LG G4 H810, H811, LS991, US991, VS986 comparison, differences


LG G4 H810 vs H811 vs LS991 vs US991 vs VS986

Models of LG G4 offered in the United States.

90% of phones sold under a particular operator, and of course with a big discount and the LG launches smartphones with the features for a particular operator.

As, an example, of a contract from AT&T, you can buy the phone from $0, and from Sprint for $ 49.99

AT&T Sprint us.cellular verizon

LG G4 H810 vs H811 vs LS991 vs US991 vs VS986

  • H810-model for the network of mobile operator AT & T
  • H811Sprint
  • H815-international version.
  • LS991U.S. Cellular
  • VS986Verizon

Depending on which network operators work, telephones support the following communication standards.

  • H810- GSM Quad Band/UMTS Tri Band/LTE
  • H811-LTE Tri Band/CDMA/GSM Quad Band/UMTS Tri Band
  • H815-2G, GSM, HSDPA, 4G, LTE, Bands
  • LS991- Hepta Band/Dual Mode
  • VS986- CDMA, GSM, LTE

Other features such as CPU memory, screen size are the same in all models.



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