Auto Genre Selection on LG TVs what is it


On 2020 LG TVs, it’s announced that there’s a new TV setup option, Auto Genre Selection.

Auto Genre Selection – this is an automatic adjustment of the image for the video being shown. There are four movie modes, sports, standard and animation.

Why Auto Genre Selection, came up on the TV

Now explain why Auto Genre Selection. These are just image presets, these settings are pre-programmed and stored in the TV’s memory. Designed to endorse settings for inexperienced users. Preset image settings on TVs appeared in the 90s of the 20th century, 30 years ago.

The need to adjust the TV to the type of video genre

Of course, the settings can not be changed, most viewers watch TV using one type of setting, but the whole point of presets is as follows.

  • Cinema – since the film has a duration of more than one hour, to reduce the load on the eyes, it is recommended to reduce the brightness of the image. In movie mode, the image becomes softer and does not irritate the eyes.
  • Sports – sports are usually very beautiful, but dynamic, for comfortable viewing, it is recommended to disable additional settings so that the image does not hang, and slightly reduce contrast and brightness.
  • Standard – this mode has average brightness, contrast settings and is suitable for watching any TV shows.
  • Animation – vivid beautiful pictures, brightness and contrast are slightly reduced, almost similar to a movie.

How Auto Genre Selection Works

According to LG.

Auto Genre Selection recognizes the type of content being viewed and automatically applies the ideal image settings, guaranteeing the best image quality among four genres:

But actually it works as follows. The TV cannot determine the type of video, it does not know how. When transmitting a modern video, information about the broadcast content is transmitted. This information is conveyed in the HDR metadata structure. For example, on a NANO90UNA TV, Auto Genre Selection only works with video that has Dolby HDR metadata. In more powerful TV models such as NANO97, Auto Genre Selection works with all HDR standards. Therefore, if you watch a video in which there is no HDR metadata, then the TV can not determine the type of content. And in this case, it shows in accordance with the settings selected by the user.


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