You should know that Vizio does not manufacture Vizio TVs, and yes, that is indeed true. Electronics OEMs make Vizio TVs. These companies design the TV models, negotiate prices, and then produce the TVs under the VIZIO brand. Custom TV production for companies that own a particular brand is standard today. Large Chinese companies produce TVs for well-known brands. According to the website, VIZIO TVs are manufactured by OEM companies BOE, Foxconn, Innolux, KIE, Tolly, TPV, and Zylux.

TV Vizio 2023 model

A lot of people ask me where are the 2023 VIZIO TV models. Yes, they are not there yet; previously, Vizio offered new TV models in the second half of the year. Usually, there are new TV models in July, but in 2023, it’s already the beginning of September, and there are no new models. There are no prerequisites for their appearance; I may be wrong. However, I did not find any press releases about new Vizio TVs, and on the Vizio website, the 2022 models are positioned as new. What could be the problem? I’ll go into more detail in the article Features of Vizio TVs.

VIZIO serial and model number lookup

When registering your TV or contacting customer support, you will need the model number and serial number of your Vizio TV. Also, if you decide to buy a used Vizio TV, finding out how old it is is not unreasonable. As usual, you can find the TV’s serial and model numbers in three places.

  • The sticker on the TV
  • On the TV menu
  • On the box, if you bought your TV online, you will see your purchases in your account. You will be able to find the model number of your TV.

The first way to find the serial and model number of your VIZIO TV set

Suppose you find out the model number or serial number of your VIZIO TV. The easiest way is to find the model number on the sticker on the back of the TV. 

The place where the sticker will be may differ; it depends on the year of manufacture of the TV and the factory (OEM company) where it was manufactured. Therefore, you need to inspect the entire back panel of the TV; some models may have two information stickers. The first is a giant sticker, and the second is a barcode with the model number and serial number on the side of the back panel, closer to the edge. Of course, there is another solution if the TV is mounted on the wall and access to the back panel is difficult.

VIZIO serial number lookup

The second way to find the serial number of VIZIO TV

If you can’t find the model number on the sticker, missed the second way or just don’t want to look there, here is the second way to find the model number and serial number of your VIZIO TV. You can find the model number of your TV in the menu. To do this with a few keystrokes on your remote control, follow these steps. Depending on the version of your operating system the procedure may be different, I’ll show you some options, if your TV has a slightly different menu, the search will still look something like this

  • Press the menu button on the remote control
  • select Admin&Privacy, press OK on the remote control
  • Select System Info press ok

You’ll see information about your TV with the model number at the top.

  • Press the Menu button on the VIZIO remote control.
  • Highlight and select Help or System
  • Select System Information and press OK.
  • Your serial number is next to “TV SN“.

The third way to find the serial number of your VIZIO TV

The third way is a bit specific, but I’ll still remind you of it. You can find the model number and serial number of your VIZIO TV in these ways.

  • Check the purchase documents, if you still have them
  • Look at the sticker on the box, if you didn’t throw it away.
  • If you bought your TV online, try to remember where you bought it and check the TV’s purchase history.

Either way, at least one of these three ways will be helpful to you.

Vizio TV Model Number Decoding Meaning

Since the TVs are made by OEM companies, VIZIO TV model numbers do not give much information about the technical characteristics of the TVs. The model number is only needed for information on screen size, TV series, and year of development. More detailed specifications can be found in the description of the particular TV. However, you can get some information from the model number of your TV as well. VIZIO TVs are divided into series, e.g. M, P, D series. Depending on the series, the technical characteristics of the TVs differ greatly. But you should know that VIZIO TVs mainly belong to the budget segment.

In 2018 there are some changes to the model number of the TV, the model number is slightly larger, although this has not added to the information about the TV.

Vizio TV model number explanation using the M55-C2 as an example

  • M – The first letter indicates the TV series. Vizio divides its TVs into series, which are indicated by letters or the full name, such as OLED or Quantum. You should know that series may be available for several years, for example, the M series has been available since 2013. But the 2013 TVs are very different from the 2022 TVs. You should keep this in mind when choosing a TV.
  • 55 – The size of the TV screen in inches.

After the screen size, the model number may contain a few more characters to indicate the model number of the TV in the series. It is not necessary to look for a pattern, perhaps these TVs are simply produced by different companies.

  • С – Year of TV development
    • K – 2022
    • J – 2021
    • H2020
    • G – 2019
    • F – 2018
    • E – 2017
    • D – 2016
    • C – 2015
    • B – 2014
    • A – 2013
  • 2 – The design is usually a different shape of TV stand, the bigger the TV, the more massive the stand you need for it.

Vizio TV brand overview

VIZIO televisions are sold in the North American market in the United States and Canada. It is an American company that was one of the first to realize that it is optional to produce TV sets themselves. They can be ordered from other companies under their brand and sold, making a profit. Vizio does not have its factories; the TVs are assembled to order by electronics assemblers. The televisions are assembled in Mexico and China. Vizio has taken the path of aggressive pricing; TVs, whose declared parameters are similar to those of the leading manufacturers, are 10-30% cheaper.

This is because buyers in the US and Canada pay less attention to technical specifications. A buyer pays attention to picture quality, price, and access to network resources such as Netflix, etc. VIZIO has capitalized on this by building a business model focused on the North American market. The company’s employees work in sales, design, and service. The company tries to keep up with other manufacturers’ technology, and it is succeeding. However, the image quality is worse than LG or Samsung, but the TVs are popular with customers. For example, I compared in the article “55 inch TV dimensions: LED, OLED, QLED detailed explanations” the sizes of TVs from different manufacturers, and I want to say that Vizio has thick TVs; for example, model V555M-K01 TV thickness is 3.2 inches, this is a lot, other manufacturers had such TVs in 2014-2016.

Now, a bit about what Vizio has with TVs in 2023 is quite interesting. As I said, there have yet to be any new models; the website offers 2022 models and the P series -2021. Vizio’s OLED TVs are most likely not living up to expectations; they are 2020 models in general. If you have visited the site to find the technical specifications of the TV, you need to find the section Buy now.

How do you determine the year of assembly of a Vizio TV set?

How to find out when your Vizio TV was manufactured. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find out. The manufacturer does not specify this information. Indirectly, the date of production can be found in the model markings. But the following information should also be taken into account. For aggressive sales, Vizio starts production of TVs in the third quarter and assigns them model numbers for the next year; this was the case until 2018. Now, new TV models are released every year. Anyway, if you see that the TV model is, for example, 2021, you can orientate yourself; this TV model was produced from Q3 2021 to Q3 2022.

For example, a TV with the model number M55-C2. The letter C means this is a 2015 model; TVs of this model were assembled between Q3 2015 and Q3 2016.

Vizio TV models by year in review

2022: The D, M and V series TVs will be updated. There will be no new TV models in the P series. OLED TVs on Vizio 2020, there will be no new TV models.

2021: In 2021, VIZIO has not introduced any models of its premium TV lineup. All TVs have displays with a maximum frequency of 60Hz, which is certainly not enough if you use the TV as a monitor for gaming consoles. The sales of premium models in previous years did not meet expectations. Therefore, the company’s management decided to produce more budget TV models.

2020: In 2020, there was an experiment from VIZIO – OLED TVs with screens from LG. But it was also a one-off experiment; there are no more new OLED TV models in VIZIO’s lineup.

2018: In 2018, the P-Series was joined by the P-Series Quantum – TVs with screens on quantum dots. These TVs are similar to the 2017 TVs in other features. These TVs were not rereleased in the following years.

Old model numbers of VIZIO TVs

I don’t delete old pictures explaining the model number of the VIZIO TV. If you are interested in model numbers of older VIZIO TVs that are not covered in this article. You can ask a question in the comments I will definitely try to answer and help you.

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  1. I have a D650i-B2 model. The screen turns blue after you turn it on. What part do I need to replace to fix this?

    • Check if the TV menu opens. In some TVs, you can select the blue screen when there is no signal in the settings. If the menu opens, the TV is in good condition.

  2. Hi – I have a model E470VL with serial number LAQKHFAL4301214. Can you please tell me the year it was made? thanks!

  3. I got a P65-E1 with no visible picture but powers on for free. after a little research, I decided to take a chance and disassembled the main circuit board and baked it to reflow the solder and to my amazement, it’s been working for a year now with no further problems. i was curious of what’s the original price and what it’s worth now and if you had any more info on this model? best settings, hidden menus? sideloading apps? ect…

    • Maybe you mean the Vizio M556-H4, that’s the 2020 model. The price of the new TV is $600.

  4. My model number is M550SV. That’s it. Ser# LAQKKABM4501491. I’m thinking it’s a rather early one… 2010-2012 or so, but can you tell the date of manufacture from this info.? Also is it a Smart TV? I think it is… I’d like to start using streaming apps at some point. Thanks

  5. Paramount plus says it works with certain tv’s. Is my M260VA a Quantum?

    And is my V26LHDTV1OT a V series tv?

    • M260VA is a 2010 TV, LED TV not Quantum.

      VA26LHDTV10T TV of 2008, what series it belonged to then I do not know.

      In any case, these are outdated TVs.

  6. I have a Vizio model number SV420M and would like to know the year model and whether the 420 indicates 42 inch.

  7. I have a Vizio I believe to be a very heavy 65in tv
    Model number is: V047LF

    Can you get me more info on this please!

  8. I can’t believe you’ve been applying to people all these years such a blessing . I have a e701-A3 version 2.0.45 I want to get the tv mounted but it is extremely heavy in my opinion but says it is possible .do you know of any mounts that will hold the tv hole pattern 400mm

  9. I’m trying to find info about my Vizio tv…it’s a 32 inch but I’m not sure about the year and value and everything…it’s model number E321VL and SN LAQKHLQNO209383

  10. I have a older model 55 inch the thing is fried.
    If I go by a new 55 inch will the back with the model and serial number bolt up to my old one,
    If it will I can take it back the next day and get my money back.
    They look inside the box but they never plug them in I hope.
    It will start smoking if they do,
    Shoot they might still give me my500.00 back.
    So let me know if the caseings are the same please and thanks

  11. My Vizio is a 2017 & 30 wide. Moving to a new home the base/stand disappeared .. Where can I find one that is compatible or order one from Vizio.

  12. Deqr all

    The only referece i dind on my tv is RS65-B2, will anyone will be able to let me know the right remote i shall buy

    • This 2010 model was produced from the second quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of 2011

  13. great of you helping others with the dates of their tvs.. one more for ya?

    vizio M420SL

    i’m guessing 2009?

  14. Hi, I have a vizio D50-D1. I see it is a 2016. I just tried to open the hulu app and it says the hulu application is no longer compatible with this VIZIO VIA+ TV. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    • really interesting information I learned here. I’ve had Vizio’s for years and didn’t know ALot of that stuff. do you know if any Vizio models have Bluetooth capability for pairing like headphones and stuff too? Without having to buy an adapter and stuff?

  15. here’s a puzzle for you…we know for a fact this TV was purchased before 2012…it belonged to my uncle…he passed in 2912…. Model # E320VL
    NOW …IS THIS CONSIDERED A smart tv… that someone remotely could have viewing access to?

  16. I have a Vizio E32IVL
    S/n LAUKHLIL5914238

    Can I buy a Vizio remote for this model and if so how do I find out which remote it is.

  17. I have a WV32L HDTV40A and I’m trying to attach a roku but it wont allow me to set up network. How old is my TV and does it have ability to do wifi? I’ve been searching the internet and trying different ways to get it to work.

    • 2008 is not a smart TV. You can connect a Roky by purchasing a Roky device. Resolution TV 1366 x 768 pixels, HD
      you need the old Roku device. It’s probably better to buy a new TV.


  19. model # D32f-E1
    s/n 48LTTUVMMT24143

    My tv model number is D32f-E1
    According to the “Vizio TV model number decode meaning” my tv would be a D series which was manufactured 2016. But the Year of Development would be E – 2017. And the cessation of production of a certain model occurs after 16-18 months. So this is very confusing; can you tell me the EXACT year my tv was PRODUCED?

    Thank you,

  20. I have a D40f-G9 with serial number of LINIXTWK2009255. I lost the remote and was able to find the replacement through the model number, but can not determine the year manufactured, or any other information. Any information would be appreciated.

  21. I have Vizio smart tv, model number M470VSE. What year is this tv and will I be able to stream with sling or will I need a fire stick. I also have a Vizio that is not a smart tv can you tell me what year is this tv model number E320AO.

    • M470VSE – 2012 streaming video is possible, but some services may not be available.
      E320AO – 2013

  22. I have Vizio model # E370VT it was left behind in a house I purchased. I would like to find a stand (it was wall mounted) and remote for it, but I’m not sure if it is too old of a model to find accessories for it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  23. The back of the wall-mounted tv says Model No. SV420XVT1A,
    Serial No. LPPCOAK0400792. Turning on it says “No Service” — I don’t want cable. Want to switch to HDMI and Fire Stick, but the menu doesn’t go there, and the remote doesn’t either. I’d like to start with getting the manual, but this model number isn’t recognized on the website.

      • E280i-B1. And I bet you are going to tell me that the serial number is incorrect. But that is the number on my Vizio TV. Or rather it is the number on the top sticker. There apparently is another number underneath. You are kind to help.

  24. I have a E701i-A3E and didnt see anything about the numbers and letters that tell me the year could you please decode for me? Thanks

  25. Vizio M650VSE serial number lwjanaan4604313

    Any way of knowing year? Just bought from someone and curious about it.

  26. Can you help me understand the year of manufacture for my Vizio? Set all of a sudden will not recognize any input signals. Model is XVT553SV and SN is GLSP45AL00280.

    Thanks for any help.

      • Thank you. Is there any way to avoid sending this 55″ to the dump? There is apparently just a problem getting video signal to the screen from any input. If this is not a huge fix, I could fix it and give it to some organization or family that could use it. [I have already had to replace it or my family would have gone bonkers due to COVID…course that may still happen…]

        • is also recommended on Vizio website for parts. Great company to deal with and free tech support for parts with an absurdly cool 180 days warranty

  27. Hi – I was wondering if you could tell me if and how I can hook a DVD player up to my Vizio TV. I’m not sure the year of it or given a manual for it. It’s serial is LTCWSKBR3158541 and model E50-C1

  28. Can you tell me the the model year and is this considered a Smart TV
    Serial# LATKKHAM3201399
    Model E472VL

    thank you

    • 2011
      The TV has Smart TV, but considering the TV is about 9 years old. Viewing modern streaming services may not be available.

      • Thank you
        I understand that I can add a roku to one of the HDMI and bring it up as a source. Can I then use the TV remote to navigate in Roku?

        • Yes, the technical specifications state support for HDMI CEC (control of other devices via HDMI). Note that both devices must support HDMI CEC.
          manual E472VL 26 page

           remote VIZIO-VR17.

  29. Man the dude that tried to answer the question, how to find out date of assembly on my vizio tv is ADHD talk about staying focued he just went on and on about nothing there isn’t anything he said you can apply to a model number. Ok lets see the model # on my vizio is VO32OE all I see is it’s a 32 inch vizio tv so how old is it ah we don’t know thats the question, is it smart no he isn’t at all

    • VO32OE TV model of 2009. By the serial number you will not be able to know the date of production.

  30. The TV only has a sticker with the number a0511-00913 on the back. Nothing else. Any idea what the model # is for this Vizio 55 in TV?

    • it is similar to the main board number. Try to see the model number in the menu.
      Easy Way
      If you have a Vizio TV that was purchased after January of 2011 you can use the remote control to bring up information about the TV right on the TV screen.

      Older TVs
      Press Menu on your remote control.
      Select “Help” on the TV screen and press the OK button.
      Go to “System Info” and press the OK button.
      The System Info page will give you a lot of information about your TV. The first thing listed on this screen is TVSN. This is the serial number of your TV.

      Listed right below the serial number of the TV will be the model number of the TV.

      Newer TVs
      Press Menu on the remote.
      Select “System” then press the OK button.
      Go to “System Information” and press the OK button.

    • The model number of the TV set and the serial number can be found on the information sheet glued to the back of the TV set.

  31. If I have a 2007 Vizio tv can I still mount on wall n not need a cable hook up?
    Does cable box need2 be mounted also?
    Can 2007 TV be mounted n connect by WiFi?

    • WiFi modules have been installed in TV sets since 2010, most likely you have a simple TV without Smart TV. You can say something in more detail if you know the model of TV set.


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