Samsung TV turns on and off


The problem of spontaneous turning on and off the Samsung Smart TV is quite common. There may be several reasons for this malfunction. In some cases, you can independently find the cause of the problem and restore the normal operation of the TV. Consider how to check the TV.

Randomly turning the Samsung Smart TV off and on

If your TV started turning off and on by itself. It is necessary to analyze how this malfunction manifests itself. Perhaps you can, on your own, adjust the normal operation of the TV

How to determine what is malfunctioning in the TV

Pay attention to the following points in the TV. Let’s start with the simplest that does not require technical skills.

As recommended by the manufacturer, disconnect the TV from the power supply, wait at least a minute, and preferably 2-3 minutes. Turn on the TV, it happens but very rarely, the TV will start to work normally.

Disconnect all HDMI cables and check how the TV works. If this is difficult, turn off Anynet + on the TV menu. This is the standard for interoperability between various devices via HDMI. One of the functionality is the management of all devices at the same time. For example, you turn on the game console, the TV turns on automatically receiving a command from the game console. It happens that some of the devices being in standby mode, reacts to turning on the TV and issues a command to turn off. Incorrect operation of devices supporting HDMI-CEC, often happens when devices from different manufacturers interact with each other.

Samsung TV technical issues (turning the TV on and off)

Next, we describe how you can determine the malfunction of a technical nature. It will be more interesting to technical specialists. But you can also try the initial diagnosis.

  • When the TV turns off, the screen turns black, and then the image appears or it restarts or the logo appears as when you first turned it on.
    • If the image disappears, and then appears without restarting the operating system. This is a malfunction of the electronics. What exactly does not work, you need to look at the secondary signs, the image has disappeared but there is sound in 90% of cases this is a malfunction of the screen matrix.
    • If the image disappears with sound, the main board is malfunctioning.
    • If the TV reboots (a logo appears every time), this means that the TV cannot enter the operating mode. In most cases, this means a malfunction of the power supply or a malfunction of other electronic components, the main board, the WiFi module, the screen matrix. The power supply cannot enter the operating mode at a certain moment; it goes into emergency mode, turning off and on again.

In all these cases, the TV needs repair. But if the repair of the power supply can be done inexpensively, then replacing the screen matrix (of course, if the TV is not under warranty) costs 90% of the cost of a new TV and is usually impractical.

When, after turning on the TV, a malfunction appears

Pay attention when there is a malfunction in the TV, arbitrary shutdown of the TV. After turning it on for the first time, the TV was turned off for several hours.

  • After turning it on for the first time, the TV works normally for a while, and then it starts turning on and off.
    • If the TV does not turn off immediately after the first turn-on, this is most likely a malfunction of electronic components, unstable operation after heating.
  • The TV immediately turns off when turned on.
    • Malfunction of electronic components in the power supply, main board, WiFi module, screen matrix. Some components of the TV are not stable. Increased energy consumption, triggers the protection in the power supply against overload.
    • Faulty electronic components.

In all these cases, the repair of the TV is necessary by a specialist.


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