LG OLED TVs WX vs W9 vs W8


OLED65WX vs OLED65W9 vs OLED65W8

The OLED series of W. TVs. It is more customary to use the names of WX – 2020 TVs, W9 – 2019 TV, W8 – 2018 TV. For convenience, the table shows the technical specifications of TVs over the past three years. A more detailed description of the differences between the TVs after the table.

Briefly explain the TV models OLED65WXPUA, OLED65W9PUA, OLED65W8PUA, OLED77WXPUA, OLED77W9PUA, OLED77W8PUA are TV models for North America USA, Canada, Mexico. OLED65WXPLA, OLED65W9PLA, OLED65W8PLA, OLED77WXPLA, OLED77W9PLA, OLED77W8PLA, these are TV models for European markets. TVs are practically no different, the main difference is the supported digital tuners, depending on the standard adopted in the country.

Comparison table of OLED TVs LG W series 2018-2020

Technical specifications of LG OLED65WX vs OLEDW9 vs OLEDW8 TVs

 LG OLED65WX (2020)LG OLED W9 (2019)LG OLED W8 (2018)
Screen Size inch65,7766,7767,77
StyleFlat PanelFlat PanelFlat Panel
Resolution4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
screen bit10bit10bit10bit
screen technologyOLEDOLEDOLED
Dimming TechnologyPixel Level DimmingPixel Level Dimming

Self Lighting Pixel

refresh rate120120120
ColorIntense Color, Billion Rich Colors, Advanced Color Enhancer, True Color Accuracy ProIntense Color, Billion Rich Colors, Advanced Color Enhancer, True Color Accuracy ProIntense Color, Billion Rich Colors, Advanced Color Enhancer, True Color Accuracy Pro
ContrastObject Depth Enhancer, Ultra Luminance ProObject Depth Enhancer, Ultra Luminance ProObject Depth Enhancer, Ultra Luminance Pro
ClarityQuad Step Noise Reduction, Frequency Based Sharpness EnhancerQuad Step Noise Reduction, Frequency Based Sharpness EnhancerQuad Step Noise Reduction, Frequency Based Sharpness Enhancer
Recolution Upscaler

AI 4K Upscaling

4K Upscaling4K Upscaling
HDR (High-Dynamic Range)Cinema HDR (Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG), Dolby Vision IQ, HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro4K Cinema HDR (Dolby VisionВ®, HDR10, HLG), HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, Advanced HDR by Technicolor4K Cinema HDR (Dolby VisionВ®, HDR10, HLG), HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, Advanced HDR by Technicolor
Picture Processor

a9 Gen 3 Intelligent Processor

a9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor

a9 Intelligent Processor

LG ThinQ AIYesYesYes

Alexa Built-in "Works with" Alexa

Yes software update requiredYes devise sold separately

Google Assistant Built-in "Works with" Google Assistant

Yes software update requiredYes devise sold separately

Apple Airplay2, Apple Homekit

Intelligent Voice RecognitionYesYesYes
AI Picture Pro

AI Picture Pro

Home Dashboard


Gallery ModeYes


Web OS 5

Web OS 4.5Web OS 4.0
Remote controlMagic Remote ControlMagic Remote ControlMagic Remote Control
LG Content StoreYesYesYes
Web BrowserYesYesYes
Hands-free Voice Control


DolbyDolby AtmosDolby Vision & Atmos CinemaDolby Vision & Atmos Cinema


Sound Output60W (20W Woofer)60W (20W Woofer)60W (20W Woofer)
Speaker Type4.2CH4.2CH4.2CH
Bluetooth Audio PlaybackYesYesYes
WiSA Ready

Yes (Separate Dongle Purchase Required)

Wireless WiSA Transmitter, required and sold separately.No
G-SYNC CompatibleNoNoNo
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)NoNoNo
Response Time>1 ms>1 ms>1 ms
ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)





BluetoothYes Version 5.0Yes Version 5.0Yes Version 4.2
Ip controlYesYesYes
HDMI-CEC (Simplink)YesYesYes
Smart Phone ConnectivityYesYesYes
HDMI4 (2.1)4 (2.1)4 (2.0)
Audio Return Channel Support (ARC)


only ARConly ARC
RF In (Terrestrial/Cable)YesYesYes
RF In (Satellite Input)No US, Yes EuropeNo US, Yes EuropeNo US, Yes Europe
Digital Audio Out (Optical)YesYesYes
Digital Broadcasting USATSC/ClearQAMATSC/ClearQAMATSC/ClearQAM
Digital Broadcasting EuropeDVB T/T2/C/S/S2DVB T/T2/C/S/S3DVB T/T2/C/S/S4
Analog TunerYesYesYes

Differences between LG OLED WX vs LG OLED W9 TVs

Sizes of W series TVs, screens

TVs will be sold in two sizes with a diagonal of 65 and 77 inches. Nothing has changed, the screens will be produced at the same factory and on the same line as before, if LG has not made changes to the technology, then the screens are the same. RGBW matrix color depth 10 bits. The dimming technology has not changed, as it depends on the software, not the type of matrix. Yes, by design, a TV with an external control unit, a separate screen, a separate brain of the TV with connectors and speakers, are connected by a cable.

Supported OLEDWX Video Technology

Nothing has changed in 2020, except that smart scaling to 4K, AI 4K Upscaling is claimed, but it’s just advertising. The third-generation a9 processor. But unfortunately we do not know how it differs from the second generation processor. Technical specifications of LG processors are not disclosed.

AI features OLEDWX

In 2019, LG finalized the software and TVs will already be sold with active Alexa, Google, and even Apple Airplay2, Apple Homekit. AI Picture Pro is supported – intelligent image processing, although intelligence is highly questionable. Added Gallery mode, showing images from LG cloud storage. Finally, there will be a Home Dashboard, a panel for controlling various devices in the house through a TV. To solve all these new problems, LG modified the OS and now it is WebOS 5.0. Yes, they forgot to say about the built-in microphone in the TV, now you can control the TV without picking up the remote control.


No major changes, although support for DTS codecs in 2020 is not indicated, this is either an LG typo or a decision has been made not to support DTS codecs. WiSA wireless speakers are now built-in, but for activation you need to buy an access key additionally.

Game Modes and Connectors

In 2019, in TVs, although HDMI ports of standard 2.1 were installed, but they did not have the support of all the capabilities, only video of new formats could be transmitted on them. In 2020, they added support for ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). HGIG endorsement of the product by the association of video game and display manufacturers is more of an advertisement, but given that some manufacturers overestimate the real performance of TVs, this is an additional guarantee of acquiring a quality product.

There is support for NEXTGENTV a new standard for broadcasting over the air or cable 4K video. Supports eARC Advanced Audio Return Channel over HDMI. Everything else is unchanged.

Summary of LG OLEDWX

To summarize: is it worth buying a WX-series TV? Yes, the TV is more adapted to voice services and Smart capabilities. If you need a TV just for watching TV shows, the 2019 W9 model is not inferior in image quality.


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