LG soundbars, home theaters, music center model number decode, explained


The marking of audio equipment from LG is very simple, some of the audio equipment is oriented for use with TVs, the other as portable devices and of course stationary audio systems.

Decode model number soundbars, home theaters, smart speakers, portable systems, music centers.

The first letter in the label indicates the type of audio system.

How to find out what kind of audio system

  • S – soundbar
    • W – smart speakers
    • LH – home theater
    • P – portable bluetooth system
    • K, F – portable system
    • C – Music center
  • W – smart speakers
  • LH – Home Theater
  • P – portable bluetooth speaker
  • K, F – portable system
  • C – Music Center

How to find out what year my audio system is LG

The second letter is the year of development, marking is similar for all LG products

  • K – 2018
  • J – 2017
  • H – 2016
  • F –  2015

The numbers and letters after the designation of the year of development indicate a series of audio devices.


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