Who makes Philips monitors


Many have heard about the company Philips, including Philips monitors. If you visit the site Philips you can find the section monitors. At the bottom of the page of the site is written © Koninklijke Philips N.V.. But maybe you do not know that Philips sold its division of video products in 2012, production of video products from 2013 is engaged in the Chinese company TPV Technology Limited. This company is engaged in production of monitors under license from Philips. According to the terms of the license Philips on its website places information about the monitors produced by TPV Technology Limited. And if you download the instruction manual of the monitor, at the very end of the instruction you can read

This product was manufactured and sold by “Top Victory Investments Ltd.”, Philips and the Philips logo are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and are used under license. Top Victory Investments Ltd, is a company part of TPV Technology Limited. This company produces Philips monitors under license, as well as monitors under its own brands AOC. In different years, by order were produced monitors and other brands of Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Lenovo only some models.

Where are made monitors Philips

Monitors Philips are manufactured in the following countries: China, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, Russia. TPV Technology has about 40 different subsidiaries.

Production of Philips brand monitors in China

In China, the main number of Philips monitors is produced and we note that the Chinese division of the company is the largest, it includes twenty enterprises producing electronic components and video display devices.

MMD Hong Kong Holding Limited
MMD (Shanghai) Electronics Technology Company Limited
MMD (Shanghai) Electronics Trading Company Limited
PTC Consumer Electronics Company Limited
PTC Technology Company Limited
Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer Communications Company Limited
Top Victory Electronics (Fujian) Company Limited
Top Victory Electronics (Fuqing) Company Limited
Top Victory Electronics (Taiwan) Company Limited
Top Victory Investments Limited
TPV Display Technology (China) Company Limited
TPV Display Technology (Wuhan) Company Limited
TPV Display Technology (Xiamen) Company Limited
TPV Electronics (Fujian) Company Limited
TPV Electronics (Fuzhou Bonded Zone) Trading Company Limited
TPV Technology (Beijing) Company Limited
TPV Technology (Qingdao) Company Limited
TPV Technology (Wuhan) Company Limited
Wuhan Admiral Technology Limited
Xiamen Admiral Electronics Technology Company Limited
About 70% of monitors are manufactured in China. TPV Technology not only assembles monitors, but also manufactures screens and electronics for monitors.

Philips monitors are manufactured in North America, Mexico.

TPV Technology has an electronics assembly plant in Tijuana, some models of Philips monitors are assembled at this plant for North America.

Manufacture of Philips monitors in Brazil

In Brazil there is a TPV plant in Manaus, where Philips and AOC monitors are assembled. The components are supplied from China. The assembled monitors are sold in Brazil and other South American countries.

Production of Philips monitors in Poland

Monitors are assembled at TPV Displays Polska factory. This is a very large plant for the assembly of various electronics. The region of supply of manufactured monitors is Europe.

Plant for the assembly of Philips monitors in Russia.

TPVs in this factory collect various devices. Some models of Philips monitors as well as AOC monitors are assembled in this factory. This factory also collects monitors and brands of other companies, under the scheme of outsourcing. Manufactured monitors are sold in Russia with also Asian countries.

Whether the company Philips has any relation to the Philips monitors.

No Philips company does not deal with video related solutions. Monitors are developed only by TPV, from Philips remained only brand which the company licenses for TPV. Monitors Philips since 2013 is exclusively Chinese developments and technical solutions.


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