mathematical formulas to do this, but to save you the hassle, I’ll just give you the dimensions of a 55 inch TV.

55-inch TV size as shown
55″ TV dimensions

How height is a 55 inch TV

  • TV height is a little more complicated, there are two measurements of TV height – with and without a stand. Modern televisions can be mounted on legs, usually small televisions up to 55 inches or one stand for televisions over 55 inches. But now very often the TV is simply mounted on the wall, then you can ignore the size of the stand. The stands themselves can be completely different sizes, and if you are interested in the actual height of a particular model, refer to the specifications of that TV model. In addition, there is always a large frame at the bottom of the TV, this is a perfectly normal explanation, the bottom of the TV usually houses the control buttons or joystick, as well as the speakers. Excluding the frame, the height of the 55-inch TV will be
  • Height of 55 inch TV – 28 inches or 71 centimeters.

How wide is a 55 inch TV

  • Many readers of this site ask how long is a 55 inch TV referring to the width of the TV.
  • Length of 55 inch TV or Width of 55 inch TV – 48 inches or 122 centimeters.
  • But you should understand that this is very relative, I calculated the width of the TV based on the diagonal, but as I said before in reality the TV will be a little bigger, not much bigger at all, but bigger because of the frame that holds the TV display in the housing. So the actual size can be, for that I will just give the actual dimensions of several 55″ TVs a little later.

55 inch TV size in feet

55 inch TV dimensions in feet, 55 inches is 4.58 feet. Accordingly, the dimensions of the TV in feet will be as follows;
The length (width) of a 55-inch TV will be 4 feet.
The height (tall) of the 55-inch TV in feet is 2.33 feet.
The thickness (depth) of the 55″ TV in feet is 0.1-0.2 feet.

Dimensions of some 55 inch TV models

Dimensions are given with and without the stand. In this little table, I’ll give you the dimensions of LG’s different LED, QNED and OLED lines of TVs, as well as the dimensions of Samsung’s 55 inch OLED and QLED TVs. You can also see the dimensions of Sony’s 55 inch TVs in the table. I’ve added the VIZIO 55 inch TVs to compare the different classes of TVs.

Model TV 55 inchDimensions without stand (WxHxD) inchDimensions with stand (WxHxD) inchDimensions without stand (WxHxD) cmDimensions with stand (WxHxD) cm
LG 55UQ9000PUD48.628.12.348.630.49.1123.471.15.84123.477.223.1
LG 55NANO75UQA48.628.12.348.630.59.1123.471.45.84123.477.523.1
LG 55QNED80UQA48.528.21.748.530.710.1123.271.64.3123.27825.7
LG OLED55B2PUA48.327.91.848.329.39.7122.770.864.6122.774.422.9
LG OLED55C2PUA48.127.71.848.129.89.1122.270.44.6122.275.723.1
Samsung QN55S95BAFXZA48.227.71.648.230.211.3122.470.44.1122.476.728.7
Samsung QN55QN90BAFXZA48.327.81.048.330.29.3122.770.62.54122.776.723.6
VIZIO V555M-K0148.3528.073.1948.3530.4810.9122.871.38.1122.877.4227.69
VIZIO M55Q6M-K0148.3528.073.1948.3530.4810.9122.871.38.1122.877.4227.69
Sony OLED XR-55A80K48.3828.132.1348.3829.1313122.771.55.4122.773.833
Sony OLED XR-55A95K48.2528.131.7548.2528.7511.13122.571.44.3122.572.828

Differences in the size 55 inch TV OLED, LED and QLED TVs

To understand the dimensions of today’s TVs of any of the OLED or LED (QLED) lines, you need to know the following. The dimensions of 55-inch TVs in width (length) and height are almost the same and differ only in what frame the designer comes up with for the TV. Now about the thickness of a 55″ TV, today’s screens are very thin, you can’t make the TV less than 1-2 inches thick. This is affected by the need to stiffen the construction of the TV. so that the screen doesn’t break, and the need to place connectors on the back of the TV. Slightly thicker TVs can be, about 3 inches, that use either previous generations of displays or those assembled in factories with older technology. These are usually budget TVs produced by OEMs and ODMs.

Actually, the TV will be a little larger, you must also consider the frame that frames the screen and holds the screen matrix. The frame width is from 0.3 inches (7mm) to one inches (2.5 cm.). Depending on the technology of assembly of the TV. Therefore, 55 in TV dimensions it is actually size: With 48,5 inch, Height 28 inch.

55 inch TV box dimensions

The television for transportation is packed in polystyrene foam. So it is protected from possible damage. The size of the box may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, but on average the dimensions of the package for transporting a 55-inch TV are as follows. 55 “x 33” x 6 “or in centimeters 140 x 83 x 15

  • height – 33 inches, 83 centimeters
  • length – 55 inches, 140 centimeters.
  • width – 6 inches, 15 centimeters.
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