Vizio TV models number decoder, 2013-2020 explained


Vizio TV model number decode meaning

Since Vizio TVs are made by OEM electronics assemblers. Custom-made TV production for companies owning a particular brand. Even the model numbers of TVs do not carry much information about the technical characteristics of TVs. The model number is needed only for information on the size of the TV and its series. More detailed characteristics should be found in the description for a specific TV.

Designation of the TV model Vizio is very simple, it shows the TV model and the year of model development.

Explained what the Vizio TV model number means on example model M55-C2

  • M – The first letter indicates a series of TV
  • 55 – The size of the TV screen in inches

Vizio TV models by year

  • С – Year of TV development
    • H2020
    • G – 2019
    • F – 2018
    • E – 2017
    • D – 2016
    • C – 2015
    • B – 2014
    • A – 2013

  • 2 – design

Vizio TV overview

VIZIO TVs are sold in the North American market of the USA, Canada. Vizio does not have its own factories; TVs are assembled by electronics assemblers by order. Televisions are assembled in Mexico and China, but at the factories of which firms it is not known. Vizio took the path of aggressive pricing, TVs in which declared parameters similar to those of leading manufacturers are 10-30% cheaper.

As users in the USA and Canada pay little attention to technical specifications. The main thing that the buyer pays attention to is the quality of the picture, the price, access to network resources such as Netflix and the like. VIZIO took advantage of this by building a business model oriented towards the North American market. Employees of the company work in two directions: sales, design and service. The company is trying to keep up with technologies from other manufacturers and it looks like it comes out, even though the quality of the picture is slightly worse than that of the leading manufacturers, but TVs are popular with buyers.

How to find out the year of assembly Vizio TV

How to find out when made TV Vizio. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find out. The manufacturer does not indicate this information. Indirectly, the production date can be found in the labeling of the model. But we must also take into account the following information. For aggressive sales, Vizio starts producing televisions in the 3rd quarter, and assigns them the labeling of the next year, and the cessation of production of a certain model occurs after 16-18 months.

For example, a TV with the model number M55-C2. C-2015, but this model TVs were produced in the period of the 3rd quarter of 2014 to the 2nd quarter of 2016.


In 2018, the P series of televisions was expanded, the P-Series Quantum appeared, TVs with screens on quantum dots. For the rest of the characteristics, TVs look like 2017 TV models.

TV’s VIZIO 2017-2019

D – series:

TVs D series resolution Ultra HD – 3840×2160, there are models and with a resolution of Full HD, the screen is manufactured using IPS technology, the maximum possible frame rate is 120 per second, there is Internet access. But this series of TV sets uses the previous SMART TV access platform V.I.A. Plus®.

E – series:

The E-series TVs have an Ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160, the screen is made with VA technology, the maximum possible frame rate is 120 per second, there is Internet access. The TVs in this series use the SmartCast platform. And also there is support for HDR.

M – series:

In this series, the parameters of the TVs are improved, Ultra Color Spectrum technology, XHDR Plus ™ with, frame rate of 120 per second is applied.

P – Series:

The P series of TVs has an additional graphics processor, the highest possible frame rate is 240 per second. The number of HDMI ports is increased to 5.


    • The model number of the TV set and the serial number can be found on the information sheet glued to the back of the TV set.

  1. If I have a 2007 Vizio tv can I still mount on wall n not need a cable hook up?
    Does cable box need2 be mounted also?
    Can 2007 TV be mounted n connect by WiFi?

    • WiFi modules have been installed in TV sets since 2010, most likely you have a simple TV without Smart TV. You can say something in more detail if you know the model of TV set.


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