LG soundbars, home theaters, music center model number decode, explained

LG manufactures a wide range of audio equipment. TV soundbars, portable speakers, gaming speakers, party speakers. The model number of LG audio equipment is very simple to understand. Regardless of how the audio device is positioned, use with TVs, as portable devices and, of course, stationary audio systems. Based on the model number, you can easily determine what year the audio system model is from and to which line of audio systems it belongs.

How to find the model number and serial number of LG audio systems

You can easily find information about your LG audio device. Given that these devices are quite small, in most cases you will find the model number information in the following places.
If it’s a soundbar, on the bottom.
The subwoofer – on the back
Either way, examine the unit carefully and you will find a sticker with the serial number on it.

Decode model number soundbars, home theaters, smart speakers, portable systems, music centers, gaming speakers, party speakers

Now I will tell you how you can understand the model number. The model number is essentially a code used to identify the device so that it can be identified when needed.

How to find out what kind of audio system

  • S – soundbar
    • S – soundbar
    • W – smart speakers
    • Q – Dolby Atmos Compact Sound Bar
    • LH – home theater
    • P – portable bluetooth system
    • K, F – portable system
    • C, O – Music center, home system
    • G – Gaming Speakers
    • R – Party Speakers
    • P – Portable

How to find out what year my audio system is LG

The second letter is the year of development, not to be confused with the year of production, it is the year of development. An audio system model can be manufactured for several years. So it’s quite possible that you’ll see an audio system in 2019, but it will be assembled in 2022.

  • 2022 – Q
  • 2021 – P
  • 2020 – N
  • 2019 – M
  • 2018 – K
  • 2017 – J
  • 2016 – H
  • 2015 – F, G
  • 2014 – B, C
  • 2013 – N, A
  • 2012 – W, M, S
  • 2011 – V
  • 1 – is the series of the device, the higher the number the higher the class of the device.
  • 0 – Device model, some devices may not have one. Indicates any differences in design.
  • Y -Indicates a change in design, usually a change in some of the decorative elements.

How old is my LG audio system

If you want to know the date of manufacture of your LG audio system, you can find the date on the information sheet. If there is no date, you need to find the serial number, from the serial number you can find the date of manufacture of your LG audio system. From the model number and serial number, you can find out the date of manufacture of your LG audio system most accurately.

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